License Revoked of Abortionist who Aided Brigham’s Illegal Late-term Abortion Scheme

A second Brigham abortionist, James L. Hooper, was also suspended on drug charges

Baltimore, MD – The Maryland State Board of Physicians last month permanently revoked the medical license of former abortionist George Shepard, Jr., who played a part in the illegal bi-state late-term abortion scheme operated by the notorious Steven Chase Brigham. Shepard was found guilty of unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine and aiding an unauthorized person in the practice of medicine.

Shepard, who is 88, was on duty at a secret abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland, when Brigham and Utah abortionist Nicola Riley botched a late-term abortion on a woman who was transported to the nearby hospital in a private vehicle and later airlifted to Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore for emergency surgery.

Elkton police later raided the abortion clinic and discovered the remains of 35 late-term aborted babies along with “waste” logs indicating the age and weight of the babies, the oldest of which was 36 weeks, or nearly full term.

Shepard admitted in an interview with the Maryland Board that he had seen Brigham do abortions twice a week for nearly a year even though he knew Brigham was not licensed to practice medicine in Maryland. Shepard also told the Board investigator that he was disabled unable to do abortions himself.

In August, Maryland suspended the licenses of Riley and Shepard, and ordered Brigham to cease and desist the unlicensed practice of medicine. Brigham’s New Jersey medical license was also suspended. Hearings are yet to be scheduled will take place at a later date to determine if Riley and Brigham will also be permanently revoked.

Shepard still holds a license in Delaware, which has also been suspended. It is more than likely that Delaware will soon permanently revoke his license based on Maryland’s actions.

In an unrelated action, the Maryland Board of Physicians suspended the license of James L. Hooper, an abortionist who worked nine years for Brigham in Maryland until the end of 2009. Hooper was suspended on charges of essentially operating a “pill mill”, illegally distributing large quantities of Oxycontin, Lortab, Percocet, and other controlled substances.

Hooper was involved in malpractice law suit in 2007 wherein an abortion patient accused him of horrifically botching her 13-week abortion. According to the law suit, Hooper perforated the woman’s uterus then, when she would not stop screaming in pain, ordered her to sit in the waiting room while he conducted abortions on other patients. When he resumed her abortion, he damaged her internal organs to the extent that she required emergency surgery and the removal of one kidney. He delayed obtaining emergency care for his critically injured patient. Hooper settled the case for an undisclosed amount in 2009. (Read the details.)

“The action taken against these shoddy and dangerous abortionists should give LeRoy Carhart pause to consider if he really wants his own shoddy abortion practices placed under the scrutiny of the Maryland Board of Physicians,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. Carhart, who killed 19-year old Christin Gilbert during a botched third-trimester abortion in Kansas in 2005, is scheduled to begin offering late-term abortions in Germantown, Maryland, on Monday. “Carhart may find that Maryland will not turn a blind eye to his incompetence as Boards have in other states.”

Read Shepard’s Revocation Order

Read Hooper’s Suspension Order

Secret Burial Held for Babies Recovered in Abortion Clinic Raid

Burial missed an opportunity to provide a teaching moment to the public about the horrific nature of abortion and the value of human life.

Elkton, Maryland – Pretty much everything about their short lives was secret. On Monday morning, November 15, 2010, the remains of 34 aborted babies were secretly buried in an Elkton cemetery three months after police discovered them in a storage freezer during a raid on the secret abortion clinic where their lives secretly ended.

Blogger Jill Stanek broke the story of the burial yesterday after speaking with the only reporter to witness the service.

The bodies were the result of late-term abortions illegally started by the notorious abortionist Steven Brigham at his Voorhees, New Jersey abortion mill, and completed at his under-the-radar Elkton, Maryland, clinic. Brigham is not licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and has since had his New Jersey medical license suspended. Two other abortionists involved in Brigham’s illegal late-term abortion scheme have also been suspended in Maryland. (Background)

According to Stanek, her source at Elkton’s newspaper, the Cecil Whig, says that of the 35 babies recovered, 34 were buried on Monday. One child’s remains were claimed by a Canadian couple.

