Kansas Man Charged with Murder for Lacing Girlfriend’s Pancake with Abortion Drug

By Cheryl Sullenger WaKenney, Kansas – The Kansas Attorney General’s office has charged Scott Robert Bollig, 30, of first degree murder and three other counts after he laced his pregnant girlfriend’s pancake with a crushed abortion drug. The drug caused the death of Naomi Abbott’s 8-10-week old pre-born baby. Bollig was arrested last Thursday by […]

911: California Abortion Patient Hemorrhaged Half Her Blood After Medication Abortion

Downey, CA – Operation Rescue has obtained a 911 recording of a medical emergency at Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion clinic in Downey, California, that indicated an abortion patient had suffered massive hemorrhage. The incident took place two days before Christmas. The FPA employee who placed the call initially indicated that they simply needed to […]

Iowa Board of Medicine Votes to Halt Webcam Abortion Pill Scheme

By Cheryl Sullenger Des Moines, IA – The Iowa Board of Medicine voted 8-2 on Friday to adopt new regulations that would ban the practice of distributing abortion pills over an internet video-conferencing connection, known as “telemed” or “webcam” abortions. “How can any of us possibly find that a medical abortion performed over the Internet […]

Operation Rescue Calls on Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson to Resign in Light of Ethics Breaches

Des Moines, Iowa – Operation Rescue was saddened to hear that the Iowa State Senate Ethics Committee has referred an ethics complaint against Iowa State Sen. Kent Sorenson to a special investigator after admissions he committed violations became public. Sorenson is a Republican and self-proclaimed pro-life advocate. Because of the distraction this scandal has caused […]

Senate Debate on Texas Abortion Bill Expected Friday As Activists Mobilize

Austin, TX – The sweeping new abortion legislation that could close over 35 abortion clinics and protect babies after 20 weeks gestation was approved in a final vote in the Texas House yesterday and is now set for a showdown in the Senate on Friday. After yesterday’s vote, mayhem broke out amongst pro-abortion protesters, forcing […]