The Truth Truck Creates a Stir at the “Last Abortion Clinic”

Jackson, Mississippi — Residents and city officials hardly knew what to think as the Truth Truck arrived in Jackson to participate in a prayer vigil outside the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi. The Truth Truck parked directly across the street from the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an abortion mill featured in a recent PBS […]

Salk Institute Grows Human Brain Cells in Mice

“Man-Mice” creations show how far medical ethics has degraded. La Jolla, CA — Scientists at the Salk Institute have created human/mouse chimeras by injecting the brains of mice with human embryonic stem cells obtained by killing live human embryos. Chimeras are mixture of human and animal species that cannot develop in nature. Operation Rescue, one […]

Michael Schiavo Forms PAC to Get Even

Miami, FL — Michael Schiavo has formed a political action committee that will focus on opposing politicians who supported efforts to save his wife, Terri, from a court-ordered death by starvation and dehydration. In March, Terri Schindler Schiavo, who suffered from a brain injury, but was not “brain dead” or comatose, died after Michael successfully […]

Olympia, WA Abortion Mill Stops Killing Babies

Olympia, WA — Citing a steep hike in insurance rates, the Eastside Women’s Health Clinic announced Monday that it has stopped offering abortions. The spike in insurance occurred after the abortion mill was partially destroyed by arson last January. Investigators have said that there is no evidence that the arsonist was an “anti-abortion activist.” The […]

Illegal CA Abortion Mill Closed By State Health Department

[This illegal abortion mill in West Covina, CA mentioned in the article below, was closed by the State Department of Health for operating without a license. It is refreshing to see a governmental agency consider the health and safety of the public and take action against an illegal abortion business. The State of Kansas, where […]