Most interesting is news that eleven death certificates were issued for eleven of the pre-born babies. Does this mean that eleven murder counts could be pending?

Operation Rescue spoke with a representative of the State’s Attorney’s office in Elkton, who indicated that the case was still an open investigation under the purview of the Elkton Police Department, who conducted the initial raid and recovered the aborted baby remains. Operation Rescue continues to monitor the case.

In the meantime, while it is commendable for the Immaculate Conception Church to arrange for a decent burial for the tiny victims of abortion, it is more than sad that the service was held in secrecy.

“It is important for the world to know that the lives of 35 innocent babies have been brutally and illegally taken from us,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The burial service would have allowed the pro-life community the opportunity to restore human dignity to these children in death that was denied them in life.

“This kind of secrecy only works to benefit the abortion industry, who seeks to hide the grisly truth about abortion abuses such as the ones to which these babies fell victim. These abuses have become commonplace across the nation. It was a lost opportunity to provide a teaching moment to the public about the dangers of abortionists who act as if they are above the law as well as the horrific nature of abortion, and the value of human life.”

It is time for the secrecy to stop. It is our prayer that justice in this case will be aggressively and publicly pursued by the authorities.

We must shine the light on the horrific nature of abortion and help the American people face the grisly nature of an abortion industry that is fraught with abuses. This is the kind of public discussion that is needed if America is to ever face the truth about abortion and end it once and for all.

‘For the Love of God, Please Close These Abortion Clinics!’

Operation Rescue’s investigation reveals Brigham’s AWS abortion chain is a haven for rapist, other criminals

by Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue

Voorhees, New Jersey – Operation Rescue has conducted an investigation of the American Women’s Services (AWS) abortion chain operated by the notorious Steven Chase Brigham and discovered that abortionists who are working to keep AWS open during Brigham’s medical license suspension have shocking backgrounds that include criminal convictions and other problems. This information has led Operation Rescue to believe that the entire AWS chain is fraught with problems and should be shut down to protect the public.

“Brighham’s abortion business is a haven for the bottom of the barrel criminals and quacks masquerading as medical doctors, and that’s just the unvarnished truth,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We have reviewed hundreds of pages of disciplinary documents. Every medical misfit on the east coast that has run out of options seems to have found a welcome home in Brigham’s abortion organization.”

Abortionists who continue to work for Brigham include:

• An admitted sex offender and drug abuser
• Two convicted drug violators
• A convicted income tax cheat who once paid out $3.5 million in a malpractice suit.
• An abortionist convicted of billing fraud
• Several abortionists that cannot get hospital privileges

Brigham was caught operating an illegal late-term abortion ring in August, when one of his patients suffered a seriously botched abortion at a secret abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland, that required she be airlifted to John Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore for emergency surgery to save her life. The abortions were started illegally in New Jersey by Brigham and finished in Maryland where Brigham holds no medical license. Other abortionists involved in Brigham’s operation, Nicola Riley of Utah and George Shepard, Jr. of Delaware, had their Maryland medical licenses suspended. (Background documentation)

Four Maryland abortion mills closed

According to his web site, Brigham continues to operate 15 abortion mills in four states even though his only remaining medical license has been suspended by the State of New Jersey.

However, an investigation by Operation Rescue into Brigham’s infamous American’s Women’s Services abortion chain has revealed that five of Brigham’s listed abortion mills are now closed, including all three of his listed Maryland offices. In addition, the off-the-radar Elkton mill, where police discovered the remains of 35 late-term aborted babies in a freezer, was closed immediately by the authorities in August. Brigham’s Cheverly abortion mill closed and moved out of its office sometime in September. The Baltimore and Frederic clinics are “not taking appointments at this time” and appear to have closed, at least for now.

