It’s Time to Believe These Silence Breakers Concerning Sex Harassment and Abuse in the Abortion Cartel

By Cheryl Sullenger

Houston, TX — It was 2013. Kermit Gosnell had just been convicted of murder and illegal late-term abortions when Operation Rescue released its shocking report on similar behavior at a Houston, Texas, abortion facility based on eye-witness accounts of several clinic employees.

Making headlines were the sensational allegations that abortionist Douglas Karpen had twisted the heads nearly off late-term babies who survived abortions done beyond the legal limit. Yet, the credible allegations of sexual harassment and abuse also made by these same women were missing from the reporting.

It was actually the sexual harassment of female clinic employees that prompted one of Karpen’s clinic workers to initially contact Operation Rescue in 2012, followed by three other workers soon after. These women first came forward to blow the whistle on their former boss’ inappropriate and harassing behavior, and only later provided evidence of what appeared to be the murder of born alive babies.

They all told similar stories of harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior – stories that should have been believed by the Texas Medical Board but weren’t.

Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen.

They described how Karpen spoke in a rude and degrading manner about patients and their body types. One former worker told how he mistreated women who were heavier than he liked. While some patients were under light sedation, he would call them “cows” or “whales” in their presence even though they could still hear him. One employee accused him of charging these women more for abortions than those he found attractive.

Another former worker agreed that he treated women he found attractive very differently than those he found less attractive.

“Dr. Karpen’s body language changes when he is attracted to a good-looking woman,” she wrote. “The way he touched them when doing a pelvic exam would make my co-worker and me very uncomfortable.”

One patient who received two abortions from Karpen also complained about the way she was treated. She noted in a 2013 written statement that Karpen spoke vulgarly to her and treated her roughly during the insertion of laminaria into her cervix. She claims she felt so violated by him that she paid extra for full sedation during the final stage of the abortion. During her second abortion, before she was put under anesthesia, she claimed he slapped her thigh and remarked that she was a “thick girl.” She later filed an affidavit against Karpen claiming, among other things, that he subjected her to sexual abuse.

But it wasn’t just the patients who were mistreated. The whistleblowers claimed that female employees were subjected to sexual harassment by Karpen.

Several of the women were uncomfortable with his sexually-explicit “horseplay.” One of Karpen’s former workers witnessed one such disturbing incident. She claims that when another employee bent over to pick up something on the floor, Karpen came up from behind her and began “humping” her in a manner that simulated a sex act.

According to another employee’s affidavit, one of Karpen’s female clinic workers approached another and asked that worker to also remain at the office when she had to work late, so she would not be alone with “the pervert,” referring to Karpen.

Most of them said they put up with the sexual harassment because they needed their jobs and were afraid he would fire them if they objected.

The former Karpen employees submitted sworn statements to the Texas Medical Board about the egregious claims that Karpen was killing born-alive babies, but also voicing their concerns about sexual abuse of sedated patients, mistreatment other female patients because of their body types, and the sexual harassment in the workplace that they insist they had endured.

Nevertheless, the Texas Medical Board completely dismissed their concerns.

A tersely-worded letter issued by the TMB on February 8, 2013, stated, “The investigation referenced above has been dismissed because the Board determined there was insufficient evidence to prove that a violation of the Medical Practices Act occurred. Specifically, this investigation determined that Dr. Karpen did not violate the laws connected with the practice of medicine and there is no evidence of inappropriate behavior; therefore no further action will be taken.” (Emphasis added.)

The women’s statements concerning the alleged murder of babies who survived abortions, as well as their claims of sexual harassment, were later submitted to the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. As a result, the Panel issued criminal referrals for Karpen with the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. Department of Justice, based primarily on the former employees’ allegations that living babies were intentionally murdered after surviving illegal late-term abortions – allegations that are now being actively investigated by the FBI.

But what was missing from the criminal referrals was any mention of inappropriate sexual conduct or sexual harassment in the workplace, perhaps because that was not the focus of the investigation, or maybe because such allegations are routinely viewed with skepticism.

