Amid Ongoing Investigations, Carhart Closes Clinic for the Week as Summer of Mercy 2.0 Intensifies

Germantown, MD – Operation Rescue and the rest of the leadership team for the Summer of Mercy 2.0 has confirmed that Germantown Reproductive Health Services, where Carhart is employed, will be closed for the week.

“This is a huge victory,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “While this event is in progress no babies will die in Germantown. That is an answer to our prayers.”

The Summer of Mercy 2.0 nine-day pro-life event kicked off over the weekend with two well-attended rallies and prayer vigils featuring powerful national speakers, a live-ultrasound of a pre-born baby, and testimony from a woman who was scheduled for a late-term abortion at Carhart’s but instead gave birth to a healthy daughter.

With the clinic closed, Summer of Mercy 2.0 participants are drawing attention to Carhart’s true track record including:

  • A criminal investigation in his home state of Nebraska based on affidavits from his former employees who allege Carhart engaged in criminal conduct.
  • A medical board investigation in Maryland for allegations he misled authorities to gain licensure in that state. Carhart claimed to be a university professor, but was stripped of any formal duties by the University of Nebraska in the 1990s. He claimed to be an emergency room physician even though he has had no relationship with any hospital since 1987. Never once did he mention his long work history at abortion clinics around the country or his defense of partial-birth abortion in two cases that were decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • A non-disciplinary agreement made with Nebraska authorities where Carhart agreed to stop falsifying medical records, falling asleep during abortions, and interrupting abortions to take personal phone calls.
  • Shoddy abortion practices resulting in numerous emergency hospitalizations.
  • At least one patient death from a botched third-trimester abortion.
  • Evidence that Carhart and his nurse falsified ultrasounds to avoid complying with late-term abortion restrictions.
  • Carhart committed late-term abortions illegally referred by Ann Kristin Neuhaus, who faces possible license revocation in Kansas for failing to provide proper patient evaluations and making unfounded psychiatric diagnoses for late-term abortion patients so they could “qualify” for abortions under a mental health exception.
  • Other devious practices that are meant to deceive patients, authorities, and the public. Most recently, Carhart told the Washington Post that he only did late-term abortions in Germantown for fetal anomalies. However, personal testimony from Dr. Grace Morrison and a former Carhart patient named Keisha, who recently gave birth to a healthy daughter, prove that many of Carhart’s late-term abortions are for no medical reason whatsoever.
  • “After years of investigation, we can confidently say that Carhart is a dishonest man who is a danger to the public that belongs behind bars. We can document everything we say about him. He cannot do the same,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

    “Twenty years ago during the original Summer of Mercy, Operation Rescue led protests in Wichita, Kansas, that resulted in over 2,500 arrests for peaceful civil disobedience. Today, our tactics have changed and now we are using every legal tool available to expose abortion abuses and see to it that abortionists like Carhart are arrested and jailed and their clinics closed. One of the goals of the Summer of Mercy 2.0 is to encourage authorities to act now to bring Carhart to justice and shutter his shady late-term abortion business for good.”


    Summer of Mercy 2.0 Starts Tomorrow! Powerful Webcast Recording Now Online

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    Germantown, MD – Activists from all across the nation are making their way to Germantown, Maryland for tomorrows kick-off of the Summer of Mercy 2.0, a nine-day event focusing on the late-term abortion practice of the notorious LeRoy Carhart.

    If you missed last night’s powerful web cast, it is now available online. Just click here to listen to such pro-life heroes like Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, David Bereit of 40 Days for Life, and Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition and others make a moving case for pro-lifers everywhere to come to Germantown for nine days of prayer and prophetic public witness for life.

    In Germantown, late-term healthy, viable babies are killed through abortion by Carhart, who has tried to tell reporters that he only does them in cases of fetal anomaly. On the web cast you will hear from Keisha, a woman who was scheduled for a late-term abortion by Carhart until caring pro-lifers reached out to her. You won’t want to miss her powerful story that blows the lid off the late-term abortion lies!

    Twenty years ago, God’s Spirit moved in Wichita, Kansas, during the original Summer of Mercy, which exposed another late-term abortionist and revitalized a struggling pro-life movement. Now, twenty years later, we encourage you to come and be part of what promises to be a powerful and life-saving event in Germantown. We sense God’s Spirit is moving. Now is the time and Germantown is the place to lift our voices and our prayers!

    We are excited to see what God will do!

