It’s Time to Believe These Silence Breakers Concerning Sex Harassment and Abuse in the Abortion Cartel

By Cheryl Sullenger Houston, TX — It was 2013. Kermit Gosnell had just been convicted of murder and illegal late-term abortions when Operation Rescue released its shocking report on similar behavior at a Houston, Texas, abortion facility based on eye-witness accounts of several clinic employees. Making headlines were the sensational allegations that abortionist Douglas Karpen […]

Operation Rescue Calls For New, Untainted Investigations of Houston Planned Parenthood and 2013 Murder Case

By Cheryl Sullenger Houston, TX – Operation Rescue President Troy Newman is calling for special prosecutors unaffiliated with Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson to conduct new investigations into Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trade and another abortion provider accused of murder. Neither were charged by two corrupted grand juries despite convincing evidence. “We believe that […]

Angry Pro-Abortion Mob Thwarts Texas Bill Inspired by Gosnell, Karpen Horrors

Austin, TX – A ban on late-term abortions failed last night in the Texas Legislature amid high drama and chaos created by an angry mob just as the special session ended. The law was prompted by horrific details that came forth during the Pennsylvania trial of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell who was convicted of murdering […]

Pro-Life Activists Call for Closure of Karpen Abortion Clinics as Investigations Proceed

Houston, TX – About 20 activists turned out at a press conference yesterday held by several national pro-life groups in front of one of Douglas Karpen’s Houston abortion clinics where former workers say Gosnell-like atrocities occurred, including the intentional killing of babies born alive during abortions. Dr. Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life […]