Michelle Obama Moves Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Avoid Pro-life Witness

Washington, DC – Pro-lifers led by Rev. Patrick Mahoney are standing against tax-funded abortions this week in a number of events around the Washington, DC area. The event is called “Abortion Is Not Healthcare.” Monday, they were in Bowling Green Virginia, to speak out on behalf of life at a ribbon cutting ceremony that was […]

Not One Dime For Tax-Funded Abortion in Obama’s Health Care Plan

Operation Rescue urges the grassroots to act now to stop Obama’s radical, socialistic abortion agenda through Youtube.com commentary and radio spots. Washington, DC – President Barack Obama continues to rush forward to pass a massive overhaul of the nation’s health care system that would include tax-funding of abortions. Operation Rescue has released a video commentary […]

Announcing National Campaign Against Tax-Funded Abortions At Washington, DC, Press Conference

Washington, DC – Operation Rescue will hold a joint press conference in conjunction with several other pro-life/pro-family groups on Friday, May 15, 2009, at 10:00 AM in Washington, DC, to announce the launching of a national campaign to stop tax-payer funded abortions. The press conference will be held in front of the White House on […]