However, if murdering living infants during failed late-term abortions is a believable accusation, why would the whistleblowers’ allegations of sexual harassment and abuse be deemed less credible? Each woman who came forward described her fears that she would not be believed, and it now appears their fears were well founded.

Today, with all the charges surfacing of inappropriate sexual conduct in Hollywood, and among politicians and news personalities, perhaps it is time to revisit the claims of the former Karpen employees and patient who broke their silence and all made similar claims of sexual harassment and abuse.

Despite sending signals he was preparing to retire, Karpen continues to operate abortion facilities in Houston and Dallas where women continue to be placed at risk of suffering from the disgusting behaviors described by those who were brave enough to blow the whistle.

“Karpen should surrender his medical license due to these allegations alone,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The sexual harassment and abuse allegations against Karpen are serious and believable. If true, they should disqualify Karpen as being unfit to ever practice medicine again. The Texas Medical Board failed in their responsibility to police his conduct, and instead, became his enabler.”

Abortion facilities are perfect locations of opportunity for those prone to inappropriate sexual conduct. Indeed, such behavior appears to run rampant at abortion facilities nationwide. There is ample proof for that claim in the conviction of over a dozen abortionists for sex crimes, including rape, molestation, unwanted sexual contact with patients, and other sex-related offenses. [Read Operation Rescue’s report “Documented Sex Abuse Committed By Members of the Abortion Cartel” for the gory details – if you can stomach it.]

Still, there remains little public discussion on this uncomfortable topic.

“It’s time to believe women when they say they have been sexually harassed or mistreated by someone in the Abortion Cartel,” said Newman. “Until these allegations are taken seriously, those who engage in such appalling conduct will only feel empowered to continue it.”

The Karpen case is just one of many, but it illustrates the point that regulatory boards in Texas and elsewhere need to take a serious look at these kinds of allegations and stop covering up for the bad behavior of abortionists.

Redacted statement from Patient 1.
Redacted statement from Employee 1.
Redacted statement from Employee 2.
Redacted statement from Employee 3.

Operation Rescue Calls For New, Untainted Investigations of Houston Planned Parenthood and 2013 Murder Case

By Cheryl Sullenger

troy-office-captionedHouston, TX – Operation Rescue President Troy Newman is calling for special prosecutors unaffiliated with Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson to conduct new investigations into Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trade and another abortion provider accused of murder. Neither were charged by two corrupted grand juries despite convincing evidence.

“We believe that the grand juries under Anderson’s authority were tainted beyond redemption by a personal and political agenda to cover up crimes of abortion providers,” said Newman. “The serious accusations against Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast and against Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen deserve an impartial investigation that is not infected by the bias of personal relationships or political agendas.”

The call for new investigations comes in light of this week’s dismissal of felony charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress. Anderson’s office agreed to the dismissal because technical issues with the grand jury’s term made the indictments improper. Misdemeanor charges were dismissed weeks ago, and now the pro-life activists have been completely cleared of all charges.

Newman, who is seeking the new investigations, served as a founding member for the Center for Medical Progress.

Newman is calling for a new look into allegations that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast participated in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains. No vote was ever taken on potential charges against Planned Parenthood by the previous grand jury, which apparently never seriously considered evidence in undercover videos produced by Daleiden. There is also evidence that Anderson’s office improperly coordinated and shared information about the grand jury investigation with Planned Parenthood’s attorney, Josh Schaffer.

An independent forensic analysis determined that the CMP videos are authentic, not deceptive in any way, and present the speakers’ conversations in an accurate manner, contrary to Planned Parenthood’s fallacious public relations campaign to discredit them.

Newman is also calling for the reopening of the 2013 murder investigation of abortion provider Douglas Karpen, which was the result of evidence submitted by Operation Rescue through a formal complaint.

