Organ Procurement Specialist Reveals Profit, Horror Behind Planned Parenthood’s Body Parts Trade

Washington, DC — Today, the Center for Medical Progress released a third video exposing Planned Parenthood’s participation in the illegal trafficking of fetal body parts for profit. This video goes in depth with Holly O’Donnell, a licensed phlebotomist who worked six months for the organ procurement company Stem Express, LLC. At Planned Parenthood, O’Donnell describes […]

Planned Parenthood Struggles Under Bad Publicity From Body Parts Trafficking Scandal

Democrats desperate to protect Planned Parenthood’s sinking ship seek punitive DOJ investigation of Center for Medical Progress By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, DC — David Daleiden, Director of the Center for Medical Progress, appeared on the Hannity Fox News program last night discussing his nearly 3-year investigation into Planned Parenthood’s participation in the illegal profiting from […]

More to Come as Planned Parenthood Reels from Human Body Parts Sale Scandal

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, DC – After the release last week of a powerful video interview with Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director, Deborah Nucatola, describing the sale of aborted baby organs while munching out on salad and swilling red wine, it is fair that Planned Parenthood is in Category 5 crisis mode. Planned Parenthood will get […]