Bellevue Taxpayers Forced To Subsidize Carhart’s Abortion Business

While Carhart is under criminal investigation, taxpayers foot the bill for “spy-cams”

Bellevue, NE – The police department in Bellevue, Nebraska have announced that the city now pays nearly $1,000 to maintain security cameras at LeRoy Carhart’s abortion clinic – money that is taken directly from the taxpayer coffers to spy on peaceful pro-life supporters.

“It is outrageous, at a time when Congress is in an uproar fighting abortion lobby efforts to use tax money to bail out failing abortion clinics, that the City of Bellevue would arbitrarily decide to force taxpayers to subsidize Carhart’s abortion business,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If Carhart wants extra security, he should have to pay for it himself, just like everybody else.”

Bellevue police Chief John W. Stacey attempted to justify the $970 per month tax-funded camera system by saying it was “handy.”

“This is yet another example of the gross lack of judgment shown by the City of Bellevue, which continues to cater to Carhart’s whims,” said Newman.

In August, Bellevue police overreacted to a visit by Operation Rescue by putting up snow fences, blocking off streets, marching out the SWAT teams, and making wild and unsubstantiated claims in the media about anticipated violence.

“We tried to tell them that we only expected 20-50 peaceful supporters praying quietly on the sidewalk, but they were bent on making a tempest in a teapot. They blew everything out of proportion and in doing so, unnecessarily wasted thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. Now they are doing it again,” said Newman.

Carhart is currently under investigation by the Nebraska Attorney General’s office for illegal conduct alleged when former Carhart employees came forward and said that workers with no medical background routinely assisted with surgeries, started IVs, and dispensed medication without the proper credentials. The women told of unclean conditions at the clinic and that Carhart rarely if ever washed his hands between patients. They also indicated that drugs were often missing and believed that Carhart was, at times, chemically impaired while on duty.

“It might be a better use to tax dollars to have the spy-cams inside the abortion mill. They are more likely to catch someone breaking the law inside the clinic than outside it,” said Newman.

“We encourage those who are outraged that taxpayers are subsidizing spy-cams at Carhart’s abortion business to contact the Bellevue police and let their concerns be known.”

Chief of Police John W. Stacey

Voice: (402) 293-3105

  • The city of Heath, Ohio put up cameras at the intersections to catch speeders and collect fines. The public did not know or approve of the cameras and had a vote taken on keeping or taking the cameras down November 3, 2009. The citizen’s vote against the cameras took priority, so the cameras are down. The main objection was too much government involvement in our lives without permission.
    Forcing Bellevue Taxpayers to foot the bill to monitor activities at Carhart’s clinic sounds like a legal issue to me. I may be wrong, but if the city of Heath was forced to remove cameras due to citizen objection, should the citizens of Bellevue have a say in the matter?
    Maybe a petition is in order. We were lucky to have the voting session come up so it was on the ballot.

  • Sarah

    Thats fine. Leave the cameras up at Carharts mill…but while taxpayers are at it, install some in his “procedure” rooms to make sure he is following the law! Is he CLEAN? Is he aborting past the limit of the law? Is he molesting patients (hey its happened inside some mills ya know!)? Turn the cameras on him too!

    Truly, in the end, those cameras will testify to the peacefulness of pro-lifers and may protect them from pro-abort violence.