Ambulance Called to Falls Church Abortion Facility with Documented Sanitation Citations

By Cheryl Sullenger

Falls Church, VA – An ambulance was called to the Falls Church Health Care Center abortion facility on February 3, 2018, to transport a woman to a nearby emergency room. Emergency responders were inside the facility for about 15 minutes before the woman was finally wheeled to the ambulance.

The incident was photographed by pro-life activist Ruby Nicado of Lifeguard, who told Operation Rescue that just as the woman was being brought out of the facility on a gurney, one clinic escort shoved an umbrella in to her face to block her camera. That aggressive move was unnecessary because the patient was completely covered with a sheet so her identity was never in jeopardy.

Moments later, the abortionist on duty that day, Jan Paul Fruiterman, emerged from the abortion facility and rode with the ambulance to the hospital.

Operation Rescue attempted to retrieve records related to the expected 911 emergency dispatch, but none existed, making it likely the abortion facility bypassed the 911 system and called an ambulance directly. This practice results in slower response times than dialing 911, delaying care for those experiencing medical emergencies.

Nicdao was able to learn that the patient was alive when she reached the hospital and “improved a great deal quickly” once there.

The Falls Church Health Care Center has a record of failed inspection reports dating back to 2012, just prior to the enactment of minimum licensing requirements in 2013.

The most recent inspection report, dated November 17, 2016, contained 13 pages of citations. It noted “the agency was not incompliance” with licensing regulations.

Citations included the failure to ensure that all employees participated infection control training. As a result, it was found that the facility had the following violations:

• Equipment was not properly cleaned between patients.
• Cleaning solutions were not prepared in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. This can affect the effectiveness of the cleaners.
• Failed to observe sanitary practices for administering IV drugs.
• Failed to properly use personal protective equipment, such as eye protection during surgical abortion procedures.

The Falls Church Health Center also failed to ensure all employees were trained in fire safety or emergency/disaster training, engaged in shoddy record keeping, and other violations.

But perhaps most disturbing was an incident when one woman was given the abortion drug Misoprostol and a dose of Librium for anxiety prior to a scheduled surgical abortion. However, the abortionist had failed to determine the gestational age of the baby prior to dispensing abortion inducing drugs, as required. In Virginia, businesses licensed as Abortion Facilities are allowed to do abortions up to 13.6 weeks. Abortions later than that are required to be done at a hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Facility.

Uncomfortable with conducting the abortion beyond the legal limit, the unnamed abortionist discharged the patient with a prescription of birth control pills and a referral to another facility. There is no record of any follow-up to ensure the patient actually went to the other facility.

“Essentially, Falls Church Health Care gave a patient abortion-inducing drugs, then kicked her to the curb when it was discovered she was too far along. This was a huge lapse in compliance that placed the women, who was in her second trimester of pregnancy, in a potentially dangerous situation,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “With one failed inspection report after another along with practices that place the lives and heath of women in danger, this abortion facility should be closed.”

It is doubtful that will happen under the current Democratic state administration, which “eviscerated” licensing standards last year, rendering them nearly meaningless, according to Virginia Cobb, President of the Family Foundation. The Board of Health has also ended monthly reports on abortion facilities at their meetings, which had been previously required.

Crime Scene Unit Spotted at Florida Abortion Facility Under Investigation For Selling Baby Parts

By Cheryl Sullenger

West Palm Beach, FL – A van clearly marked “Crime Scene” from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department was seen yesterday at Presidential Women’s Center, an abortion facility located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

M. Susan Pine of FACE Life, Inc., told Operation Rescue that the van arrived at approximately 11:20 a.m. on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, and parked in the abortion facility’s parking lot. A uniformed officer then entered Presidential Women’s Center with some kind of paperwork in hand.

Pine reports that the abortion facility’s medical director, Daniel Sacks, was at the clinic during the Crime Scene unit’s visit.

