Defense “Handicapped” in Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Trial, Says Attorney

By Cheryl Sullenger San Francisco, CA — The RICO trial against Troy Newman and other pro-life defendants continue with the Center for Medical Progress continues. There is very little we at Operation Rescue are allowed to say about this trial on advice of Troy’s wonderful legal team with the American Center for Law and Justice […]

Intact Late-Term Aborted Baby Cadavers Available says Planned Parenthood Official in Latest Shock Video

From diversified revenue streams to intact late-term fetal cadavers, Planned Parenthood says, “We can make that happen.” By Cheryl Sullenger Houston, TX — A fifth video was released today by the Center for Medical Progress, this one discussing Planned Parenthood’s willingness alter abortion procedures to procure intact late-term aborted fetal cadavers form babies that could […]