World Views Collide: Communist Front Group Protests At Operation Rescue Headquarters

Commentary by Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS — An interesting handful of obviously confused abortion supporters dropped by our office to protest last week. They bussed in from San Francisco (which may partially account for their confusion) under the banner of Their website says they support an end to the “enslavement and degradation of women.”

We were contacted by the Wichita police last week, who told us that the group intended to try to present Troy Newman with a “bloody coat-hanger.” Classy.

The gathering of about 15, including just 2 locals, got a two-for one when they arrived at our Wichita headquarters, which is a neighbor to a crisis pregnancy center called “A Better Choice.” If there’s one thing pro-abortion protesters hate more than Operation Rescue, it’s a Christian-operated office that actually renders practical assistance to pregnant women.

The group primarily positioned themselves outside the crisis pregnancy center, stepping across the driveway occasionally to mug for a photo under our banner. While the group purports to support women, their actions ran counter to that claim as they engaged in what amounted to the belittling of women who made the choice to birth their babies and the demeaning of them for seeking help to do so.

One of their signs bore the slogan “A Fetus is Not a Baby.” While I didn’t get close enough to read the fine print, it seemed apparent that the group attempted to re-define both the term “fetus as well as the term “baby. In fact, “fetus” is the Latin term for “baby.” When a woman is pregnant, we refer to her as “expecting a baby.” If not pregnant with a baby, then what is she pregnant with? Redefining the language is about the only tactic they have to try to convince the public that they are not just a bunch of heartless thugs that are bent on seeing babies die in the most brutal, inhumane way possible.

Science teaches us that at the moment of conception, a new being is created with its own unique DNA and is a separate individual from the mother. It is a human being at the earliest stage of development. Barring sickness or tragedy, that individual will grow, become birthed, and continue its maturation process through the stages of life until, as an elderly person, he or she will pass on from this life. It’s the scientifically proven cycle of life.

But it appeared that our protester friends were not ones to let science interfere with their misanthropy.

Certainly, misanthropy is the appropriate term for their philosophy. They obviously dislike men and children. Their actions show that they aren’t too keen on women who do not abort their “fetuses,” either. In fact, they seemed to hate just about everybody.

That fits in well with the organization that is behind the protests, Revolutionary Communist Party, which is bussing a dozen loyal Communists around the country giving awards to abortion clinic operators, as they did in North Dakota, and lambasting those who truly try to help women and save lives.

For Communists, man exists solely for the purpose of serving the state. It is completely contrary to the Biblical concept — which was adopted by our Founding Fathers – that teaches government should be “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” For the Communists, the State is supreme and man only has value to the extent he can serve it. In contrast, our Constitutional Republic — as it was intended — views the right to live life and pursue happiness through individual responsibility as paramount. The State exists to serve man.

While the protestors say they oppose pornography, rape, and the general the enslavement of women, their philosophy is one that has historically led to massive human rights abuses, such as the bloody purges under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others, that cost the lives of millions – including women and children – followed by large-scale repression of freedoms. Under Communism, all life is degraded to that of a commodity and the State decides who lives and who dies.

People like the Stop Patriarchy protesters probably think that would never happen to them, but once one person’s life is devalued, it devalues the lives of all and even the most ardent supporters of such a misanthropic world view are not immune from becoming victimized by it.

Unfortunately, their view of life being subservient to the State has taken foothold in America. In many cases, abortionists are immune from compliance with health and safety laws. Government-run Obamacare decides who gets certain kinds of health care and who fatally does not. Life-saving treatments are rationed, yet all are forced to pay for others’ birth control and abortion.

This anti-life philosophy must be opposed if we are to maintain any resemblance to the America that was intended by the Founding Fathers, where life and liberty were valued and protected.

We pray our misguided protesters will come to understand the truth, renounce their hatred for humanity, and join us in the fight for life.

Abortion Whistleblowers – Earn A $25,000 Reward!

Operation Rescue is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law.

Operation Rescue’s Abortion Whistleblowers Program encourages abortion clinic workers, former patients, and anyone that has knowledge that crimes have committed been at abortion clinics to contact Operation Rescue immediately.

Contact Operation Rescue at:

  • Voice: 316-683-6790 ext. 112
  • E-mail: abortionwhistleblower(at)
  • Whistleblowers can now earn a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law. Now those with knowledge of abortion-related crimes can literally save lives in the process by bringing those who are endangering the health of women to justice.

