Christians Get HUGE Pro-Life Victory at Supreme Court
8-1 decision rejects NOW’s claim that abortion protestors violated RICO

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that aggressive pro-life protests do not violate Federal laws against racketeering, as the National Organization for Women has claimed. In a stunning 8-1 decision, the nation’s highest court completely exonerated Chicago pro-life leader Joseph Scheidler, Operation Rescue, and others and released them from having to pay $258,000 in judgments. […]

Ken Scott Released, Preparing for Next “Missionary Tour” in Jail

Rescuer Ken Scott has been released from jail in Colorado after serving the first of three “disorderly conduct” sentences for preaching and reading Psalm 94 on a public sidewalk. In a letter to his supporters after his release, Ken wrote “Jo and I want to thank everyone that prayed for us, all those who sent […]