Citizens and National Pro-Life Organizations Call on the ADPH to Shut Down Tuscaloosa Abortion Clinic Immediately Due to Severe Abortion Injuries

Tuscaloosa, AL — Operation Rescue has partnered with the CEC for Life, Life Legal Defense Foundation, and others to call for the closing of the West Alabama Women’s Center in light of the abortion-related death of April Lowery followed by a similarly botched abortion on a woman who is now suing the WAWC under the […]

Alabama Abortion Biz is Sued for Bloody Botched Late-Term Abortion Like One that Killed a Woman There Last Year

By Cheryl Sullenger Tuscaloosa, AL – An Alabama woman has filed a medical malpractice suit against the West Alabama Women’s Center (WAWC) abortion facility in Tuscaloosa and one of its abortionists, Tamer Middleton, after she endured a near-fatal botched second trimester abortion last December.  Her complaint detailed her injuries that bear similarities to those that […]

She Screamed in Pain During a Near-Fatal Botched Late-term Abortion. Now She Agrees to Dismiss Federal Malpractice Suit to Refile in State Court

By Cheryl Sullenger Bethesda, MD – A woman who suffered a horrifically botched second trimester dismemberment abortion at LeRoy Carhart’s Bethedsa, Maryland, abortion facility has agreed to dismiss her Federal malpractice suit against Carhart and his associate, Elizabeth Swallow, so she may refile her complaint in the state Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland, to […]

After Planned Parenthood Hid Her Identity from Traumatized Patient, This Abortionist is Now Under Review By MA Board

By Cheryl Sullenger Worcester, MA — When Celina Casas filed a lawsuit on March 5, 2018, against Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts for a traumatic abortion experience, she could not name the abortionist responsible because Planned Parenthood had concealed her name by redacting it from Casas’ medical records. Now, Casas’ lawsuit has been amended to […]

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart Sued for a Seriously Botched Late-Term Abortion

By Cheryl Sullenger Germantown, MD — The topic of late-term abortions was one of great public interest during the recent election season. Now, Operation Rescue has obtained court documents that confirm once again that the most-used form of late-term abortion does in fact dismember a baby, and can cause devastating harm to women as well. […]