Abortion Will Be Key Issue For Souter Replacement

Operation Rescue vows to fight any nominee that will uphold wrongly-decided Roe v. Wade Washington, DC – Justice David Souter is set to retire from the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of the session in June, according to news reports. This will be President Barack Obama’s first opportunity to make an appointment to the […]

Pro-Life Plane Flies Over Notre Dame In Protest Of Obama Visit

South Bend, IN – The Center for Bioethical Reform yesterday flew an airplane over Notre Dame towing a large banner with a photo of an aborted baby. Operation Rescue praised the bold move and is working with CBR to mount public opposition to President Obama’s scheduled speech there on May 17. In addition to the […]

Truth Truck Stirs Up Nebraska Community

Bellevue, NE – Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck, driven by Rescue the Heartland’s Larry Donlan, has shaken a neighborhood where an abortion clinic worker lives. After Federal Court Judge Richard Kopf ordered police to stop arresting peaceful protesters who were not breaking the law, the City of Bellevue passed another ordinance limiting free speech activities in […]

Truth Truck Tours In Washington State

Ellensburg, WA – Communities across the state of Washington are being visited with the Washington Show the Truth Tour. Groups of about 25 people and one Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks have been exposing the public to the truth about what an abortion really means. The tour has sparked news stories in several local newspapers, and […]

Good Riddance: Specter Jumps To The Democratic Party

Washington, DC – Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter announced yesterday that he was switching to the Democratic Party. The move is widely thought to be one meant to further his political career. Specter, who is 79, was tracking far behind pro-life Republican challenger Pat Toomey for the 2010 election. Specter’s only chance for re-election was to […]