Abortions In America Page Contains Current Abortion Information Suppressed by Big Tech

By Cheryl Sullenger Operation Rescue has released an updated version of its popular informational page, “Abortion In America.” This page, which contains data, graphs, and links on currently available abortion statistics all in one place, was once Operation Rescue’s most-visited page before Google searches first began suppressing the content in 2017. The newly updated page […]

Dramatic 41% Abortion Drop in Kansas Reveals Seven Trends

An Operation Rescue Analysis By Cheryl Sullenger Wichita, KS — The recent release of Kansas Abortion Statistics for 2014 show that the number of abortions continue to decline in the state formerly known as the “Late-Term Abortion Capital of America.” “Since we have been working in Kansas, abortions have decreased an extraordinary 41 percent. The […]

Project Daniel 5:25 – Numbering the Days of ‘Legal’ Abortion

INTRODUCTION Project Daniel 5:25 is named after the Biblical story of Daniel, who was able to read the handwriting on the wall and predict the fall of a wicked kingdom. Daniel told the king that God had weighed his kingdom in the balances and found it wanting, therefore its days were numbered. In that same […]