Pro-Lifers Give Dignity To Hodari “Dumpster Babies” With Funeral and Burial

Southfield, Michigan – Abortionist Alberto Hodari viewed the broken remains of babies he aborted as trash, and cavalierly tossed them in the dumpsters behind his abortion mills, where they were discovered earlier this year by members of the pro-life group Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, led by Dr. Monica Miller. The discovery unleashed a firestorm […]

Constitution Party Gives Newman Rousing Reception

Kansas City, MO — Operation Rescue President Troy Newman delivered a speech at the Constitutional Party National Convention on Friday afternoon that drew thunderous applause and a standing ovation. Newman’s speech was titled “Preachers, Politicians, and Pro-life Leaders: Taking the Life Out of the Pro-life Movement.” While it described some of the shortcomings of the […]

California Abortion Mill Raids, Arrests Revealed

Clinic owner caught by pro-lifers at Chula Vista mill 2 months after her arrest for practicing medicine without a license Los Angeles, CA – It has been learned that five abortion mills were raided on August 1, 2007, by a special unit of the LA Police Department called the Health Authority Law Enforcement Task Force […]