“Even though these clinics remain closed, phone numbers in those locations still ring in to a central office. Women are led to believe that abortion services are available locally, when they are not. Patients are then shuttled to other clinics controlled by Brigham,” said Newman. “It is a way to draw in abortion customers from areas they no longer service. Is it dishonest? Of course it is, but dishonesty and deception are traits that have characterized Brigham’s career.”

In its October 13, 2010, ruling suspending Brigham’s medical license, the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners recognized this pattern of deception when it stated, “Dr. Brigham has consistently and repetitively engaged in manipulative and deceptive behavior designed to circumvent the requirements of the board’s termination of pregnancy regulation and to eviscerate the protections that those regulations seek to afford to New Jersey patients.”

“We have a message for the authorities in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia: For the love of God, please close these abortion clinics!” said Newman. “As relieved as we were by the suspensions and clinic closures, the authorities really need to do more and close AWS down permanently. We knew that the suspensions would not alleviate the danger posed to the public by Brigham’s abortion mills that remain in operation right now, but what we discovered about Brigham’s current abortion staff was worse than we had imagined.”

Regec’s criminal past

In Pennsylvania, two offices in Erie and State College listed on Brigham’s ASW web site have long been closed. Brigham holds no medical license in Pennsylvania since he was forced to surrender it under a cloud of accusations in 1992. However, Operation Rescue has confirmed that two abortion clinics listed on Brigham’s web site located in Allentown and Pittsburgh, are now open for business and taking patients.

Abortionist Steven Paul Regec worked for Brigham in Pennsylvania, but significantly cut back his schedule in 2007, when he applied for licensure in South Carolina and apparently relocated there. According to local pro-life groups, that led to the closure of the State College and Erie clinics. However Regec continued to operate sporadically in Allentown. Operation Rescue has confirmed that Regec actively refers to the AWS offices in Pennsylvania from his other practices. Operation Rescue’s undercover investigators were told that Regec “may or may not” be doing abortions at the Allentown clinic.

“Usually when an abortionist doesn’t work at an office, the receptionists have no problem telling callers that. It is only when they are trying to hide something that we get the ‘may or may not’ kind of answers,” said Newman. “There is obviously something to hide.”

That something may include Regec’s criminal background.

Regec, plead guilty in 1991 to three misdemeanors: one violation of the Controlled Substance Act; and two violations of Refusal or Failure to Keep or Furnish Records. As a result, Regec’s license was suspended for four months; he paid a $10,000 fine, and served two years’ probation.

Interestingly, Regec’s South Carolina medical licensing information states that Regec has no history of holding a medical license in any other state. Operation Rescue has forwarded information about Regec’s nefarious criminal deeds and medical board discipline in Pennsylvania to the authorities in South Carolina.

Gordon’s deception

In July, 2010, the Pennsylvania Department of Health told Brigham that he could no longer operate abortion clinics in Pennsylvania. Brigham then simply transferred ownership to another corporation, Rose Health Services, which is owned by an elderly woman he knew in Ohio, and the clinics continued operations without interruption.

Abortionist Richard Efram Gordon continued working at the Allentown clinic when Brigham transferred ownership. It is thought that Brigham still maintains under-the-radar connections with the Allentown and Pittsburgh mills, even though he has been banned from owning or controlling abortion clinics in Pennsylvania. For Gordon to go along with that obviously deceptive relationship shows a level of dishonesty that makes him a danger to the public.

“There is no doubt that Brigham maintains some level of involvement in the Pennsylvania clinics,” said Newman. “He has learned well over the years how to exploit the system to continue his otherwise illegal operations. All the while, women are placed in serious jeopardy from his hired abortionists whose appalling records beg the question of why they are still allowed to continue practicing.”

With the closures in Maryland and the reorganization of the Pennsylvania clinics, Brigham continues to openly and directly operate six abortion clinics in New Jersey and two in Virginia. Operation Rescue has uncovered documents that show the abortionists who work at them could well serve as inspiration for a Hollywood Halloween horror flick.

