“We’re Buying an Abortion Mill—And Kicking the Baby-Killers OUT!”

UPDATE: We were able to raise the purchase price for this abortion clinic in time. Now, renovation of the building is currently in progress. Donations to Operation Rescue can be made by clicking any of the donation buttons below. -OR Staff

BUT… we need YOUR HELP
within the next 30 DAYS—
or the abortionists could be back in business… killing another 50,000 babies!

Dear Faithful Pro-Life Friend,

It turns out there’s more than one way to shut down an abortion mill!

As I recently found out…

You Can Actually BUY the Building
That Houses the Baby-Killers…
And Kick Them Out on the Street!

That’s exactly what we did just a few weeks ago here in Wichita, Kansas—infamous for being “the abortion capital of the world.”

Wichita, as you may know, is where George “The Killer” Tiller operates his late-late-term abortion mill—where he kills precious preborn babies right up to the moment of birth!

Wichita is also where of one of the most famous rescues in history occurred… when Operation Rescue was in full swing, making headlines across the country and saving thousands of babies a year. It was a huge “Pastors’ Rescue”—where we had priests and pastors from all over the country and from all denominations rescuing babies at one of the busiest abortion mills in America. Fifty of those brave warriors went to jail that day.

And that abortion mill—Central Women’s Services—is the one we just bought!

Here’s the amazing story of how this happened—and why we at Operation Rescue need your help immediately to make sure this killing center stays closed forever!

I Never Thought I’d BUY
An Abortion Mill!

The day I got the phone call, I nearly fell off my chair.

My real estate agent here in Wichita—who is strongly pro-life and has helped us in numerous ways—called me to tell me that the building that houses the Central Women’s Services abortion mill is up for sale.

And if we’d BUY it, we could kick the baby-killers OUT ON THEIR EAR!

Chills went up and down my spine. Could we really do this?

The price tag of the building was $112,000—which was exactly $112,000 more than we had in our bank account! There was no way I could buy that building.

But I said a quick prayer and took a leap of faith. I told my real estate agent that we’d buy the abortion mill—even though I had no idea where I’d get the money.

My next phone call was to my close friend and mentor, Jeff White, who was one of the original leaders of Operation Rescue and the man responsible for bringing me into the pro-life movement. He’s quite a resourceful guy. (Jeff also led that famous Pastor’s Rescue at Central Women’s Services.)

I told Jeff the shocking news about the abortion mill building being up for sale, and he instantly recognized this God-given opportunity and agreed to help.

He said he would find someone to loan us the $112,000 to buy the building.

The first thing he did was come up with enough for the down-payment—enough to enable us to proceed.

Next, my real estate agent sprung into action… quickly inked the deal with the building’s owner… and immediately informed the baby-killers that we owned the building now…and they had to LEAVE!

You Should Have Seen Their Faces!

They were dumbfounded.

They couldn’t believe that their arch-enemies—Operation Rescue—now owned the building where they were killing babies for a living!

Never before in the history of the pro-life movement has something quite like this been done, as far as I know.

And once the baby-killers realized what was going on, they shut that abortion mill down, held a going-out-of-business sale, then moved out under the cover of darkness, running from the building like rats escaping a sinking ship!

And rats is what they are!

This particular abortion mill, you see, is responsible for…

The Deaths of More Than 50,000 BABIES!!!

Yes, 50,000. That’s because it’s been operating for over 23 years. And it has been home to some of the most notorious abortionists in America, such as Ron Yeomans and Sherman Zaremski (who would both drive three hours from Kansas City just to do abortions at Central Women’s Services, and who buried aborted babies in a landfill near their Kansas City homes).

These money-hungry baby-killers personally killed those 50,000 babies, one at a time, and permanently damaged the lives and souls of every frightened, vulnerable pregnant woman who walked into that filthy abortion mill.



When we took possession of the building, we walked in to discover the most disgusting place you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Dead cockroaches littered the floors. So did rodent traps!

Blood from 50,000 butchered babies stained the sink next to the killing rooms. The unmistakable stench of death permeated every square foot of the entire building and hung in the stale air like an evil spirit refusing to leave.

I stood there looking down the drain of that blood-stained sink. I thought of all the babies whose bodies were thrown down that very drain, chopped up by the industrial-strength garbage disposal underneath, and whose blood still lines the sewer pipes below the building.

50,000 babies suffered a cruel death right in these rooms—at the end of a knife, a scalpel, a suction machine, and the blades of this merciless garbage disposal.

I wept bitterly.

