Pro-life Groups Will Hold Prayer Vigils, Memorial Outside Tiller’s Closed Abortion Clinic

“It’s time for the healing process to begin.” UPDATE! Changes in schedule below! Wichita, KS – There will be a series of prayer and memorial events held in Wichita, Kansas, on Friday and Saturday, June 19-20, to pray for healing and an end to abortion-related violence. Pro-life groups sponsoring this event, known as “A Time […]

Abortionist Killed: National News — Abortionist Kills Woman: Ignored

The following is a press released from Eileen Smith, whose daughter was killed by an abortionist in 2007. At that time, the local papers would not even print Laura’s obituary. With Operation Rescue’s help, Eileen has worked to bring her daughter’s killer, Rapin Osathanondh, to justice. He goes to trial an manslaughter charges in September. […]

Free Abortions in Honor of Tiller Denounced As “Sick”

Philadelphia, PA – Operation Rescue is appalled to learn that Philadelphia Women’s Center gave away free abortions on Tuesday as a means of “honoring” slain late-term abortions George Tiller. “There seems to be no comprehension of the value of human life with these people. Killing babies for free to honor someone who was murdered can […]

Tiller Clinic Will Permanently Close While KSBHA Abortion Investigation Stays Open

Wichita, KS – A statement has been released by attorneys for the Tiller family stating that Women’s Health Care Services will permanently close. “We are thankful that Tiller’s clinic will not reopen and thankful that Wichita is now abortion-free. It is our sincere prayer that threats to open another third-trimester abortion clinic in Kansas will […]

Operation Rescue’s General Counsel Repudiates Roeder’s Statement of Continued Violence and Cautions Against Anti-Pro-Life McCarthyism

Contact: Brian R. Chavez-Ochoa, General Counsel, Operation Rescue, Chavez-Ochoa Law Offices, Inc. (209) 772-3013 Operation Rescue through their General Counsel releases the following statement in response to the alleged statements made by Scott Roeder: Mr. Roeder no more speaks for the Pro-Life movement than he does for the Obama Administration. Mr. Roeder’s alleged statement that […]