“Talking Points” condemns moral relativism that excuses Tiller’s baby-killing

Wichita, KS — Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly issued a “Talking Points” memorandum yesterday that condemned moral relativism, which allows late-term abortionist George Tiller to make “big bucks” killing innocent babies, and allows child sexual predators to escape appropriate punishment.
In Kansas, Attorney General Phill Kline is locked in battles with Tiller and the abortion industry over these two problems addressed by O’Reilly.
Tiller is fighting “tooth and nail” in the state courts to stop Kline’s investigation into suspected illegal late-term abortion and the non-reporting of child sex abuse in girls under 16. O’Reilly rightly pegged Tiller as a moral relativist who defines right and wrong based on his personal beliefs. Those beliefs allow Tiller to kill pre-born babies and protect child sexual predators, acts most Americans would say is “wrong.”
In addition, Kline is awaiting a ruling from Federal Judge J. Thomas Marten in a case (AFW v. Foulston) to determine if Kansas mandatory child sex-abuse reporting laws should be instead discretionary. This could mean that children in abusive sexual relationships will not have their abuse reported, if the reporter does not think sex with children as young as 10 is inherently “harmful.” Abortion mills in Kansas have not been reporting illegal sexual abuse in girls under 16 in violation of current Kansas law.
“Our culture has lost the ability to say that some things are just plain wrong, and we applaud Bill O’Reilly for having the courage to stand up to the moral relativists and proclaim that child-killing and child rape must not be justified or excused,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
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