Babies who would otherwise be alive today—loving and being loved, as we all are meant to do—were murdered right here in this building.

But Not Anymore!!!

From this day forward, the baby-killers who operated this death camp for 23 years are OUT OF BUSINESS!

The two abortionists who worked here—Yeomans and Zaremski—are now tired, bitter, sickly old men who have no desire to open another killing center in Wichita. (However, George Tiller, who is obsessed with killing babies, bought all the remaining assets of the business—possibly with the intention of re-opening it.) Hopefully those two “doctors” will repent for what they’ve done during the past 23 years… before it’s time to meet their Maker.

As for this building, we’re going to turn it into a Memorial for all the babies who died here—and for the 44 MILLION babies who’ve been ruthlessly murdered by abortion since it became legal in the United States 33 years ago.

It is not fitting that this former abortion mill should be turned into a dentist’s office or a coffee shop or anything else.

We must honor the memory of the babies—right here—with a fitting tribute. After all, their little bodies remain under this building, lining the walls of the sewer pipes.

It is hallowed ground—a sacred burial for the tiny martyrs killed by Satan in his diabolical abortion war against God!

We must never forget! NEVER forget the tragedy upon tragedy that has taken place in this one building!

Multiply this place by the 1,200 abortion mills in America. Multiply that by 33 years of wanton killing. And suddenly you have 44 MILLION deaths—more than have died in all the wars in all of human history!!!

After walking through this death-drenched building, now I know what the Allied Forces must have felt like when they first entered Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald, and all the other killing centers that they liberated from the diabolical Nazis.

Well, we have liberated this killing center from the diabolical abortionists!


Now We Need To PAY For It…

Right now, the rest of the money for purchasing the building is coming due. We need to raise it in the next 30 days, or we’ll lose the building!

That means we at Operation Rescue are in dire need of your utmost generosityimmediately!

I’m serious. We are flat broke—spending all our money on our various baby-saving projects around the country (such as our summer Truth Trucks tours, which are already cost us $5,000 a month to operate).

And yet, now we’re buying a building. Not because we want to. Because we have to!

This building is a testament to the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. And if Jesus can redeem a building, He can redeem lives and heal hurting hearts!

It’s also an encouragement to the pro-life movement. Our soldiers need to see that, through God’s grace, we are winning the abortion battle—one closed mill at a time.

We have faith that George Tiller’s abortion mill will be the next to close down, and finally bring an end to the abortion holocaust in Wichita.

You see, I moved here to Wichita four years ago with one purpose in mind: to close abortion millsespecially George Tiller’s. When I arrived in Kansas, there were seven abortion mills. Today there are four.

The remaining abortion mills are steadily losing business. Abortions are down by more than 16% in the last four years, after rising for two decades.

Why do I do it? It’s simple…

I Hate Abortion!

I hate what it does to little babies, and I hate how it affects women—from the physical consequences to the emotional, spiritual, and psychological damage. Imagine the unspeakable pain and regret that causes many post-abortive women to kill themselves!

That’s why I’ve made it my life’s mission to close abortion mills. Through the good grace of God, we were able to close 18 abortion mills in my former hometown of San Diego—and many more mills closed in California thanks to the great leadership of my mentor, Jeff White.

So when I got to Kansas, I rolled up my sleeves and said, “There is no room in this state for the both of us. The abortion mills have to go!”

And now they are. We’re shutting them down, one by one—thanks in large part to the sacrificial donations we get from faithful pro-lifers like you, from all across America.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

We Need Your Help!

To come up with the money we need to “cement” our purchase of this abortion mill, we need to raise $112,000 in the next 30 days!

And that means we need everyone’s help—because it’s not easy to raise that much money that quickly!

Therefore, I urge you to consider making your largest, most sacrificial gift to our special fund—“Cradles of Love”—at this time. Because without you, I don’t know if we’ll be able to raise the money we need. (To help with a check, money order, or donation by phone, click here.)

And if we don’t, we’ll lose this building—and the baby-saving opportunities that go with it.

We believe that George Tiller—who bought all the remaining assets of Central Women’s Services—would love nothing more than to purchase this building and re-open it as a killing center… just to spite us.

We must not let that happen!

And that’s why I urgently need your timely, life-saving donation nowbefore it’s too late.

Your donation will save lives. Here’s proof: The day after we took over this abortion mill and watched the baby-killers scamper from the building, a young pregnant woman pulled into the parking lot—thinking it was still an abortion mill.

She wanted an abortion.

But we told her the abortionists were no longer here. They had left the building. And then we gave her a “tour” of this squalid abortion mill.

