Connecticut State Trooper to Pro-Lifer: “Get Out of Town by Sundown”

Bridgeport, CT – Today, the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (CLP) announced its decision to represent two pro-life advocates who were unlawfully detained and harassed by Connecticut State Troopers on Interstate 95. On July 29, 2004, pro-life activists Michael Marcavage and Dennis Green were driving a truck with pictures attached that depicted […]

Federal Judge Rules to Protect Child Rapists

Exempts abortion clinics from reporting child sex abuse WICHITA, KANSAS – Aug 04, 2004 Operation Rescue West is appalled by Federal Court Judge Thomas Marten’s ruling last week that privacy concerns trump the protection of children who are victims of sexual abuse. Marten’s decision came in a case filed by abortionists and other pro-abortion groups […]

We’re in Rolling Stone Magazine!

We’re in Rolling Stone Magazine! This week a feature article has been published in the extremely liberal Rolling Stone Magazine about our work in Wichita, Kansas. Although the article has flaws, it is without a doubt, the best treatment of a pro-life ministry ever published by this magazine. The article, titled ’One Man’s God Squad,’ […]

MUST READ: Bioethics in an Age of Emerging Biotechnology

Back by popular demand! Bioethics in an Age of Emerging Biotechnology A Christian Response to Human Embryo Experimentation By Cheryl Sullenger This is a free download from Operation Rescue West and a must read for all Christians. Right click the link above and select “Save Target As..” to save the booklet to your hard drive. […]

Too High a Price For Scientific Knowledge

In response to Ron Reagan Jr’s speech at the Democratic National Convention supporting destructive human embryonic experimentation, we are reposting an Editorial published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on January 27, 2000. Four and a half years later, the same arguments for destroying human beings at the embryonic stage are still being put forth. This […]