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    Abortion Whistleblowers is conducting a multi-faceted ad campaign urging women who have knowledge of criminal conduct at abortion facilities to come forward. We use of radio, newspaper, Internet, direct mail, social networking, and other means of communication to reach those with such knowledge. We encourage everyone to help us get the word out by posting a link to this page on their own blog site, web page, or social networking sites.

    In addition, direct mailings are routinely sent to each abortion clinic in the nation encouraging workers to come forward.

  • Whistleblowing works!

    Whistleblowers have already been responsible for bringing dangerous, predatory abortionists to justice.

    In fact, we have never found an abortion clinic that complies with all federal, state, and local laws. (Click here for a list of all abortion clinics in America.) Because of this, abortionists present dangers to the public. We have seen abortionists arrested and charged with a wide variety of crimes, including:

  • Overbilling
  • Embezzlement
  • Financial Fraud
  • Medical Fraud
  • Misappropriation of tax dollars
  • Drug violations
  • Sex abuse/rape
  • Non-reporting of child sex crimes
  • Medical negligence
  • Abortion deaths
  • Forced/coerced abortions
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  • Illegal dumping/storage of human remains
  • Unlicensed abortionists/abortion workers/abortion clinics
  • Substance abuse
  • abortionwhistleblowersprogram

    Why the need to offer a reward?

    Many times those who have knowledge of crimes fear coming forward, especially if they are currently employed by an abortionist. They fear loss of income and disruption of their lives. The $25,000 reward could help clinic workers start a new life – one that isn’t stained by innocent blood or criminal activity or the stress that accompanies working in the abortion industry. That is a strong incentive for coming forward!

    Just how bad are Abortion’s Bad Boys?

    Below are files of abortionists who have been arrested and/or charged with abortion related crimes. Some of these profiles may shock you. Men and women just like them are out there right now committing the most horrific of crimes. Click on the names below to view the PDF document.

    Abortion Bad Boys

    (This listing is just the tip of the iceberg!)

    Lawson Akpulonu – CA – Rape
    John Biskind – AZ – Manslaughter
    Nicholas Braemer – CA – Botched Abortions
    Bertha Bugarin – CA – Illegal Abortions
    Mohamed Dia – CA – Botched Abortion, Corruption, Fraud
    Brian Finkle – AZ – Sex Abuse of Patients
    Suresh Gandotra – CA – Murder
    John Hamilton – OK – Murder
    Nolan Jones – CA – Botched Abortions, Falsifying Medical Records
    Krishna Rajanna – KS – Cannibalism, Filthy Clinic Conditions
    Phillip Rand – CA – Botched Abortion, Patient Abandonment
    Laurence Reich – CA – Sex Abuse of Patients
    Pierre Renelique – FL – Patient Abandonment, Incompetence
    Bruce Steir – CA – Manslaughter

    Special note to abortion clinic workers:

    As an abortion clinic employee, it is time to consider what you will do if the authorities come to investigate your employer.

    How might you be implicated? Are YOUR name or initials on any records that might incriminate you? Have you covered for crimes?

    Concealment or destruction of evidence is A CRIME! SAVE YOURSELF!

    Don’t go to jail for illegal acts committed by your employer or for illegal acts you may have been instructed to commit.

    We encourage you to make a clean start by coming forward now. We can help.

    What will it be?

    The possibility of jail …or a new start? It’s your choice!

    Contact Operation Rescue now at:

  • Voice: 316-683-6790 ext. 112
  • E-mail: abortionwhistleblower(at)
  • Truth Truck Goes To Florida For Pro Bowl, Super Bowl

    Operation Rescue is now recruiting volunteers to drive Truth Trucks during upcoming year of critical political campaigns and events.

    Miami, FL – Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck will be in Miami, Florida, to expose the truth about abortion and President Obama’s radical abortion support to crowds of people gathering for the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl professional football games.

    “Wherever large groups of people gather, it is our custom to have a Truth Truck present to educate people about the horrific nature of abortion,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The matter of abortion must first be unavoidable if it is ever to become unthinkable.”

    For the first time, the Pro Bowl will be played one week prior to the Super Bowl at the same venue. The Pro Bowl is scheduled for January 31 at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. The Super Bowl will be played there a week later on February 6.

