OR Stands For Babies At Wichita Tea Party As Critical Vote On Health Care Looms

House vote on Obama-Pelosi-Carhart scheme to publicly fund abortions expected Saturday UPDATE! The Associated Press is reporting as of Friday afternoon that the scheduled vote on health care that includes tax funding for abortions may be delayed because they don’t have the votes to pass it. PLEASE keep the calls to your Representatives going and […]

What Are They Hiding? Planned Parenthood Seeks To Gag Former Director

by Cheryl Sullenger Bryan, TX — The director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, has experienced a “spiritual conversion” after watching an abortion on ultrasound, and left her job in the abortion industry last month. Abby Johnson had a change of heart after watching a pre-born baby “collapse” on the ultrasound screen during an abortion. […]

Americans Protest The Obama-Pelosi-Carhart Abortion Funding Scheme

Washington, DC – Americans gathered outside the White House on Saturday and laid down in the street to form the number 71, representing the percentage of Americans who oppose taxpayer funded abortions in our nation’s health care plan. The group was part of the IAM71.org coalition, which has a multi-faceted campaign against tax-funding of abortions […]

IAM71.org Coalition To Protest The Obama-Pelosi-Carhart Scheme To Publically Fund Abortions

Protest to be held on Saturday, October 31, at 11:30 A.M. at the White House Washington, DC — America is at a spiritual and moral crossroads as President Obama and the leaders of Congress are pushing for taxpayer funded abortions as a part of health care reform. If this current proposed legislation becomes law, our […]

Carhart At DC Rally With His Hand Out For Tax Funds For Abortions

Washington, DC – Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart was in Washington, D.C. today standing with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in support of taxpayer funded abortion. “If there was any doubt that the Pelosi-Reid-Obama health care scheme would force taxpayers to fund abortions, there isn’t anymore,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. Carhart was photographed by a […]