She was so horrified by what she saw, she changed her mind right on the spot! She said there was no way she wanted to come to a place like this. And after a loving conversation with our seasoned sidewalk counselor, Cheryl Sullenger, this young lady drove away with an arm full of pro-life literature… and a heart full of room for her unborn baby!

But think about it: What if she had arrived there ONE DAY earlier? The abortionists would have gladly killed her baby…

For A Few Hundred Bucks!

And so I ask you…

What is the value of one human life? A few hundred bucks? That’s what it costs to kill a baby in abortion mills across America these days.

But what does it cost to save a baby?

What if YOU were to give a few hundred bucks to help us buy and keep this building—and turn it into a Memorial to the Pre-born victims of abortion, and our national headquarters?

That wouldn’t save just one baby’s life. It would help save tens of thousands of babies’ lives—because this abortion mill would NEVER open again! And we would be using it as a base of operations to close other mills just like it!

50,000 babies died here already. Who knows how many more would have died if we hadn’t taken the leap of faith to purchase this building, right out from under the baby-killers’ feet?!?

Only God knows.

And only God knows where we’re going to get the money to buy and keep this building!

Is He speaking to you right now, urging you to give a heartfelt donation to assure His victory of Life over Death?

Is He asking you to give $50$100 or perhaps a few hundred bucksso we can keep this building out of the hands of George Tiller and his ilk?

Please say a prayer, like I did when my real estate agent told me this building was for sale, and take a “leap of faith”—trusting that God will provide for your needs when you provide for the needs of those doing His work.

Right now, I can think of no greater need than to hold onto this building and use it as a powerful witness to the redemptive power of Christ.

Just recently, we opened the building to the media and held a press conference right on the spot where 50,000 babies were slaughtered. (We left the building in exactly the same condition as the baby-killers left it.)

You could tell by the looks on the faces of the reporters and cameramen that they never imagined such filthy, squalid conditions could exist in a “clinic”—the same kind of “clinic” where Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has refused to allow health inspections.

A close friend of George Tiller, Gov. Sebelius vetoed a bill that would have required abortion mills to conform to the same standards of cleanliness as medical clinics. (Right now, Kansas abortion mills are completely unregulated and are never inspected.) And, Gov. Sebelius defended abortion mills even after another abortionist, Krishna Rajanna, lost his medical license for having putrid, unsafe conditions in his abortion mill. There were also sworn affidavits by eyewitness employees that he microwaved aborted fetuses and stirred them into his lunch!!!

Shocking beyond belief! And the largest baby-killer of them all, George Tiller, continues to operate above the law. But like I said…

Wichita is the Abortion Capital of the World!

Now, with this former abortion mill in our control, we will be able to focus the world’s eyes on Wichita like never before.

As I stated at our recent press conference, “Often, those involved in the abortion issue on both sides are accused of using hyperbole or making up ‘facts’ to bolster their arguments. But this time, we’re able to allow the media to come and see for themselves, and then report on what they see—not necessarily on what we say.

“We believe the condition of this building, which is exactly the way Central Women’s Services left it, will speak with greater clarity than we ever could of the horrific environment women were subjected to, and continue to be subjected to at Kansas abortion clinics. It is a public scandal that this clinic—and others like it—have not been closed by the State.”

We’re also opening this building to the general public. In fact, we’ve invited Gov. Sebelius to come and tour it herself. (So far, no response.)

Be Gone, Satan!

We’ve even scheduled an EXORCISM of the building in just a few weeks.

It will be a fitting end to the spiritual warfare that’s been waged at this site for decades.

For over 20 years, pro-lifers have picketed at this mill… prayed at this mill… counseled pregnant moms at this mill… and rescued at this mill.

Not long ago, I even bought the vacant lot behind the building so the abortionists couldn’t expand. Then we parked a huge “billboard vehicle” on that vacant lot and put the phone number of a local woman’s help center so women could get real help with their crisis pregnancies.

We have saved countless babies’ lives here—as well as the lives of their mothers and fathers.

And now that the killing at this infamous abortion mill has stopped, we have to make sure it never starts again!

To do that, I need your financial help, right away.

Could you please send us a life-saving gift of $50$100$200… “a few hundred bucks”… or perhaps even $1,000 or more?

(To help with a check, money order, or donation by phone, click here.)

It will take everyone’s utmost generosity if we’re going to raise the $112,000 to pay for this building—and then turn it into a Memorial for the Pre-born and our baby-saving, clinic-closing headquarters.