    “The unique scheduling of these events this year makes it a double opportunity for exposure of our message,” said Newman. “Also this year, in addition to photos of the victims of abortion, our Truth Truck will feature the web site, where viewers can go to see documentation of President Obama’s radical abortion agenda, which he is attempting to force on the American people through very unpopular health care bill now pending in Congress.”

    Operation Rescue operates a fleet of ten Truth Trucks, which are large panel vehicles bearing graphic photographs of actual aborted babies that that show the truth about abortion from coast to coast.

    “During 2010, we expect that the Truth Truck fleet will become an important ministry to educate people and remind them of the plight of the pre-born during important events and political campaigns that will have an impact on the matter of abortion,” said Newman. “We must make sure the voices of innocent babies are heard.”

    Any responsible drivers interested in participating in the Truth Truck Campaigns of 2010, please contact Operation Rescue at (316) 683-6790, ext. 111.

    Operation Rescue’s Top Ten Stories of 2009

    As each year draws to a close, it is our custom to reflect on the past months and remind ourselves of the great things God has done though this ministry, with the partnership of our faithful supporters. The year 2009 was a demanding, sometimes tumultuous year that produced much fruit. We are thankful for what has been accomplished.

    We are winning the war on abortion through peaceful, legal means. That is expressing itself in lower demand for abortion. Clinics are closing, and that means lives are being saved. Operation Rescue’s National Headquarters is in a former abortion clinic that we bought and closed. Every day, we have growing confidence that we are closer to the day when abortion will be defeated.

    For your encouragement, we present Operation Rescue’s Top Ten Stories of 2009. It is only through the generosity of our supporters that we are able to continue this important, live-saving work. Please make a special year-end gift to Operation Rescue by CLICKING HERE. We are deeply appreciative of every gift!

    -Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Operation Rescue Staff!

    1. “Keep It Closed” keeps late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart out of Kansas

    Upon the death of Kansas abortionist George Tiller, Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart told the media that he would be resuming late-term abortions in Kansas. Operation Rescue immediately went to work to prevent that from happening.

    • OR launched an online petition that successfully persuaded Wesley Medical Center to promise to deny Carhart hospital privileges or a hospital agreement.
    • OR joined with other groups and asked for a criminal investigation of Carhart and disciplinary action against his license.
    • Once OR released information that investigations had begun, Carhart fired nearly half his staff.
    • Some of those former employees, along with others who contacted Operation Rescue, came forward with information of illegal activity at Carhart’s clinic. Three submitted affidavits with their allegations to the Nebraska Attorney General.
    • Our “Keep it Closed” outreach in Nebraska resulted in a CNN profile of Newman’s work to close Carhart’s abortion operations, it saved at least two babies, and trained a dozen volunteers about how to work through the legal process to close abortion clinics.
    • On December 2, Carhart announced that he had abandoned plans to open a late-term abortion clinic in Kansas.

    2. Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion clinic permanently closes

    During the first part of this year, our focus was on efforts to try late-term abortionist George Tiller for criminal charges that we discovered and exposed. Unfortunately, Tiller was acquitted of performing illegal late-term abortions in March. But minutes after the verdict was read, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts released a statement indicating that they had filed an 11-count petition against Tiller on those same charges, and that the burden of proof was different than in a criminal case. They assured us that the case was progressing. Those counts were based on a complaint filed by Operation Rescue staff. We expected to see discipline, perhaps even the revocation of Tiller’s license, within six months.

    Then, on May 31, we were stunned with the shocking news that Tiller had been gunned down at his church. Operation Rescue was among the first to denounce Tiller’s needless murder. The KSBHA then closed all cases involving Tiller. It was frustrating to know that while our peaceful efforts though the legal system were working, the victory that was just around the corner was denied to the pro-life movement.

    The Tiller family made the decision to permanently close Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion clinic in Wichita. It was closed over the objections of abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who callously wanted to resume abortions the day after Tiller was killed. The family made it very clear that the clinic building would never be used for abortions again. Today, the largest city in Kansas remains abortion-free. For that we rejoice and gave thanks to God.

