Hundreds Attend Rally in Support of Heartbeat Bill

Columbus, Ohio – Hundreds of enthusiastic pro-life supporters flooded the Ohio Capitol to hear a “who’s who” line-up of nationally-known pro-life leaders speak on behalf of the Heartbeat Bill that would give legal protections to all pre-born babies once a heartbeat can be detected. “This is an important step on the road toward restoring full […]

Paying the Piper: Abortionists Face the Music at Upcoming Hearings

For decades, pro-life supporters have dreamed of seeing abortionists on trial. Today, Operation Rescue is hard at work making sure every abortionist has his or her day in court. Currently, abortionists all over the country are facing hearings in the coming weeks with state disciplinary boards and criminal courts. Below are a few important cases […]

Tenth Texas Abortionist to Face Discipline Based on Undercover Investigation

Austin, TX – Operation Rescue has been notified that a tenth abortionist will face a disciplinary hearing this fall before the Texas Medical Board based on a complaint filed by Troy Newman the group’s president. Franz C. Theard will face an Informal Settlement Conference/Show of Compliance (ISC) hearing on October 28, 2011, at 1:00 PM. […]

New Arizona Law Halts Abortions at 7 Planned Parenthood Clinics

Phoenix, AZ — As of today, Planned Parenthood of Arizona has halted abortions at seven of its clinics after an Appellate Court ruling allowed a 2009 safety standards law to go into effect. “Today, the women of Arizona are a little safer because of new laws that force abortion clinics to stop cutting corners on […]

KS Abortionists File Motion To Dismiss Pro-life Doctors’ Appeal of Injunction Blocking Clinic Licensing Law Following AZ Victory

Kansas City, KS — Last week the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) won a huge victory after an appellate court upheld abortion clinic regulations in Arizona. Now two Kansas abortion clinics have filed a motion to dismiss AAPLOG’s appeal of a Federal injunction that is preventing a Kansas clinic safety law from […]