New Book on Gosnell Trial Reveals that Mental Illness Plagues the Abortion Cartel


Washington, DC – A new book, The Trial of Kermit Gosnell, uses real-life examples to show that aspects of Gosnell’s “criminal enterprise” can be found in abortion facilities around the nation.

One such aspect revealed in the book is mental illness, which plagued some of Gosnell’s employees and is more common among abortion workers than is commonly known.

Several of Gosnell’s workers were diagnosed with mental health issues such as such as depression, bouts of anxiety, and bi-polar disorder. Even Gosnell showed signs of mental illness through the squalid conditions where he lived and worked, the cold-hearted “snipping” of spinal cords on babies born alive, and the ghastly behavior of displaying jars of severed baby feet.

Author Cheryl Sullenger, who attended Gosnell’s 2013 murder trial, calls on her years of research into abortion abuses to reveal that Gosnell and his employees were not alone.

Sullenger relates the case of a Michigan abortionist, Robert Alexander, whose clinic rivaled the filthy conditions found at Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” facility, and his bizarre testimony at a recent medical board disciplinary hearing.

Alexander testified in his own defense for slightly under an hour, detailing his battle with bipolar disorder since he was nineteen years old. Alexander read a lengthy list of symptoms experienced by those with that mental illness and told the administrative judge that he is heavily medicated in order to manage his condition, taking Lithium three times per day and Prozac twice a day. Alexander claimed to be under the regular care of a psychiatrist and a psychologist. . .

“I mean, to be honest with you, as I listen to Dr. Alexander tell me about all the various symptoms that a person may have, I question whether anyone should be practicing medicine with a lot of those symptoms,” the judge said.

Sullenger also describes other abortion workers who suffered from mental impairment that left them unsafe to practice medicine, including one who committed suicide after years of battling mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and paranoia.

“There are hidden risks at our nation’s abortion clinics that are rarely discussed. America has a right to know about them,” said Sullenger. “Mental health issues are only a part of the dangers that lurk unseen behind the abortion clinic doors.”

The Trial of Kermit Gosnell is available now at

Sullenger, who serves as Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue, is available for interview at 316-516-3034.

New Book, The Trial of Kermit Gosnell, Describes Shocking Details and What it Revealed About the Abortion Industry in America


Washington, DC — When police raided the Women’s Medical Society, they thought that they were putting an end to a pill mill that was the largest supplier of illicit prescription painkillers in Philadelphia. But once inside, police made the grisly discovery that Kermit Gosnell’s medical office was something much worse.

Police seized the bodies of 47 aborted babies – all with mysterious wounds across the backs of their necks. They soon realized they had uncovered a “House of Horrors” where babies were routinely born alive during very late-term abortions amid unspeakable squalor, only to be brutally murdered.

Cheryl Sullenger attended Gosnell’s murder trial in Philadelphia in the spring of 2013, and has penned a new book, The Trial of Kermit Gosnell, published and released today by World Ahead Press.

She powerfully describes gripping details of the trial proceedings — including shocking revelations from the often-emotional testimony.

Based on over three decades of experience researching and exposing abortion industry abuses, Sullenger also relates disturbing evidence that Gosnell is not alone.

The Trial of Kermit Gosnell has already received excellent reviews.

In The Trial of Kermit Gosnell, Cheryl Sullenger debunks the Planned Parenthood myth of “safe, legal and rare abortions.” While the Gosnell saga is the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” readers will understand the need to expose legal abortion’s underbelly and to join the movement to end the scourge.
-Evangelist Alveda King,

There is no person who better understands the horrors occurring behind the closed doors of abortion facilities than Cheryl Sullenger, who has spent years documenting and exposing abortion abuses. In The Trial of Kermit Gosnell, Sullenger reveals the full story of the courtroom drama that shocked and outraged America. This page-turning narrative of murder, abortion, political cover-ups, and regulatory failure shatters the facade of “choice,” and demonstrates that Gosnell isn’t the only abortionist committing barbaric crimes in America. Once you read this book, you will never view abortion the same way again.
-David Bereit, Former CEO of 40 Days for Life

