#ShutThemDown: Abortion Facilities Pack Waiting Rooms in Defiance of COVID-19 Orders

By Cheryl Sullenger Franklyn Seabrooks is over 80, well within the age of people who are considered most at risk of developing a life-threatening symptoms if exposed to the China Virus, COVID -19.  Nevertheless, he was seen trudging into the Scotsdale Women’s Center in Detroit, Michigan, past one unprotected security guard on Friday, March 20, […]

Three Abortionists Admit Symptoms Consistent with COVID19 as Abortion Facilities Ignore Health Risks

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, D.C. – As businesses across America close down and events are cancelled in an attempt to control the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus, abortion businesses are bucking the system and are staying open. Abortion clinics and hospitals where some abortions are done are ignoring the U.S. Surgeon General’s guidelines to halt […]