Truth Truck Driver Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland has editorial published describing the real reasons behind rallies at Carhart’s abortion clinic.

Omaha, NE – When Operation Rescue visited the Omaha area on August 28-29, the event was vastly blown out of proportion by the pro-aborts, the press, and the police. We never promoted the event as a major “protest,” nor did we put out a national call for pro-lifers to come to Omaha. Each and every reporter and police officer we spoke to was told by Operation Rescue that we did not expect over 20 people. (About 50 actually showed up.) The purpose was to encourage the local activists and hold a closed-door training session with them.
The media never got the story right at all, if they ever wanted to report the truth. After the Saturday outreach at LeRoy Carhart’s Bellevue abortion mill, media reports labeled our efforts a “failure” because the local activists were outnumbered 2-1 by about 100 pro-aborts that were bussed in from 16 states. The truth is, at the evening rally the night before, Rescue the Heartland’s Larry Donlan told the audience that some folks might want to stay home because of the circus-like atmosphere created by hysteria on the part of national pro-abortion organizations. Our intent was to offer help to women seeking abortions in as low-key, prayerful manner as possible. That tactic was very successful and as a result, two babies were confirmed saved that morning.
Yesterday, the Omaha-World Herald published an editorial by Larry Donlan that set the record straight. We highly recommend it to you. (Read “Midlands Voices: Anti-abortion rallies are about saving lives, helping mothers.” By Larry Donlan)
The next Saturday, Archbishop George Lucas led hundreds of pro-lifers in a prayer vigil outside Carhart’s clinic. There were no pro-abortion counter-protesters that day, and we wonder where the outcry was in the media of their failure to produce numbers that weekend, or boasting how the hundreds of Christians vastly outnumbered the scant 100 motley souls that was all a huge national effort by NOW and other washed up feminist groups could muster the week before. (Read about it here.)
We are excited and encouraged by the vibrant and resourceful pro-life community in Nebraska and what we are accomplishing with them. There have been more developments in efforts to expose illegal activity that former clinic workers have sworn is a matter of routine at Carhart’s clinic. Those developments will be made public soon as we continue to work with new sources and the authorities to expose, investigate, and prosecute Carhart through peaceful and legal means. Now THAT is the real story.