Convicted felon Gellman and his $3.5 million mistake

Abortionist Elliot Gellman currently works for Brigham at four of his New Jersey abortion clinics in Voorhees, Elizabeth, Woodbridge, and Paramus. Like Brigham, he operates dangerously without hospital privileges anywhere.

In 2002, Gellman was convicted of felony counts for repeatedly failing to file personal income taxes in New York and sentenced to three years of “conditional discharge.” As a result, his New York license was placed on probation for three years with a fine of $10,000. In 2009, Gellman was ordered by New York “never practice medicine in New York State…activate his registration…or seek to reapply for a license.”

But Gellman’s legal troubles were not confined to New York. In New Jersey, he served three years probation on his medical license for the New York income tax fraud case.

He also paid out a hefty $3.5 million settlement in August, 2006, in a malpractice case against him, according to the New Jersey Medical Board.

“Cases don’t settle for three and a half million dollars if something very serious didn’t happen. This is an indication that Gellman is a dangerous doctor with a criminal history that continues to prey on unsuspecting women,” said Newman. “His dishonesty and incompetence are incompatible with the practice of medicine where trust is everything. Gellman continues to pose a serious danger to the public.”

Convict Aalai bilks Medicaid

Abortionist Mehrdad Aalai seems to have been one of the primary abortionists in Baltimore and Cheverly, Maryland, when those clinics were in operation. It is unclear at which AWS facilities he is currently operating. He has no hospital privileges anywhere.

In October 13, 1993, Aalai was charged in Maryland with one criminal count each of Medicaid fraud, theft over $500, knowingly destroying, damaging or altering medical records, and obstruction of justice. In his defense, Aalai arrogantly argued that his fraudulent Medicaid billing did not constitute a crime of moral turpitude.

Aalai eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to three years of incarceration, which was suspended on the condition that he pay a $10,000 fine, $142,570 in restitution, and successfully serve three years of unsupervised probation. It was a slap on the wrist.

In 1994, Aalai’s Maryland medical license was revoked.

In 1996, Aalai petitioned to have his Maryland medical license reinstated. His request was granted. In 1997, his probation was terminated. However Aalai continues to be listed as a “sanctioned provider” who is barred from participating in Maryland’s Medicaid program.

No hospital will have Denis

Abortionist Frantz Denis works for Brigham at his Voorhees and Elisabeth, New Jersey locations. He maintains a medical license in New York and is listed as a certified interpreter for the Haitian Creole language. Denis also operates, like Brigham, without any hospital privileges.

Peters violates drug laws

Abortionist David Reid Peters works for Brigham at his Virginia Beach, Virginia, location.

In 2001, abortionist Peters was charged by the Virginia Board of Medicine for prescribing drugs “outside of a bona fide practitioner-patient relationship, as required by law.” He further “authorized the prescriptions without obtaining a medical or drug history, performing a comprehensive physical examination, providing information about the benefits and risks…and without initiating additional interventions and follow-up care.”

It took the Board six years to reprimand Peters for his shoddy doctoring and required that he complete continuing education courses related to the prescribing of drugs.

But Brigham’s next abortionist makes all others look like choirboys.

Sex Offender Kaji

Abortionist Vikram Hiralal Kaji continues to work for Brigham at his Voorhees and Woodbridge, New Jersey, abortion mills. He has no hospital privileges.

Kaji was convicted by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners in 1993 for having improper sexual contact with three patients. After a lengthy relationship that involved improper sexual conduct, Kaji reportedly had sex without a condom with one young girl in the birthing center of his office during business hours. He knew his victim was vulnerable to his advances because she had been a depressed victim of child sex abuse with a history of psychiatric hospitalization. He later misperscribed drugs for her including Seconal and steroids. Kaji at first fought the charges, saying the sex was consensual, but later admitted that he had made an error in moral judgment.

