Watch: Life or Death Reasons to Defund Planned Parenthood

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, DC – As Congress prepares to vote on legislation that would halt tax payments to Planned Parenthood, a new video showing the urgent need to defund America’s largest abortion provider has been released by Operation Rescue. The video shows 18 ambulances that have responded to Planned Parenthood abortion facilities over the […]

New York Abortionist Charged with Manslaughter in Late-term Abortion Death

By Cheryl Sullenger Queens, NY – A New York abortionist, Robert Rho, 52, has been indicted on one count of second degree manslaughter in the death of one of his patients, 30-year old Jamie Lee Morales of Buffalo, who died on July 9, 2016, after a severely botched second trimester abortion. Rho was charged on […]

Pro-Life Leaders Confirm that Planned Parenthood Kalamazoo Was Involved in Patient Death

Press Statement for Immediate Release Kalamazoo, MI – Pro-life leaders looking into an abortion-related death have confirmed that Cree Erwin, 24, of Battle Creek, Michigan, received an abortion at the Planned Parenthood facility in Kalamazoo on June 30, 2016. The site of her abortion had been previously unidentified. Erwin died on July 3, 2016, just […]

Chilling 911 Call: Mom Finds Daughter “Cold as Ice” After Abortion

By Cheryl Sullenger Battle Creek, MI – Usually an anticipated time of fun-filled family festivities, the Fourth of July was anything but a day of celebration for the family of Cree Erwin. In the early morning hours, Cree’s mother, Tanya, made a gruesome discovery. Her daughter, Cree, lay dead in Tanya’s own bed, cold as […]

Abortion Patient Death: Emergency Radio Traffic Spotlights Events on Fatal Night

Funeral arrangements have been set for Thursday By Cheryl Sullenger Battle Creek, Michigan – Operation Rescue has obtained an audio file containing Fire and Rescue radio traffic from the night that Michigan resident Cree Erwin died after having received an abortion at an unknown facility. A dispatcher can be heard broadcasting a Code 1 medical […]