Updates on Developments in Several Important Pro-Life Stories

By Cheryl Sullenger There have been several recent updates to stories that have been reported on by Operation Rescue.  Here are a few brief updates on recent developments to keep you informed. Federal Judge Appointed by Obama Halts Enforcement of Texas Heartbeat Law Austin, TX – At the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, […]

Complaint Seeks Emergency Suspension of Texas Abortionist’s Medical License After He Confessed to Breaking the Texas Heartbeat Act

By Cheryl Sullenger Texas abortionist Alan Braid penned a public opinion article that was published in the Washington Post over the weekend in which he admitted to having committed an illegal first trimester abortion on a woman who was “beyond” the limits in the new Texas Heartbeat Act, which prohibits abortions after the heartbeat of […]

Abortion Facilities Angrily Comply with the Texas Heartbeat Act as the DOJ Strikes Back

By Cheryl Sullenger Austin, TX – The day before the historic Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect, there were 19 surgical and three chemical abortion facilities cranking away on all cylinders. If the facilities were allowed to maintain their normal pace, they were set to eclipse the 56,358 abortions obtained by Texas women in 2020, […]

Texas Ban on Abortions after 6 Weeks Takes Effect

By Cheryl Sullenger Austin, TX – A new Texas law went into effect today that bans abortions after six weeks gestation when a heartbeat can be detected on a baby in the womb.  Efforts by state abortionists to block the law failed after an emergency appeal for injunctive relief to the U.S. Supreme Court was […]

Planned Parenthood Suit Against MO Heartbeat Bill Rife with Misinformation about Abortion Safety

By Cheryl Sullenger Jefferson City, MO – Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, has teamed up with the ACLU in a suit challenging the Constitutionality of House Bill 126, otherwise known as the Heartbeat Bill. The legal challenge was a “last resort” for RHS Planned Parenthood after two referendum attempts to put […]