Presidential Women’s Center was referred to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi by the House Select Investigative Committee on Infant Lives on November 30, 2016, due to PWC’s suspected involvement in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby organs and tissue.

Bondi’s office confirmed to Pine that the abortion business was indeed under “criminal review” on February 17, 2017, just two days after Operation Rescue published a report urging supporters to contact her office to ask if there were plans to act on the House criminal referral. Since then, Bondi’s office has remained silent on the status of the investigation.

However, it is unclear if the Crime Scene officer’s visit to PWC had any connection to the baby parts trafficking investigation.

“We are left to wonder exactly what the county was investigating when it sent a Crime Scene unit to the Presidential Women’s Center,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “There are any number of crimes that abortion facilities have been known to commit, such as failure to report child sex abuse, sex crimes, illegal late-term abortions, financial malfeasance, and the like, but speculation concerning this recent incident is difficult at this time.”

PWC is a member of the National Abortion Federation, a scandal-plagued association of abortion businesses that sued members of the Center for Medical Progress — including former board member Troy Newman — to block the release of undercover videos that implicated it and Planned Parenthood in crimes related to the illegal sale of aborted baby remains.

PWC conducts abortions up to 22.5 weeks gestation.

Sinister Revelation: What the Nunes Memo and Planned Parenthood Have in Common

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – After much anticipation, the Nunes FISA memo was released on Friday that clearly showed that high-ranking officials within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) misused a so-called “Russian Dossier” that they knew had no credibility to obtain a warrant to spy on an associate of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and during Trump’s initial days as a sitting president.

The anti-Trump elements within the FBI and DOJ also withheld crucial information from the secret FISC court, including the fact that the spurious dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Also withheld from the court were connections between the shadowy organization that produced the fake dossier and an Associate Deputy Attorney General who was working on the investigation into Trump.

The source of that dossier was a company called Fusion GPS.

Pro-life supporters are familiar with that business. It was hired by Planned Parenthood in 2015 to perform a “forensic analysis” on the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, which showed evidence that Planned Parenthood was involved in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains and other crimes. That “analysis” stated that the recordings had been deceptively edited and were not reliable as evidence in court.

It turned out that the Fusion GPS “forensic analysis” was as phony as the fake Trump Russian Dossier.

But further investigation revealed that Fusion GPS had no experience in forensic video analysis. It was in fact an “opposition research” firm that specialized in political dirty tricks, especially against Republicans.

Operation Rescue first wrote about Fusion GPS on August 28, 2015, stating:

Fusion GPS is a Democratic opposition research firm that, according to the Weekly Standard, “has a history of harassing socially conservative Republican donors, possibly on behalf of the Obama campaign. In fact, Fusion GPS admitted in its “report” that it “conducted preliminary research into the CMP organization and its personnel.”

So, it appears that Fusion GPS was hired by Planned Parenthood not only to produce a phony analysis to discredit the incriminating recordings, but also to dig up dirt on the CMP “and its personnel,” which included at that time Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who served on the founding board of the CMP.

Meanwhile, Coalfire Systems, Inc. – an actual expert in video forensic analysis – issued a credible report after examining the recordings at the behest of the public interest law firm Alliance Defending Freedom. This report verified that the full length undercover recordings were not altered, except for minor edits to remove bathroom breaks, rides in elevators where no conversation took place, and the like. The recordings were found to accurately depict the conversations without alterations.

However, when the National Abortion Federation, and later Planned Parenthood, sued the CMP and its members, including Troy Newman, in Federal Court, they submitted the phony Fusion GPS report as evidence that the recordings lacked veracity.

Federal Judge William Orrick, relying on a record that included the fake Fusion GPS analysis, then ruled that he found no evidence of any crimes within the undercover recordings. Orrick then issued a gag order that prevented the further release of undercover recordings even to members of law enforcement.

