Houston Planned Parenthood Befuddles 911 Dispatcher with Attempt to Obfuscate Abortion Hemorrhage

By Cheryl Sullenger Houston, Texas – By now abortionists around the nation are well aware that Operation Rescue and other pro-life organizations are accessing public 911 records to verify and document abortion-related medical emergencies that are often witnessed by street activists outside American abortion clinics. In some instances, abortion clinics have resorted to using private […]

Six Emergency Vehicles Swarm Boston Planned Parenthood During Medical Emergency

Boston, MA – Pro-life activists photographed two ambulances responding to a medical emergency at Planned Parenthood in Boston, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. A patient was loaded into one of the ambulances and whisked away to a local hospital for emergency care. During the incident, which was reported by Operation Rescue Boston, additional responders […]

Botched Abortion Epidemic Continues with 3 Ambulances At Planned Parenthood

Orange, CA — For the third time in 2013, pro-life activists have reported that an ambulance has responded to Planned Parenthood’s call for help and transported a patient to a local hospital. The troubled Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is located at 700 Tustin Dr. in Orange, California. Pro-Life activists photographed a Fire Department Paramedic ambulance […]

Stealthy Ambulance Transports Planned Parenthood Abortion Patient to Hospital

Denver, CO — An ambulance quietly slipped into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood in Denver in the late afternoon of Tuesday, March 5, 2013, loaded up an abortion patient, and slipped out again. The ambulance ran without lights or sirens. Local pro-life activist Rosalinda Lozano snapped a photo of the incident. She told Operation […]

911 Records Reveal 2 Abortion Emergencies in 10 Days at Delaware Planned Parenthood

Videos published with actual 911 recordings of both incidents Wilmington, Delaware – Operation Rescue has published newly obtained 911 recordings of two medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Delaware, which took place on February 8, and 16, 2013. In both cases, patients were transported to a local hospital with abortion complications that could not […]