Abortionist Stripped of Medical License In The Hialeah Baby Murder Case

Tampa, FL — This morning, the Florida Board of Medicine revoked the medical license of Pierre Renelique, a Florida abortionist who failed to show up for a scheduled late-term abortion at a Hialeah clinic in July, 2006. As a result, unlicensed workers delivered a live 23-week old baby girl, shoved the struggling baby into trash […]

Abortionist Renelique to Face Medical Board Today

Could lose license, face criminal charges in Hialeah baby murder case Tampa, FL – Abortionist Pierre Renelique will go before the Florida Medical Board on Friday, February 6, 2009, in Tampa, Florida, and face accusations brought by the Health Department that he committed malpractice when he did not show up to attend one of his […]

Hodari Given Slap On Wrist For Illegal Abortion Record Dumping

Detroit, MI – Representatives of an abortion clinic owned by Alberto Hodari pled “no contest” on Wednesday to one count of improper disposal of abortion records. Eleven other counts were dismissed and sentencing was delayed for six months. If during that time, there are no other violations, all charges will be dropped. Abortion records and […]

Truth Truck Joins 1,200 to Protest Late Abortions at UW

Madison, WI – Over 1,200 people turned out on Saturday to protest the University of Wisconsin Hospital’s plans to start committing abortions in the 19th through 22nd week of pregnancy. The Truth Truck, driven by Missionaries to the Pre-born, was also on hand standing for life. The crowd was so big the police had to […]

KS Board of Healing Arts Asked to Reopen Inquiry Into Abortion Death

New complaint makes the case that former Board staff engaged in a politically motivated cover-up of wrong-doing in the death of Christin Gilbert Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue is formally asking the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts to reopen its investigation into the death of Christin Gilbert, a 19-year old Down’s syndrome teen who […]