    3. Special Report reveals a dramatic decline in the number of surgical abortion centers

    Operation Rescue released a report showing that over two-thirds of the nation’s abortion clinics have closed since 1991. The report included a listing the 713 remaining abortion clinics and encouraged pro-lifers to participate in Project Daniel 5:25 by investigating them and reporting abuses.

    The report showed that there is a general correlation between the number of abortion clinics and the abortion rate. When abortion clinics close, fewer babies are aborted. In fact, statistics show that the abortion rates have continued to decrease each year from a national high in 1980. As public opinion shifts toward the pro-life position and as access to abortion services decreases, women are increasingly rejecting abortion in favor of life for their babies.

    4. Hodari Meltdown – Forced abortion suit prompts Michigan abortionist to try to sell out, take the money, and run

    Operation Rescue continued to expose abortionist Abraham Alberto Hodari, publishing a story about a woman who had a forced abortion at his clinic twenty years ago. Since then, another woman has come forward and sued Hodari for a forced abortion she received last year. Caitlin Bruce says she withdrew her consent after viewing her baby on ultrasound. Hodari then directed his assistant to hold her down and cover her mouth as he forced the abortion on her while she screamed.

    In November, Hodari put his abortion clinics on the market along with his collection of expensive classic cars and hastily filed for divorce from his wife of 29 years. Local activists told Operation Rescue that it appeared that he was attempting to liquidate his assets so he could flee the country, possibly to his former home in Argentina.

    Operation Rescue has since filed complaints with the Attorney General’s office and the Health Department asking for investigations and appropriate criminal charges and/or disciplinary action. OR’s exposure of the Hodari story has generated headlines in the mainstream media.

    5. Abortionists disciplined, arrested, and jailed

    In 2009, a number of abortionists were held accountable for their negligence and/or crimes. Each one of them was the subject of exposure by Operation Rescue.

    Belkis Gonzalez arrested and charged in March with practicing medicine without a license and tampering with evidence for her part in the death of Baby Shanice Osbourne, who was born alive at 23 weeks during a failed abortion, shoved in a trash bag, and tossed on the abortion clinic roof in Hialeah, Florida. Three years of public pressure finally paid off when charges were filed after a press conference demanding action outside the State Attorney’s office.
    Illegal abortionist Bertha Bugarin was sentenced to 6 years, 7 months in prison for conducting illegal abortions in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. Operation Rescue has worked 10 years bring her and her negligent staff of abortionists to justice. Two of Bugarin’s accomplices were also sentenced this year.
    • California abortionist Nolan Jones medical license was finally revoked after years of botched abortions negligence, and malpractice. Operation Rescue had exposed Jones’ troubles, including his serious financial debt and the fact that at one point was living out of his abortion clinics and his car. He was considered one of the most dangerous abortionists in the nation, but now he is out of the abortion business for good.
    • Florida abortionist Pierre Renelique had his medical license revoked after the Florida Medical Board questioned him about his part in the Hialeah born-alive baby incident. They found him to have committed “gross medical malpractice” with one Board member commenting, “I don’t want him touching my family member.” Renelique was then caught in New York working at another seedy clinic in the Bronx by a NY Fox affiliate, which produced the best news piece on an abortionist that we have ever seen.

    6. Opposition to tax-funded abortion in health care bill

    Operation Rescue helped lead efforts to block tax funding for abortions in Obama’s government health care take-over plan. We joined with a number of pro-life groups to launch the I AM 71 Campaign where Americans would voiced their opposition to tax-funded abortion online. We also encouraged Americans to speak out and contact their Congressmen and Senators and sponsored several protests outside the Capitol and the White House.

    Because of these efforts and those of other groups, abortion became the lynch-pin issue that has put abortion in the headlines and in the thoughts of the American people, causing them to rethink their positions on the most critical moral issue of our day. In fact, polls show that since the debate over abortion funding began, more people are identifying themselves as pro-life. As the year draws to a close, the battle over abortion in health care continues. There is still a chance that it could be the issue that scraps “Obamacare” for good, and that would be good news for the American people.

    7. Opposition to nomination of Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of HHS politically damaged her

    When President Obama nominated former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to head up the Department of Health and Human Services, Operation Rescue went into full gear to oppose her nomination. We exposed her radical abortion agenda and her connections to late-term abortionists George Tiller and LeRoy Carhart, providing photos we had obtained of a secret party Sebelius held to honor Tiller and his entire abortion staff.