With this victory, we will have the last of the abortion mills in Wichita on the run—George Tiller’s late-term Women’s Health Care Services. Already, he is under Grand Jury investigation for the death of an underage Down’s Syndrome girl who was brought from Texas to have a late-term abortion… but died from criminal neglect on the part of Tiller and his staff.

Christin Gilbert is dead. Her baby is dead. And George Tiller has a lot of explaining to do to the Grand Jury!

We at Operation Rescue got that Grand Jury convened—because the local “authorities” (who are in Tiller’s pocket) refused to do anything when Christin died at Tiller’s hands.

Christin wasn’t the first young mother to die from a Tiller abortion, and she probably won’t be the last. Women come from every state in the Union—as well as from all over the world—to Wichita, Kansas… because George Tiller will kill their preborn babies up to the moment of birth (average price: $8,000.)

George Tiller is worth millions. He donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to pro-abortion politicians like Gov. Sebelius every year. He could have bought this building with one week’s pay. But he didn’t know it was for sale.

God Put This Opportunity Into Our Hands—
And Now It’s Up To Us!

We must not squander this victory.

We need to finalize it… pay off the full $112,000… and then turn this building into a standing witness to the memory of millions of dead children and to the healing power of Christ.

I’m counting on you—and all faithful pro-lifers—to come through for us.

I know in my heart that you will. I believe you can clearly see how important it is that we keep control of this building and use it not only to remember the innocent victims of abortion, but also to continue the work of closing abortion mills until there are no more tragic deaths to memorialize.

That’s why I’m confident I can rely on you to send your most generous gift today.

Please make checks payable to:

“Cradles of Love”
c/o Operation Rescue
P.O. Box 782888
Wichita, KS 67278

Credit card donations may be made via our toll free telephone line by dialing 1-800-705-1175.

To donate online, simply CLICK HERE.

Again, we need to come up with all $112,000 in the next 30 DAYS, so please don’t delay.

It’s urgent that we hear from you today.

If we’re late on our payment, you can bet that George Tiller is waiting in the wings, ready to swoop down on this building and snatch it from us the first chance he gets.

Please don’t let that happen.

Please… send your utmost life-saving gift TODAY.

Thank you, and God bless you for being there for the babies at this historic moment. God will never forget this, and neither will I.

A voice for the voiceless,

Troy Newman
Operation Rescue and Cradles of Love

P.S. We already have priests and pastors lined up to complete an exorcism to flush the baby-killing demons down the toilet and straight back to hell from whence they came.

We have crowds of Christians who can’t wait to pray for God’s blessing on this building so that it can be used as a powerful instrument in the work to stop abortion.

But I can’t do a thing until I hear from you!

Imagine the testimony it will be for the countless women who had their abortions in this building. Every time they drive by this building, they will know that Jesus can redeem their lives, too!

Soon after we opened escrow, I toured the vacated building. I was sickened by the stench of death and the sight of the horrible “death sink” that saw so much innocent blood coursing down its drains. I immediately called my good friend, Norma McCorvey (the former “Roe” of Roe v. Wade who is now very pro-life.)

Even though Norma’s abortion mill experience is dead and gone, she knew exactly what “stench” I was talking about when I told her how terrible the building smelled. She told me, “You can’t pour enough bleach down that sink to make that smell go away.” Ironically, without her knowing it, we had discovered gallons of bleach and drain cleaner next to the sink, along with cans of air freshener scattered throughout the mill. Death still permeates every corner of that horrific building.

Norma McCorvey blessed our work, and has vowed to do all she can to help us secure that building for a Memorial to the countless babies who have lost their lives in that dreadful place, and turn it into a place that celebrates life.

The pro-aborts are furious about losing this property, and they would love to get their hands on it again. But YOU can have a meaningful part in denying the abortionists an opportunity to move back in by making a generous donation in memory of the babies who have died here.

Please help us today! We have this huge bill to pay, and we’re desperate. But if you help us, we will take back the ground that the enemy took from God. And in the process, we will see more babies saved from death, like the young pregnant mother whose baby was saved just one day after the abortion mill closed.

I know God will be honored by the Memorial we create here. And God is also honored through our sacrificial giving on behalf of the innocent.

So please send your tax-deductible gift today to our special fund, “Cradles of Love.” And know that we are doing all we can to stop the bloodshed here in the nation’s abortion capital. We have already set our sights and believe through faith that George Tiller’s massive abortion mill will be the next to close!

(To help with a check, money order, or donation by phone, click here.)

Please be part of it. Because without you—and without the grace of God—we can do nothing.

May the Lord bless you!

Click here to view photos of INSIDE the abortion mill.