That gag order, which sprang from a poisoned well tainted by a fake Fusion GPS report, is now being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court for hearing. The American Center for Law and Justice, which represents Newman in the NAF and Planned Parenthood cases, filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court requesting that the gag order be overturned so evidence can be released to law enforcement, including 27 State Attorneys General, who have sought the evidence for their own investigations into Planned Parenthood’s alleged criminality. [Fusion GPS is mentioned on pg. 89 of petition.]

Now here is where things get especially interesting.

Planned Parenthood’s use of the phony Fusion GPS analysis to provide friendly media with the basis to attack the recordings was so successful that a similar plan was used by Fusion GPS, the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, and the FBI/DOJ to promote the fake Russian Dossier in attacks in the media and in the secret FISA courts against Donald Trump.

Cecile Richards was very close to Hillary Clinton, for whom she spent much time stumping during the 2016 presidential campaign. She was also close to former President Barack Obama, and was a regular guest at the Obama White House, having visited there 39 times from 2009 through July 2015.

It’s no secret that Richards feared a Trump presidency. After all, her organization had been referred to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation and prosecution by both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives.

As long as Clinton won the 2016 presidential election, Richards could rest assured that no investigations of Planned Parenthood would be forthcoming. However, under a Trump administration, Richard’s monolithic abortion organization would be placed in jeopardy, along with billions in government funding.

In fact, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that Planned Parenthood is indeed currently under criminal investigation by the FBI and the DOJ, (hopefully not by those involved with the dubious Trump Russian investigation).

As news that the Nunes memo was soon to be released – a memo that was purported to implicate those involved with the Fusion GPS fake Russian dossier – Richards suddenly tendered her resignation as CEO of Planned Parenthood on January 24, 2018.

Could it be that Richards has closer ties to those implicated in the Nunes memo for using the fake Russian Dossier to illegally obtain FISA warrants in order to spy on the Trump administration? What if Richards recommended Fusion GPS to Clinton Campaign/DNC because she knew from first-had experience that organization could fake a dossier against Trump to discredit him and influence the election? Would that qualify as a conspiracy?

Richards obviously had a vested interest to see that Trump was defeated by any means or removed once elected.

It seems that Richard’s sudden resignation and the Nunes memo may have more in common than anyone thought. The FISA warrant scandal and the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal seem to share many working parts.

Now, the investigations into the Clinton/DNC/DOJ/FBI corruption scandal take on new meaning for those who work every day to end abortion.

Read the memo.

Using to Make America Abortion Free

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS – Have you ever wondered what it might take to close an abortion facility in your state or community? There is an online resource that can help you do just that. is an informational site run by Operation Rescue that lists every abortion facility in the U.S. It includes documents that answer questions such as whether an abortion facility in your area passed its last health inspection, has malpractice judgements, or has hired an abortionist with a checkered history — and much more.

This site is an impressive resource for pro-life advocates that can assist life-saving efforts. It is also a useful, time-saving tool for those who are working to make their communities abortion free or simply want to inform women and their communities about the dangers of abortion. maintains the most accurate listing of abortion facilities in the US. Each year, Operation Rescue conducts a survey of every abortion facility in the nation, talking personally to a live person at each facility. It also contains the most accurate listing of known abortionists and the facilities with which they have been affiliated.

“No one else in the nation – including the CDC and the Guttmacher Institute – conducts a survey like this. They admit they have many abortion businesses that do not report to them. We gather data from every abortion facility directly. That data is important in learning abortion trends, which can help us understand the Abortion Cartel’s vulnerabilities,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Information from, coupled with a goal-oriented strategy, explained in Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time, by Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger, has been used successfully to send abortionists to jail, revoke medical licenses, and close many abortion facilities nationwide.

Newman and Sullenger are the most experienced team in the nation at securing enforcement actions that have closed abortion facilities from coast to coast. was designed by them to assist in the “research and documentation” phase of the “Abortion Free” plan to close abortion facilities, and can provide valuable documentation of abortion abuses for complaints, exposing the abuses to the public, and demanding enforcement of the laws.