    For more information on the Summer of Mercy 2.0 and for a full event schedule and speaker list, please visit

    Listen to the Summer of Mercy Webcast Replay.

    Late-term Abortion Provider Caught Lying in ‘Washington Post’ Front Page News Article

    Please join us for an urgent Webcast concerning the Summer of Mercy 2.0 event tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern. Click here to sign up now!
    The following is a press release from Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Washington, D.C.-based Christian Defense Coalition, who is on the leadership team for the Summer of Mercy 2.0 event to be held in Germantown, Maryland on July 30- August 7. Operation Rescue is a co-sponsor of that event.

    Of Carhart, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said, “One thing we have learned from our long experience with LeRoy Carhart is that if he is saying it, it probably isn’t the truth.” -OR Staff

    GERMANTOWN, Md., July 28, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — Recently a Washington Post article stated “All the late-term abortions Carhart has done in Germantown have involved fetuses with anomalies, he said.”

    A recent patient of Carhart’s, who decided not to get an abortion, was never questioned once by Carhart about the health of her baby. She was however, told in detail, how much the abortion would cost.

    Kiesha, who just gave birth to a healthy baby girl, was originally planning on getting the late-term abortion because of the pressure the child would bring into her life, not for any fetal anomalies or health issues.

    In fact, of the over 25 mothers Dr. Grace Morrison has talked to seeking late-term abortions at Carhart’s clinic, only one was there because of a poor prenatal diagnosis.

    This information comes as “The Summer of Mercy 2.0” is scheduled to begin on July 30 in Germantown, Maryland.

    Go to for more information.

    Area pro-life activists question why the Washington Post did not do more research for this article.

    Dr. Grace Morrison, of the Vitae Foundation, states,

    I have been protesting at Carhart’s on Mondays since December 6. During this time, I have had the opportunity to speak with over twenty-five mothers who were there seeking late-term abortions.

    There has only been ONE case of a mother seeking a late-term abortion because of a poor prenatal diagnosis. The other mothers were reportedly there because, even at this advanced stage in their pregnancy, they decided that the baby was an inconvenience.

    One mother, Kiesha, who came to Carhart’s for a late-term abortion decided to save her baby. She just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

    Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, adds,

    The myth that somehow Leroy Carhart is doing abortions on mothers with children who have fetal anomalies has now been exposed as an absolute lie.

    Pure and simple, it is now clear that Carhart is killing viable pre-born children for his own financial gain and is in no way helping struggling moms.

    However, even if these children were facing some physical or mental challenges, as a society we should treat the disabled with dignity, equality and respect. Killing these innocent ones through the horror of late-term abortions is never the answer.

    We would also like to encourage the Washington Post to stop acting as a public relations firm for Leroy Carhart and actually do some research and reporting on this issue.

    As the ‘Summer of Mercy 2.0’ begins on July 30 and goes to August 7, we are calling upon people who believe in human rights and social justice to come to Germantown, Maryland for a time of prayer and public witness on behalf of the most vulnerable in our society.

    For more information call:

    Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at 540.538.4741
    Dr. Grace Morrison at 240.997.2520

    Iowa House Could Create Long-Shot Chance for Late-term Abortion Ban

    Operation Rescue encourages continued public pressure on Legislature to protect life

    Des Moines, Iowa – An Iowa House tactic could create a long-shot chance to pass legislation that protects pre-born babies from abortion after 20 weeks gestation when they are known to feel pain.

    The House had earlier passed the Iowa Fetal Pain Bill (HF 657) by a handy 60-39 vote and sent it to the Senate where it languished in a hostile Democrat-controlled committee, to the angst of Iowans who overwhelmingly supported the bill to keep late-term abortions out of Iowa.

    In a rarely used maneuver, the majority of Senators, including two Democrats, signed a petition to force the bill to the Senate floor for debate and a vote. However, at the behest of Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, extremist pro-abortion activist Sen. Joe Bolkcom, who is married to Karen Kubby, a former abortion clinic administrator, refused to call the bill to the floor. Instead, he introduced his own, weak version in an effort to preserve late-term abortions in Iowa while placating those who oppose LeRoy Carhart’s announced plans to open a late-term abortion clinic in Council Bluffs. Gronstal and Bolkcom were able to convince Senate Democrats who supported the Fetal Pain bill to vote along party lines and narrowly pass SF 534, Bolkcom’s bogus late-term bill, with vote of 26-23.