Kaji was also accused of giving improper breast and rectal exams to two other women. New Jersey placed Kaji on a 1-year suspension and fined him $5,000 and ordered him to undergo psychological counseling.

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency ordered Kaji’s license to prescribe controlled substances revoked in 1994. Also that year, Pennsylvania suspended Kaji for 36 months after learning of the New Jersey action.

The New York Medical Board was less forgiving. It revoked Kaji’s medical license for “sexual misconduct and drug abuse” in 1995, and banned him from practicing in that state.

In 2005, Marcia Carroll, the mother of one of Kaji’s underage patients, testified before the United States House of Representatives (see p. 17) regarding her daughter’s February, 2005, experience at Kaji’s New Jersey clinic. Carroll state that her daughter was “coerced, harassed and threatened” into having an abortion across state lines, in direct violation of parental consent laws, and the clinic staff never breathed a word about Kaji’s long history of sexual abuse. On the way home to Pennsylvania the 15-year-old started to cry, and she still cries herself to sleep at night. Carroll said her daughter “does suffer. She had to go to counseling for this….But she did want me to come here today and speak on her behalf. [emphasis in original] She asked me to come here for her sake and for other girls’ safety.”

In fact, it would be hard for New Jersey patients to be aware of Kaji’s history of sexual abuse since the Board’s physician look-up page excludes any derogatory information older than ten years. A search of Kaji’s New Jersey license remarkably reveals no record of discipline.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Kaji will reoffend,” said Newman. “We have seen sex offenders such as Laurence Reich, Lawson Akpulonu, Brian Finkel, and others use abortion clinics in a predatory way to access victims for abuse sometimes even after they have been caught and charged. Allowing Kaji to continue to practice is like putting a fox in the hen house. It is unconscionable and guarenteed to lead to continued abuse.”

Kaji curiously made headlines in 1989, when he offered pro-life protesters a room in his abortion clinic where they could talk to patients about their abortion decisions. However, after one visit, pro-lifers were banned from his clinic when they enraged him by showing a patient images of aborted babies and taking the woman, who changed her mind about the abortion, to a local pregnancy help center.

Why are these mills still open?

These clinics continue to operate for several reasons:

• Brigham has become adept over the years at using deception and legal loopholes to skirt the law.
• Brigham operates in four states, making is easier for his to evade laws in more restrictive states and the closing of the entire abortion chain legally difficult and complicated.
• People are generally unaware of the horrific backgrounds of the shoddy abortionists who are working at AWS, so there has been limited public outcry – until now.
• In this economic downturn, pro-life groups lack the resources needed to push this issue into the public eye and make a prosecution more probable.

Operation Rescue is committed to pursuing legal action against this dangerous chain of abortion mills in all four states in which it operates. The key to closing the chain lies in obtaining criminal charges that will put Brigham in jail for an extended period of time. Operation Rescue has reported extensively about Brigham’s accusations that he was practicing medicine without a license in Maryland and operating a secret late-term abortion mill where a botched abortion nearly cost one woman her life. We have worked with other Maryland groups to press for criminal charges against Brigham in this illegal late-term abortion scheme.

What you can do to protect women and babies from AWS abortionists

The State Attorney who would have jursdictional control over a criminal prosecution in Maryland has been non-responsive to calls for criminal charges. The good news is that he was handily defeated in November’s election. His replacement, Ellis Rollins, III, has indicated that he would will look at the case and enforce the law appropriately. Operation Rescue will be asking the public to contact the newly elected State Attorney as soon as he is sworn in to encourage him to pursue criminal charges against Brigham. With Brigham convicted and jailed, that may cause the rest of his operation to collapse. (Please sign up to receive e-mail alerts from Operation Rescue to be notified.)

Secondly, this project is huge and expensive because it requires our staff to operate in several states. Please consider making a donation to Operation Rescue today ensure we have the resources we need to continue our investigations and press for criminal charges.

