Operation Rescue Visits Mississippi To Encourage Effort To Ban Abortion

Jackson, MS — The passionate effort to end abortion in Mississippi has garnered national attention over the last several days, following hard on the heals of a South Dakota abortion ban signed into law on Monday. Keith Mason, a missionary with Operation Rescue, spent the last several days in Jackson, Mississippi, one of the hotbeds […]

OR Renews Call on Justice Stevens to Retire for the Good of the Children

South Dakota Abortion Ban Deserves Best Climate for Success Washington, DC — In anticipation of the expected court challenge to the new South Dakota law banning abortion, Operation Rescue renews its call on U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to retire so that President Bush may appoint his successor. “We are confident that the […]

BREAKING NEWS! South Dakota Makes History!

Gov. Rounds Signs First Abortion Ban Since Roe v. Wade Pierre, SD — The State of South Dakota made history this morning as Gov. Mike Rounds signed a ban on virtually all abortions in his state. This is the first abortion ban passed by a state legislature since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court […]

South Dakota Pro-lifers Face Violence, Persecution

Dear Friend, As you know, our pro-life colleagues in South Dakota are putting up a courageous fight to stop abortion. As I write, a bill that would BAN ABORTION in South Dakota and challenge the crumbling foundations of Roe v. Wade, sits on the Gov. Mike Round’s desk awaiting his signature. But as these brave […]

Aborting Roe: State Abortion Bans Have Potential To Do More Than Overturn The Landmark Abortion Ruling

By Cheryl Sullenger Last week the rural northern state of South Dakota shook the nation as it passed the first ban on abortion since the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion. This week, Mississippi passed a similar abortion ban out of committee and onto their House. That state’s governor has […]