A running total of abortion facilities in the U.S. appear at the upper right corner of the home page. The Mission page explains the informational purpose of the site and displays a helpful chart that shows the percentage of abortion facilities that have closed since 1991.

But perhaps the most useful feature of is an ever-growing number of documents related to individual abortionists and their businesses. The documents – over 13,500 so far — are a great source for those wanting to learn more about a particular abortion business or provider, and are not willing to settle for hear-say.

These raw documents consist of license applications, court records, medical board documents, health department inspection citations, criminal histories, and other important records that can help you better understand the Abortion Cartel and their historical behavior.

The site also links to thousands of articles that have appeared in print, in addition to photos, and video related abortion providers, which give true insight into the dangers associated with a particular abortion business or abortionist.

“I like to call the best online file cabinet for documents proving abortion abuses. It is the largest online depository of documents on America’s Abortion Cartel,” said Newman. “These documents do no good sitting in our office, so we are sharing them online in order to help pro-life supporters be as informed as they can be about the true nature of abortion in this country. Information is power.” is easy to use with a number of ways to search. Simply go to the home page and click a state of interest for a listing of all abortion facilities and known abortionists.

There is also a search field where a facility name, abortionist’s name, street name, or city can be entered for more specific searches.

Buttons on the home screen help sort searches by category.

One other helpful feature of is the “Closed” tab, which features a searchable listing of now defunct abortion facilities and former abortionists who have quit or been forced out of the abortion business. Just click the area of interest in the “Closed” drop down menu then enter a name in the search field.

There is also a tab that contains a listing of “Worst Offenders,” which includes the likes of convicted murderer and illegal late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell and convicted illegal late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft, among others. “Worst Offenders” can be searched by clicking the tab on the home page and entering a term in the search field on page one of the Worst Offender’s list.

“We invest many man-hours each week ensuring is continually being updated with the latest information available, so pro-life supporters as well as the curious can be as informed as possible about what is really going on at the abortion facilities in this country,” Newman explained. is a work in progress. Despite the large body of information currently available on the web site, Operation Rescue also invests a great deal of time and expense seeking additional documents and updating the site. It is a huge never-ending task.

“Our team of researchers are among the best in the nation at uncovering incriminating documents on the Abortion Cartel and using them to bring scofflaw abortionists to justice. But even so, we are always seeking help to keep the site as current and accurate as possible. We urge anyone with information or documentation concerning abuses at abortion facilities to contact us, and become part of this project to educate the American people about the true — and very unseemly — nature of abortion.” said Newman.

Those with tips, documents, photos, video, or other data can contact Operation Rescue at info.operationrescue(@) or call our office at 316-683-6790.

Operation Rescue is available to answer any questions about or the “Abortion Free” plan to build an abortion-free America. We can be reached through the contact information listed above.

Get Abortion Free, by Newman and Sullenger.

Take Action: Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Scheduled for Senate Vote Today

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, D.C. — The Senate has scheduled a vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act today, Monday, January 29, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. ET.

This bill would end abortions on babies at 20 weeks gestation and later since they are known to feel pain. Operation Rescue has long advocated for this legislation because it would save thousands of lives every year.

“Since we have an opportunity to save these babies, we should do all within our power to support this legislation,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We wish it spared all babies, but those it will save deserve our help and the protections this law will provide for them.”

The bill passed the House last year. If it passes the Senate today, President Trump has promised to sign it into law.

However, getting the approval of the Senate will be an uphill battle since he at least 60 votes are required to break the Democratic filibuster and allow a vote on the bill.

“The fact that Democrats would want to continue brutal late-term abortions, which dismember viable babies that feel pain, really shows the depths of human depravity – and how far our nation has slipped into barbarity,” said Newman. “If this bill doesn’t pass today, the blood will be on the hands of the Democrats once again.

Please contact your Senators now and urge them to vote in favor of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and pray today for its passage.

Contact your Senators (Democrat and Republican).
Watch the vote live on C-Span 2. Live stream here.

Learn more about Late-term abortions.