Finally, please pray that Brigham will be held accountable under the law and that his chain of seedy abortion mills will permanently close.

Pro-Life Groups Ask Elkton Prosecutor For Criminal Charges In Illegal Abortion Scheme

Elkton, MD – Below is a video of part of a press conference held in Elkton, Maryland, on Thursday, October 21, 2010, by pro-life groups in Maryland to call on State Attorney Christopher J. Eastridge to criminally charge the notorious Steven Chase Brigham and his associates for operating a secret and illegal late-term mill in Maryland, where Brigham is not licensed to practice. Operation Rescue sent a letter to Eastridge dated September 1, 2010, seeking a criminal investigation and charges. Scheduling demands unfortunately prevented Operation Rescue staff from attending Thursday’s press conference, but we continue to work with these groups to bring Brigham and his cohorts to justice. Special thanks to Michael Martelli of Living Hope for Life for doing a great job putting this press conference together.

The public is encouraged to call State Attorney Christopher J. Eastridge and ask him to enforce Maryland law and criminally charge Brigham and all of his associates that aided him in his illegal late-term abortion scheme.

State Attorney Christopher J. Eastridge
Voice: (410) 996-5335; Fax: (410) 392-7814
E-mail his office:

To learn more about this, click here to read Operation Rescue’s heavily documented special report, “Botched Abortion Nightmare”.

Report: New Illegal Abortion Cases Surface While Brigham Denies Board Can Discipline

New documents released this week and obtained by Operation Rescue paint a picture of back-alley-style quackery committed by an arrogant, defiant huckster who acts as though no authority can bind him.

Trenton, New Jersey – As new allegations of negligence and illegal abortions surfaced this week in New Jersey, troubled abortionist Steven Chase Brigham filed a tersely worded reply to the serious charges against him asserting that the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, (NJBME), has no authority to discipline him for a bi-state late-term abortion scheme designed to circumvent abortion safety laws.

“Brigham is an abortionist with a virtually unparalleled history of abortion quackery and medical corruption that would make turn-of-the-century snake oil salesmen seem like paradigms of virtue,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Amended Complaint Adds Charges

Last week, the NJBME amended a complaint against Brigham to include two additional counts of illegal abortions. His medical license remains suspended at this time. (Read Amended Complaint)

New Jersey law requires that abortions after 14 weeks can only be done in licensed ambulatory surgical centers or hospitals. Abortions can be done in those facilities only up to 18 weeks gestation.

Brigham’s clinics are not licensed to legally do abortions after 14 weeks. He has no hospital privileges anywhere. Brigham also lacks the necessary credentials required for those doing abortions after 14 weeks. In fact, he cannot even qualify for such credentials because he is not an ObGyn, a prerequisite for such certification.

However, records show that Brigham has a long pattern of starting abortions well beyond 14 weeks in New Jersey, and completing them in other states in order to avoid the restrictions in New Jersey law, which was enacted for safety reasons.

“The risks of abortion are indisputable”

“Rules surrounding the performance of abortions are not ministerial,” stated Deputy Attorney General Jeri L. Warhatfig in a letter brief sent to the NJBME on September 20, 2010. “They regulate a potentially dangerous medical procedure” for the benefit of patient safety.

The brief goes on to state, “The risks of abortion are indisputable.”

Quoting from Planned Parenthood v. Verniero, the brief states, “…the risk of death from abortion increased about thirty percent (30%) with each week of gestation from eight weeks lmp to twenty weeks lmp… the risk of major medical complications increases about 20 percent (20%) with each week of gestation from seven weeks lmp to full term.”

Included with Warhatfig’s letter brief is a report assessing the quality of medical care provided by Brigham prepared by Dr. Gary Brickner, who the state considers a well-qualified expert in obstetrics and gynecology.

