Abortion Clinic Security Guard Convicted of Battery on Pro-Life Mom and Drunk Driving

By Cheryl Sullenger Wichita, KS – Abortion facility security guard was convicted of battery on a pro-life activist during a Municipal Court bench trial held on April 5, 2017, before Judge Bryce Abbott. Carl Swinney, who works at the South Wind Women’s Center abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, had been arrested on June 28, 2016, […]

Bedlam Breaks Out in Bakersfield Abortion Clinic as Ambulance Arrives for Patient

Abortion supporters attack pro-lifers as abortion patient is loaded into an ambulance By Cheryl Sullenger Bakersfield, CA – Bedlam broke out at the FPA Women’s Health abortion facility in Bakersfield as an ambulance arrived to transport a patient suffering a medical emergency. During the incident two abortion supporters assaulted pro-life activists trying to document the […]