Abortionist Epstein Denies Involvement In Abortion Death

Jackson Heights, NY – New York abortionist Salomon Epstein has contact Operation Rescue to deny his involvement in the abortion death of Alexandra Nunez last month.

Epstein told Operation Rescue President Troy Newman in an e-mail to contact the “A-1 Clinic” and talk to the owner, a woman named Rose, to confirm the true identity of the abortionist involved in the death.

A call was made by Operation Rescue investigators and an unidentified receptionist refused to give any information, but did not deny it when questioned if Epstein worked at the clinic. “If you got an e-mail, you work it out with him,” she said.

“But he asked us to call you,” the investigator responded, at which time the receptionist hung up.

Operation Rescue investigator Tara Shaver says that she was told by a receptionist late last year that Salomon Epstein was involved with the clinic. Shaver later filed a complaint with the New York Medical Board against Epstein when news of the Nunez abortion death surfaced. Shaver was sent a letter confirming that an investigation was underway and has since spoken with investigators.

“Whether Epstein was involved in the death of Mrs. Nunez is a matter now for investigators to sort out. We have acted in good faith based on the best information we have been able to gather in order to protect women from further tragedy,” said Newman. “We have years of experience dealing with abortionists who are not entirely truthful. We will await the outcome of the investigation to hopefully get to the bottom of this.”

Abortionist Epstein Under Investigation for Abortion Death

New York, NY — Operation Rescue has been notified by the State of New York Department of Health that abortionist Salomon Epstein is now under investigation for his part in the abortion death of Alexandra Nunez at a New York City abortion clinic owned by him.

The investigation, which is being conducted by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, is the result of a complaint filed by Operation Rescue staff person Tara Shaver. The case is OPMC #10-02-0688.

Nunez died on January 25, 2010, after an abortionist severed an artery during her abortion. The injury led to massive bleeding and eventually cardiac arrest. Nunez was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died. The abortion clinic, A-1 Women’s Center, is located in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood in a run-down building that doubles as a plastic surgery center.

After Nunez’s death, an unidentified clinic worker told reporters that everything had “gone well” at the abortion clinic. “Nothing happened here,” she said.

“Just one look at the A-1 Women’s Center and it is easy to guess why this happened. I wouldn’t take my dog there,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Nasty little abortion clinics like this spring up in Hispanic and Black neighborhoods in order to prey on vulnerable women instead of offering them real solutions and hope. We are glad to do our part to protect women from dangerous and predatory abortion mills like this one. May the investigation result in its permanent closure.”