Without the hard work of Cheryl Sullenger, the public might never have heard of Kermit Gosnell. Cheryl hounded the district attorney, poured over documents late at night, and traveled to Philadelphia to attend the trial when there was only a couple of local news reporters in the courtroom. As you read her book, you will feel like you are sitting in the courtroom with her, experiencing all the emotions of one of the most important abortion-related trials in history.
-Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue

The Trial of Kermit Gosnell is available now in paperback or digital format at the following booksellers:, Barnes&,

Sullenger, who serves as Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue, based in Wichita, Kansas, is available for interview and public appearances. Call 316-516-3034 to schedule.

Abortionist Gosnell Rejects Plea Deal, Jury Selection Underway in Capital Murder Case

Philadelphia, PA – Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist charged with eight counts of murder for snipping the spinal cords of newborns and overdosing one patient at his squalid Philadelphia abortion mill, has rejected a plea bargain agreement that would have spared him the death penalty if convicted.

Gosnell was brought to court on Thursday from a jail cell where he has been held since his arrest in January, 2011, to engage in plea negotiations that failed.

The case is now headed for trail, which is expected to last 6-8 week. Eight out of nine of Gosnell’s co-defendants, who have been charged with a variety of crimes, have pled guilty. Only Eileen O’Neal, a former medical student with a history of employment at shoddy abortion clinics, will be tried with Gosnell. She is charged with practicing medicine without a license and will not face murder charges.

Jury selection began Monday and is expected to last a week and a half. Three jurors were selected on Monday, but a total of twelve jurors and 4-6 alternates are needed. This case involves three aspects that will make jury selection a difficult process including a possible death penalty, the hot button issue of abortion, and a lengthy of the trial. Already dozens of prospective jurors have been dismissed.
Opening arguments are expected to begin on March 14.

Horrific details of what the Grand Jury called a “house of horrors” came to light after authorities raided Gosnell’s clinic in 2010 on suspicion that he was operating an illegal drug operation. Authorities found a bloody mess and unsanitary conditions along with the remains of late-term, viable babies that had deep gashes in the backs of their necks. A scathing grand jury report release almost a year later detailed almost unspeakable conditions and practices along with harsh criticism of a political climate that could see this abuse and look the other way.

“We are watching this case closely and expect to hear more about the shoddy nature of Gosnell’s abortion business and the dangers of similar operations around the country,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “We know Gosnell is not alone and we shudder to think of the horrors women are subjected to each day at abortion clinics that just haven’t been caught yet.”


Fifth Abortion Worker Pleads Guilty to Murder

Philadelphia, PA – Former abortion clinic worker Lynda Williams, 43, pled guilty yesterday to two counts of murder, one related to the death of an abortion patient and the other for the death of an infant born alive during a botched abortion at Kermit Gosnell’s now-closed Women’s Medical Society abortion mill in Philadelphia.

In addition to the two counts of third degree murder, Williams also pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to participate in a corrupt organization, and illegally administering drugs to women undergoing late-term abortions. Williams has only a ninth grade education.

Williams’ crimes could net her 200 years in prison, but her plea bargain agreement allows for a reduced sentence in exchange for providing testimony against Gosnell. Her sentencing has been delayed until after the Gosnell trial, which may not happen for another year.

Williams is the fifth of Gosnell’s nine co-defendants to enter pleas after a judge denied their request for separate trials. Those who have already entered pleas are:

  • Elizabeth Hamilton, 52, pled guilty to perjury. She is Gosnell’s sister-in-law.
  • Adrienne Moton, 34, pled guilty to one count of third degree murder related to killing a newborn infant and several related charges.
  • Sherry West, 52, pled guilty to one count of third degree murder in the death of Karnamaya Mongar, an abortion patient, and several related charges.
  • Steven Masoff, 49, pled guilty to two counts of third-degree murder related to the stabbing deaths of two newborn infants after failed abortions. He confessed that he killed hundreds of babies in this way. He also pled guilty to numerous related charges.
  • Gosnell’s “house of horrors” abortion clinic was discovered after District Attorney Seth Williams raided the clinic, thinking it was an illegal “pill mill.” Discoveries of the bodies of murdered infants and the severed feet of aborted babies apparently kept as trophies launched a grand jury investigation into the largest abortion-related murder conspiracy case in history. The 281-page Grand Jury Report stunned the public with gruesome details of Gosnell’s “criminal enterprise” that had been operating without governmental accountability for years. The Grand Jury concluded that abortion supporters in oversight agencies created a political climate that was responsible for ignoring complaints against Gosnell’s illegal operation. This enabled his murderous rampage to continue for years at the cost of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lives.

    Gosnell is charged with seven counts of murder and faces a possible death penalty if convicted.

    Four others who were charged with Gosnell could also accept plea deals in the coming weeks and spare themselves having to be tried alongside Gosnell.

    “This case highlights the abortion cartel’s dirty little secret that abortion clinics routinely operate outside the law. While Gosnell’s case is extreme, aspects of his ‘house of horrors’ inhabit every abortion clinic in the nation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This is what happens when states fail to enforce the laws and treat abortionist as if they are above it. It is frightening to think that there are likely other abortionists as bad as Gosnell operating out there right now under the protection of a pro-abortion political climate. Our country still has lessons to learn from the Gosnell case.”

    View shocking photos of the victims.
    View mug shots of the accused with a list of their charges.

    Two Delaware Abortion Mills With Gosnell/NAF Ties Won’t Reopen

    Wilmington, DE – A scheduled hearing was called off yesterday after the Delaware Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline reached an undisclosed agreement with Panzy Myrie, the owner of two Delaware abortion clinics that had ties to accused murderer Kermit Gosnell.

    Authorities had sought a cease and desist order against Myrie, the sole owner of two Atlantic Women’s Medical Services abortion clinics in Dover and Wilmington, who had portrayed herself as a medical doctor in clinic advertisements even though she holds no license in Delaware. Instead, Myrie plans to place the clinics up for sale and “move on.” The two clinics have been closed since March and will not reopen.

    Both clinics were members of the National Abortion Federation, an association of particularly troubled abortionists and dangerous abortion clinics. The NAF suspended the clinics’ membership only after embarrassing details of abortion abuses there were reported by the news media.

    Kermit Gosnell, a Pennsylvania abortionist who is being held without bond on eight murder charges, worked at Myrie’s Wilmington clinic one day per week. He allegedly began late-term abortions there and told patients to cross state lines to have their abortions completed at his “House of Horrors” mill in Philadelphia.

    Two other Delaware abortionists, Albert Dworkin and Arturo Apolinario, also had their licenses suspended for not reporting Gosnell’s illegal activities and allowing him to improperly take or destroy patient medical records that contained evidence of his crimes. Dworkin’s suspension has been partially lifted, but he still faces a formal hearing at a later date.

    Also postponed yesterday was a hearing on a list of violations discovered at the two Atlantic Women’s Services abortion mills. The clinics faced fines of $10,000 for the first offense and $50,000 for each offense thereafter. It is unknown if that postponement was related to the Myrie agreement.

    The Grand Jury Report that recommended charges for Gosnell and eight of his workers listed Leroy Brinkley as the owner of the Atlantic Women’s Medical Services clinics instead of Myrie. Brinkley owns a troubled abortion clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that once employed Eileen O’Neill. He introduced her to Gosnell, who hired her to work at his Philadelphia clinic. She pretending to be a licensed physician, and was later arrested and charged with him. It is possible that Brinkley sold the Atlantic mills to Myrie.

    “The Atlantic Women’s Services case is one of unlicensed abortionists, illegal late-term abortions, disappearing medical records, gross clinic violations, and aiding in the murder of newborns. It really does not get much worse than this,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We are grateful that the Delaware clinics will not reopen and pray the authorities will follow through with criminal charges for those responsible for the massive abortion abuses that took place there.”