    Operation Rescue also broke the story that Sebelius had grossly underreported the amount of campaign contributions she had received from Tiller. This scandal delayed her nomination and placed it at risk as 32 Congressmen asked for Obama to withdraw her nomination. While political posturing from a Kansas lawmaker ensured her confirmation, the work of Operation Rescue severely damaged her politically to the extent that she is now viewed with distrust by the American people.

    8. Late-term abortionist Martin Haskell exposed

    In October, Operation Rescue published a three-part exposé on late-term abortionist Martin Haskell of Ohio, revealing that the Health Department has exempted Haskell’s Dayton abortion clinic from complying with the laws that all other clinics must obey. The report also published a series of 911 emergency calls from Haskell’s Dayton abortion clinic that show the clinic is a danger to the public. The report was the first of its kind exposing the abortion giant.

    9. Operation Rescue launches a new interactive web design and expanded Internet and media presence

    In July, Operation Rescue launched a new interactive web design with new features such as an opinion poll, a featured video, and multi-media resources.

    Through the Internet and other multi-media outreaches, Operation Rescue is spreading the message of Life far and wide. We expanded our Internet presence with profiles on Twitter and Facebook, MySpace, and Youtube.

    In addition, Troy Newman is featured regularly on the Bott Radio Network with one-minute radio commentaries called “Take a Minute for Life.” Troy also serves as co-host for the popular Life Dynamics, Inc. video magazine LifeTalk.

    This year, Operation Rescue spokespersons were quoted in nearly every major news source, including the New York Times, the LA Times, WorldNetDaily, CNN, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal to name a few.

    10. Truth Truck fleet rolls from Washington State to Washington DC, changing hearts and saving lives

    Operation Rescue’s fleet of ten Truth Trucks was busy this year saving lives and drawing attention to the horrific plight of aborted children. Here are just a few of our stories:

    • Washington, DC: In January the US Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that the graphic images on the sides of the Truth Trucks are protected by the First Amendment. In the suit brought by the Center for Bioethical Reform, the lower court judges concluded that “the government cannot silence messages simply because they cause discomfort, fear, or even anger.” Thanks to CBR for this victory that has kept our Truth Trucks rolling!
    • Wichita, Kansas: Prior to the closing of Women’s Health Care Services, OR’s Truth Truck was a part of saving several babies from abortion, including some who were saved from abortions in the later terms of pregnancy.
    • Washington State: The Truth Truck on tour there made headlines in communities that would otherwise not be exposed to the truth about abortion.
    • Omaha, Nebraska: After a judge ordered police to stop arresting peaceful protesters who were not breaking the law, the City of Bellevue passed an ordinance limiting free speech activities in neighborhoods. As a result, instead of small groups praying throughout the neighborhoods of abortion collaborators, Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland drives the Truth Truck and down the streets, causing no small stir. The Truth Truck also regularly ministers outside Carhart’s late-term abortion mill in Bellevue.

    Sen. Nelson Rejects Abortion Funding Compromise, Still Standing Strong

    Click to listen to Troy Newman’s latest 1-minute radio commentary on the health care bill.

    Washington, DC – Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson yesterday rejected a compromise on tax funded abortions submitted by Dem. Sen. Robert Casey, Jr. as being too weak. The pro-life Democrat has been under intense pressure to cave into his leftist party’s demand for taxpayers to foot the bill for our nation’s abortions, a plan that would likely drive up the falling abortion rate and breathe new life into a failing abortion industry.

    A vote on cloture, which would end debate, requires 60 votes, something the Democrats do not have. Evoking cloture would pave the way for the passage of the massive health care plan. A vote for cloture is, in reality, a vote for abortion because once the debate ends, there are enough votes to pass the bill with a simple majority.

    While Republicans employ nearly every delay tactic at their disposal, ultra-liberals may not support Obama’s heath care takeover because it is not liberal enough. Some have indicated that they might not vote for cloture if abortion funding is stripped from the Senate version, or the public option is omitted.

    There is speculation that a critical vote could come on Christmas Eve – or even Christmas Day. Could the Democrats be counting on Americans being distracted by the holidays to slip through this anti-life monstrosity?

    Please keep encouraging your Senators to reject Obamacare, especially if it contains even one cent for abortions – right through Christmas Day, if necessary.