Brickner’s report takes Brigham to task on several points. It states that Brigham’s disregard for the law “exposed his patients to considerable risk of harm” and that his acts were grossly negligent, and in some cases illegal. The report also states that there is “compelling evidence” to believe that Brigham’s horrific conduct has likely been repeated on other patients under his care. It is a strongly worded indictment of Brigham and his shoddy and dangerous abortion business.

(Read Warhatfig’s Brief and Brickner’s Report)

New Cases and Complications

The new cases involve abortions at 24 weeks and 33 weeks. At 24 weeks, a baby has a 50% chance of survival if born at that time, and is considered “viable.” A baby at 33 weeks has a 90% chance of survival.

J.P., a 20-year old woman who was 24 weeks pregnant on June 9, 2010, when her abortion began at Brigham’s Voorhees, New Jersey, abortion mill. He injected digoxin into the baby’s heart in order to kill the baby in utero and packed her with laminaria. She returned to the Voorhees clinic the next day for additional laminaria insertion, which slowly opens the neck of the womb. Records show that she was to return to the Voorhees mill on June 11 for transport to Maryland where she would undergo a D&E dismemberment abortion.

However, J.P. called Brigham’s after-hours number to report that she was having problems urinating. Brigham tried to treat her at her hotel room without proper supplies or emergency equipment. She was taken to Virtua West Jersey Hospital in Voorhees where her abortion was completed.

Everything about J.P.’s abortion was illegal in New Jersey. Brigham is not certified or qualified to do abortions that late. His abortion mill is not licensed for abortions past 14 weeks, and the abortion itself exceeded the upper gestational limits allowed in New Jersey.

33-weeks and healthy

The other new case involved a 35-year old woman, M.L., who was 33 weeks pregnant when her abortion was started by Brigham at his Voorhees, New Jersey, abortion mill. M.L.’s baby had no “fetal anomaly” nor did her pregnancy present any danger to her. On August 3, 2010, he injected her healthy baby with a fatal dose of digoxin, packed her with laminaria and told her to return the next day when an ultrasound revealed that her baby was dead. She was repacked with laminaria and told to return to Voorhees the following day for transport to Maryland.

The records seized from Brigham’s offices reveal that M.L.’s abortion was completed in Elkton, Maryland, with a doctor “Sheppard” listed as the physician of record.

“Sheppard” is actually George Shepard, Jr., 88, who told the Maryland Board of Physicians that he is unable to do abortions anymore because of a disability. Shepard said he saw Brigham doing abortions in Elkton, Maryland, twice a week for several months. It appears that, because Shepard had a valid Maryland medical license, he was used on the records to make it appear that the abortions done at Elkton were legitimate. However, Brigham is not licensed in Maryland, and never has been, making all the abortions he did at Elkton illegal.

Shepard’s Maryland medical license was suspended on September 8, 2010, for aiding and abetting Brigham’s unlicensed practice of medicine.

Point of no return

The New Jersey case against Brigham hinges on the fact that the abortion process reaches the “point of no return” while the patient is still in New Jersey. That is where dilators are inserted that would make carrying to full term impossible, where the pre-born baby is killed, and where the drug Cytotec is administered to induce uterine contractions. At that point, there is no turning back. The part of the process that actually “aborts” the life in the womb is completed illegally in New Jersey.

The rest of the abortion completed in Maryland entails the dismemberment and removal of the dead baby, a dangerous process since the bone fragments of babies that old are sharp and prone to cause lacerations and perforations of the cervix and uterus. However, Brigham associate Nicola Riley told the Board that the first abortion she helped with in Elkton was a 33 week abortion done on July 30, 2010, on a woman identified only as S.F., which according to Riley was a “partial delivery.” (Read Riley’s MDBP Interview)

Lax Maryland laws create safe haven for unscrupulous abortionists

Maryland abortion laws are lax and have provided abortionists a safe haven for unregulated abortion activity until recently. With the revelation of Brigham’s misdeeds and the discovery of a secret late-term abortion mill operating under the radar and above the law, the Maryland Board of Physicians appears to be cracking down.

