Undercover Tape Helps Deny Money To Planned Parenthood In Kansas

Operation Rescue caught Planned Parenthood enabling statutory rape By Cheryl Sullenger Topeka, KS – An undercover audio file provided by Operation Rescue was used by legislators to support their efforts to halt tax money to Planned Parenthood in Kansas. State Sen. Tim Huelskamp and Rep. Lance Kinzer released the recording of a phone call made […]

After 10 Months of Stalling, KS Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments In Planned Parenthood Criminal Case

Topeka, KS — The Kansas Supreme Court has announced that it will hear oral arguments in the criminal case against a Kansas Planned Parenthood organization on Wednesday, May 13, 2009. The arguments will be related to an appeal filed by former District Attorney Phill Kline of a ruling made by Judge Stephen Tatum rejecting four […]

New Kansas Governor Has a Spider’s Web of Ties to Abortion Scandals

By Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue Topeka, KS – Since former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has moved on to her new post with the Obama administration, Kansas now has a new governor, Mark Parkinson, who appears to be picking up where the radical abortion supporter, Sebelius, left off. “Sebelius has been replaced […]

Photo Gallery of Notre Dame Protests

South Bend, IN — Pro-life groups are on the ground in South Bend and are making an impact. Check out our new Photo Gallery featuring creative protests from various groups. Operation Rescue is helping to sponsor the pro-life protests of President Obama’s visit to Notre Dame on May 17 where he is scheduled to give […]

Abortion Will Be Key Issue For Souter Replacement

Operation Rescue vows to fight any nominee that will uphold wrongly-decided Roe v. Wade Washington, DC – Justice David Souter is set to retire from the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of the session in June, according to news reports. This will be President Barack Obama’s first opportunity to make an appointment to the […]