New York City, NY – A recent report released by the Center for Reproductive Rights falsely and repeatedly attributes various activities to Operation Rescue with which this organization was not involved. Based on the flawed report, the group is asking the Justice Department to “defend” abortion clinics.
Operation Rescue demands a retraction and an apology from the Center for Reproductive Rights.
“The report was factually incorrect concerning Operation Rescue activities, and falsely attributed one instance of illegal activity to us when we were not involved in the event to which they referred. If they cannot get something that simple right, you really have to question the validity of anything they are saying,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The report is a typically hysterical pro-abortion rant that is long on overstatements and down-right misrepresentations, but short on facts when it comes to discussing pro-life groups and activities. It completely ignores increasing violence and threats against pro-life groups.”
The Center for Reproductive Rights is an extremist pro-abortion group that has advocated in courts for the non-reporting of child sexual abuse, and the exemption of abortionists from such reporting. One of their witnesses even suggested that adolescents between the ages of 13 and 15 are mature enough to make decisions regarding sexual conduct, but added that he was horrified at the prospect of children in that same age group marrying since they lacked the emotional maturity to engage in married relationships. The group has also defended the most horrific of late-term abortion practices.
“For these people, it is all about unrestricted sex with children, with unrestricted access to abortion, all the while undermining the institution of marriage,” said Newman.
“Investigations by pro-life groups and activists have uncovered and reported wrongdoing at abortion clinics across the nation. As a result of this work, shoddy abortion clinics are closing, dangerous abortionists are losing their licenses, and some are even going to jail.
“Now this extremist group comes along with a report that can’t get a fact straight for the world and asks the American taxpayer to foot the bill to persecute and silence peaceful pro-lifers, who are serving as the only watchdogs for an out-of-control abortion industry, so these nasty little abortion businesses can keep exploiting women. The American people cannot financially, morally, or ethically afford to pay to keep these little shops of horror running, and it is completely irrational to ask them to.”