Truth Truck Attends National Day of Prayer Service

NEWTON, KS — The Truth Truck was invited to attend the National Day of Prayer Service held at the county courthouse square in Newton, Kansas, on Thursday, May 5. Organizer Pastor Vern Bender invited Operation Rescue to bring the large panel trucks emblazoned with photos of aborted babies to draw special attention to the plight […]

A Message from Baby Rowan’s Mother

[Operation Rescue has been ministering to Baby Rowan’s mother, Angele, since the tragic death of that precious child at an Orlando abortion mill. Angele has undergone an deep and sincere change of heart about abortion since her child’s death. She has given us permission to post the following message from her. -OR Staff] Hello Mr. […]

Baby Rowan’s Autopsy Report Confirms Part of Mother’s Story

Medical Examiner admits to OR that heartbeat after birth was “probable.” ORLANDO, FL — Operation Rescue has obtained the autopsy report for Baby Rowan, the infant said to have been born alive on April 2, 2005, at a Florida abortion mill and whose mother claims was refused help by abortion workers in spite of her […]

2,000 Abortionists Under One Roof!

Join Operation Rescue in San Francisco to expose and challenge the largest gathering of child-killers Dear Rescuer, Imagine having all the abortionists in North America in the same place at the same time. Yes, every purveyor of child-killing in one location. If you were given an opportunity to speak to them, what would you say? […]

Please Help Us Bring Baby Rowan’s Killers to Justice

Dear Friends of Life, When it comes to horrible abortion stories I thought I had heard it all. Until now! Earlier this week I read a story on World Net Daily that chilled my blood to the bone. The article was about a 6 month-old baby boy named “Rowan” who was left to die in […]