Planned Parenthood Abortionist on Hand Washing: Is That a New Standard?

New Missouri law may help prevent Planned Parenthood from opening four more dangerous abortion facilities, and a new inspection report shows that would be a good thing. By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – The Missouri Senate took advantage of a special session to send a bold new bill, SB5, to pro-life Gov. Eric Greitens, […]

Missouri Law Would Make it a Crime For Abortion Workers to Ask Ambulances for No Lights, No Sirens

By Cheryl Sullenger Jefferson City, Missouri — A new provision in an abortion safety bill has been introduced in the Missouri State Legislature that would make it a misdemeanor crime for abortion clinic workers to interfere with medical assistance by asking ambulances to run with no lights and no sirens. It is the first of […]

A Tale of Two Cities: Ohio AG Appeals to State Supreme Court in Lengthy Abortion Transfer Agreement Case

By Cheryl Sullenger Toledo, OH — Please excuse me if I sound impatient. After all, the lives and health of women and their babies are at risk – and have been at one particular abortion facility for over three years, with no end in sight. Back in March of 2013, a hearing was held by […]

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law, Dooms Women to Substandard Care

Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court took a dangerous step backwards by striking down provisions of a Texas abortion law that provided that abortion providers maintain hospital privileges and meet ambulatory surgical center standards. The decision was 5-3 in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which challenged HB2, a sweeping Texas abortion licensing and […]

Preliminary List of Witnesses, Exhibits, Submitted in Marathon Kansas Abortion Law Case

Radical Pro-Abortion Activists on the Plaintiff’s List! By Cheryl Sullenger Topeka, KS – At least there are minimal signs of life – perhaps not in Kansas abortion clinics, but in a Shawnee County court where a 2011 abortion clinic licensing and safety law has languished without much action for five years. However, on March 7, […]