Baby Rowan’s Autopsy Report Confirms Part of Mother’s Story

Medical Examiner admits to OR that heartbeat after birth was “probable.” ORLANDO, FL — Operation Rescue has obtained the autopsy report for Baby Rowan, the infant said to have been born alive on April 2, 2005, at a Florida abortion mill and whose mother claims was refused help by abortion workers in spite of her […]

2,000 Abortionists Under One Roof!

Join Operation Rescue in San Francisco to expose and challenge the largest gathering of child-killers Dear Rescuer, Imagine having all the abortionists in North America in the same place at the same time. Yes, every purveyor of child-killing in one location. If you were given an opportunity to speak to them, what would you say? […]

Please Help Us Bring Baby Rowan’s Killers to Justice

Dear Friends of Life, When it comes to horrible abortion stories I thought I had heard it all. Until now! Earlier this week I read a story on World Net Daily that chilled my blood to the bone. The article was about a 6 month-old baby boy named “Rowan” who was left to die in […]

WND Breaks Story of Infant Born Alive at FL Abortion Mill and Left to Die

World Net Daily has released a horrifying story of a young woman who delivered her 22-week pre-born baby alive in an abortion clinic restroom in Orlando, Florida, owned by the notorious late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft. According to WND, “James S. Pendergraft, M.D., is the founder of the Orlando Women’s Center and is known in […]

Rescuers Discover Murder Weapon in Dumpster

Closed abortion mill trashes its suction machine San Jose, CA — The Women’s Community Medical Clinic, an abortion mill in San Jose, California, permanently closed on March 20, 2005, after 32 continuous years of child-killing. Rescuers arrived at the mill on April 2, 2005, to find a note on the door referring women to a […]