Operation Rescue Applauds SCOTUS’ Ruling that Keeps the Texas Heartbeat Act in Place

PRESS RELEASE Washington, D.C. – Operation Rescue releases the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s action last Friday to keep the Texas Heartbeat Act in place while a court challenge filed by Texas abortionists continues through the lower courts.  [Read the ruling here.] This statement is attributable to Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue: This […]

Let SCOTUS Hear Your ‘Moral Outcry’ over Abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to hear perhaps the most important abortion case in decades this fall.  In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center, the State of Mississippi is now asking the High Court to reverse the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that decriminalized abortion in America. As of last week, twelve Republican governors, […]

Court Packing is on the Table with Biden’s New SCOTUS Commission – And Look Who’s Involved

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, D.C. – The Biden-Harris Administration has created a new Commission on the U.S. Supreme Court that is tasked with examining the “Court’s role in the Constitutional system,” including among other things, the length of terms that justices serve, and – most disturbingly – the membership and size of the Court. During […]

Supreme Court Restores FDA Rule: Women Must Pick Up Abortion Drugs In Person

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, D.C – The U.S. Supreme Court has restored a Food and Drug Administration rule that requires women to report to a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office in order to receive abortion-inducing drugs, thanks to an appeal by the Trump Administration. This order will essentially end the distribution of abortion pills, Mifepristone […]

Pro-Life Judge Amy Coney Barrett Tapped by Trump as Ginsburg Replacement

PRESS RELEASE Washington, D.C. – In an effort to return the U.S. Supreme Court to its proper Constitutional role of interpreting the law, President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court for the seat formerly occupied by leftist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Supreme Court has been controlled by […]