Planned Parenthood Study Figures Reveal Hundreds of Abortion Pill Complications, Including Death

New York, NY — A “study” released by Planned Parenthood employees and sympathizers has concluded — based on incomplete numbers — that the abortion pill is “safe”, despite admitting to a reported 385 “serious” complications, including at least one abortion pill-related death from 2009-2010. The study group consisted of two Planned Parenthood employees, one member […]

North Dakota Abortion Clinic Sues to Continue Dangerous Misuse of Abortion Pills

Fargo, North Dakota – The Red River Women’s Clinic, which is the only abortion clinic in North Dakota, is challenging a new law that is aimed at protecting women from the misuse of the dangerous abortion-inducing drug mifeprex, also known as RU486. East Central District Judge Wickham Corwin issued a temporary restraining order against the […]

What Killer Cantaloupes and Abortion Pills Say About the Value of Life

By Cheryl Sullenger Recently there has been a major food-borne illness outbreak in the United States. The Center for Disease Control has traced the outbreak of listeria, an often fatal bacterial contagion, to cantaloupes grown at Jensen Farms in Colorado. So far at least 13 people have died and 72 have been sickened from eating […]

Arizona First to Protect Women from Telemed Abortion Abuse

Phoenix, AZ — Over the weekend, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law the nation’s first ban on telemed webcam abortions. The bill also will require that women be given ultrasounds at least one hour before their abortions and that they be given an opportunity to see the image of their pre-born babies. The new […]

71 Congressmen Ask Sebelius to Come Clean on Telemed Abortion Funding

Washington, DC – Rep. Steve King, (R-IA), has sent a letter signed by 71 Congressmen to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asking for information about the extent to which Federal tax dollars may be funding “telemed abortions,” which involves the distribution of the dangerous abortion pill, RU486 over the Internet, but denies women […]