    However, members of the House are incensed that HF 657 was scuttled by such an openly deceptive move, and have refused to consider Bolkcom’s SF 534, which would codify a process wherein an abortionist could open a late-term abortion clinic in Des Moines, Iowa City, Davenport, or Cedar Rapids — but not Council Bluffs — where hospitals with perinatal programs currently operate. It would also open the door to an already expansion-minded Planned Parenthood of the Heartland to move into the lucrative late-term abortion market.

    “Now there is talk among House leaders about adding amendments to Bolkcom’s bill that would restore the late-term abortion ban, which has heavy support among Iowa citizens,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “They could send the amended bill back to the Senate and along with it a strong message that it is the intent of Iowans to ban late-term abortions in that state, and they will settle for nothing less. It would put the pressure back onto the Senate to do the right thing. It is a long shot, but late-term babies deserve every effort the legislature can make to protect their lives.”

    The Iowa Legislature was slated to adjourn April 29, but continues to work in overtime without pay due mainly to an unrelated budget impasse. The budget crisis has given extra time for pro-life supporters to press for the Fetal Pain late-term abortion ban. Six states have already passed similar abortion bans. A total of 17 states have considered such legislation this year. As states continue to ban abortions after 20 weeks, Iowa becomes a more likely destination state for late-term abortions.

    “Time is running out. The lives of hundreds of late-term babies that will die if abortionists in Iowa are allowed to expand into this grisly abortion market hang in the balance,” said Sullenger. “If there was ever a time for pro-life legislators to step up to the plate and make a bold move to protect innocent life, it is now.”
    We have asked you to write several times on this matter, but please do so again. The Iowa Legislature needs to know that we have not given up on the lives of precious late-term babies!

    Note: If the buttons are not working in your browser please copy and paste the e-mails below into the “To” box in your e-mail composer.

    IA HOUSE:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    IA Senate:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Late-term Abortionist Carhart Focus of ‘Summer of Mercy 2.0’ Event in Germantown, MD

    Pro-life event July 30-August 7 will mark the 20th anniversary of Summer of Mercy while using new, cutting edge tactics to expose horrific late-term abortions

    Note: Updated Event Dates

    Germantown, MD – Twenty years after the historic “Summer of Mercy” abortion protests in Wichita, Kansas, thrust the matter of abortion into the national public eye, Operation Rescue is once again calling for Americans of conscience to converge upon a late-term abortion clinic, this time in Germantown, Maryland, from July 30 through August 7 for what will be known as the “Summer of Mercy 2.0.”

    “We sense a critical need to gather in Germantown to expose the horrific late-term abortion business of LeRoy Carhart, to prayerfully intervene on behalf of the babies that are scheduled to die, and to provide a peaceful yet powerful pro-life witness to the nation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

    Activities during the Summer of Mercy 2.0 event will include round-the-clock prayer and worship, inspiring evening rallies with national political and Christian leaders, and cutting edge public events. It promises to be an historic season of prayerful and prophetic witness in Maryland.

    The event is being planned by a coalition of pro-life/pro-family groups, including Operation Rescue, the Christian Defense Coalition, the Maryland Coalition for Life, and several local churches.

    Americans overwhelming oppose late-term abortions, and Carhart may be among the worst in the nation. He is currently under criminal investigation in his home state of Nebraska for illegal and unsafe practices brought forward by his former employees. In Maryland, he is the subject of a full and active investigation by the Maryland Board of Physicians.

    Carhart aborts babies in Maryland through the ninth month of pregnancy, when risks to the woman dramatically increase, even though he has no hospital privileges, and has not had any since 1987. Carhart was involved in the avoidable third-trimester abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert in 2005.

    “This summer we believe God is calling the pro-life community to come to Germantown, Maryland for ‘The Summer of Mercy 2.0.’ It is our hope and prayer that as scores come to ‘establish justice in the gates’ we will see an end to the violence of abortion and especially the practice of late-term abortion provider LeRoy Carhart,” said Rev. Patrick Mahoney, who heads the Christian Defense Coalition and is one of the event organizers.

    “Now is time for us the embrace the cross and walk in radical obedience unto the Lord. Our desire is to see a sovereign God powerfully move, shift history, bring awakening to our nation and end abortion,” said Newman. “Twenty years ago, ‘The Summer of Mercy’ changed America forever. It is our hope and prayer that ‘The Summer of Mercy 2.0’ will bring even greater change and transformation to our nation. We urge all pro-lifer supporters to join us in Maryland to touch hearts, save lives and make history.”

    Visit the Summer of Mercy 2.0 web site