They have suspended the licenses of Brigham associates Riley and Shepard, and in an unrelated case, suspended a third abortionist, Romeo Ferrer, who killed a woman during a botched abortion in 2006. The MDBP also issued a cease and desist order to Brigham to stop the unlicensed practice of medicine in Maryland, where such behavior is a felony.

Ongoing criminal investigations

In fact, several law enforcement agencies are engaged in pursuing a criminal case against Brigham.

In addition to possible criminal charges and licensing revocation in New Jersey, C. Irving Pinder Jr., executive director of the Maryland Board of Physicians, says that Brigham is not out of the woods in Maryland.

“He hasn’t been charged by the board because he’s not licensed by the board. But there are criminal investigations going on. We’ve been in touch with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies,” Pinder told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Can’t touch this

Brigham’s response to the Maryland charges was a series of admissions and denials. He admitted the non-incriminating statements, and denied all the accusations.

In a brief statement that showed a flash of Brigham’s arrogance, his response asserted that the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners had no jurisdiction over anything he did in Maryland, and perhaps prematurely boasted that no criminal accusations have been made against him there.

But most interesting was Brigham’s assertion that the Board had no right to discipline him in New Jersey, either.

“The Complaint is barred by the doctrines of collateral estoppel and res judicata,” his response read.

In other words, Brigham is insisting that the Board has been barred from disciplining him for the accusations listed in the petition because those issues were already judged, and cannot be relitigated.

Nightmare in New York

Brigham is referring to problems he had in the early 1990s that led to the revocation of his New York medical license. Brigham had been involved in a number of horrifically botched late-term abortions, including one that left a 10 cm tear in the back of one woman’s uterus and caused damage to several other internal organs. Brigham delayed emergency care for this patient for hours.

In New York, he was also involved in a fraudulent billing scheme at a “Smoke Stop Program” where he would conduct shoddy exams and reach unsupported diagnoses. He apparently did not know how to properly use an electrocardiogram, because his tests, most of which were unnecessary, were never done right, but he billed for them anyway, knowing the results were useless. In addition, Brigham was caught engaging in quackery, by misprescribing unnecessary medications to two elderly women, both in their 90s, after inadequate examinations.

But in at least one instance, according to his 1994 New York revocation documents, Brigham started a late-term abortion in New Jersey and completed it in New York. While New York revoked Brigham’s medical license in that state, eventually Brigham’s New Jersey medical license was restored, leading Brigham to claim he is now immune from discipline. (Read NY 1994 Revocation Documents)

Defiance grows

Certainly discipline has never hindered Brigham or even slowed him down even though he has had licenses revoked or surrendered under pressure in California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York. He has a history of discipline in New Jersey where a judge once ordered him to stop advertising his abortions as “safe” and “painless.”

In 1988, he spent 120 days in a New York jail for billing fraud.

In April, Brigham was slapped with more than $234,000 in IRS liens for non-payment of payroll taxes. State tax liens to which he is subject, could amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

It seems that Brigham’s defiance only grows with discipline.

“Go directly to jail”

Operation Rescue filed a complaint with the State Attorney in Elkton asking for a criminal investigation of Brigham. Several pro-life groups have joined together, most recently at a press conference held on September 17, 2010, in Annapolis, Maryland, demanding criminal charges for Brigham and all his associates.

“Brigham is a charlatan who will only stop his dangerous flim-flam activities if he is locked up. He’s been disciplined over and over. His reputation is gone. He is so far in debt that fines are meaningless. Nothing works on this guy,” said OR’s Newman. “At this point the only solution to keeping Brigham from hurting more people is to lock him up. Revocation in New Jersey, while necessary, simply is not good enough. We need criminal charges that will incarcerate him for a significant period of time, and we need them now, or else Brigham will simply jump to another state and start his back ally butchery all over again, as he has so many times before.”