Karpen was accused by his former employees of intentionally killing babies who were born alive during late-term abortions at his Houston abortion facilities. There is reason to believe that photographic evidence showing two aborted newborns with large gashes in their throats was never submitted to the original grand jury for consideration.

During the murder investigation, Karpen was represented by one of Anderson’s closest family friends, Chip Lewis, who later publicly threatened to retaliate against Operation Rescue for making the evidence it uncovered public. After Anderson’s grand jury “no-billed” Karpen, Lewis donated $25,000 to Anderson’s political campaigns.

Newman wants the new investigations to be done with randomly selected grand jury members with special prosecutors unaffiliated with Devon Anderson or others involved in the previous investigations, including Assistant District Attorney Sunni Mitchell, who Anderson selected oversee both the Planned Parenthood and the Karpen grand juries.

Angry Pro-Abortion Mob Thwarts Texas Bill Inspired by Gosnell, Karpen Horrors

Austin, TX – A ban on late-term abortions failed last night in the Texas Legislature amid high drama and chaos created by an angry mob just as the special session ended.

The law was prompted by horrific details that came forth during the Pennsylvania trial of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell who was convicted of murdering late-term babies born alive during abortions and by allegations brought against Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen by three former employees who say that he routinely killed babies born alive in ways similar to the practices of Gosnell.

“The angry mob that thwarted the vote last night wasn’t defending women. Those in that mob actually were defending those who commit the most horrific of abortion abuses on viable babies while subjecting women to substandard conditions and care. Their misguided actions only served to continue to endanger the lives and health of women while allowing those who exploit vulnerable women to continue their despicable and predatory behavior,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Operation Rescue had worked with the women who blew the whistle on Karpen and released photos of large babies with huge gashes in their necks who had been aborted by Karpen, according to the women.

“We supported the Texas ban on late-term abortions because we’ve seen the victims of late-term abortion and heard the first-hand horror stories of former abortion clinic employees,” said Newman. “This is more about protecting human rights than than anything else. To hear the pro-aborts in hysteria over the prospect that viable babies might be spared from a barbarically brutal death is frankly disturbing.”

The legislation passed in the House and was taken up by the Senate during a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry. In order to block a vote on the bill, State Sen. Wendy Davis launched a filibuster yesterday that was intended to run until midnight when the session expired. However, a violation of the filibuster rules prompted an objection at 9:40 p.m. stopping the filibuster and throwing the session into chaos.

Lack of security personnel made attempts to clear the unruly gallery futile.

A vote was taken at 11:45 p.m. but at midnight time expired and there was uncertainty of whether the bill was passed in time. At about 3:00 a.m., it was announced that Lt. Gov. Dewhurst could not get the bill signed in time due to the mayhem caused by the chanting mob.

“We live in a Constitutional Republic. We do not live by mob rule. While the mob may have prevailed through thuggery this time, the result was a defeat for pregnant women and their babies. Women deserve better,” said Newman. “We support the call for a second special session to make sure the voices of the majority of people who oppose late-term abortions are heard and the rule of law has an opportunity to prevail.”

Pro-Life Activists Call for Closure of Karpen Abortion Clinics as Investigations Proceed

Houston, TX – About 20 activists turned out at a press conference yesterday held by several national pro-life groups in front of one of Douglas Karpen’s Houston abortion clinics where former workers say Gosnell-like atrocities occurred, including the intentional killing of babies born alive during abortions.

Dr. Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union in Washington, D.C. addressed the crowd saying, “Kermit Gosnell is not an anomaly. Planned Parenthood and others who support abortion tried to make it seem like it was. … Believe me when I say that abortionists across America are continuing where Gosnell left off.”

Philadelphia’s Kermit Gosnell was convicted last month of three counts of first degree murder and hundreds of other crimes related to his late-term abortion business where babies beyond the legal limit for abortions in Pennsylvania were routinely born alive then murdered by severing their spinal cords while they struggled to live.

Shortly after Gosnell’s conviction Life Dynamics, Inc. released a powerful video interview with three former employees of Douglas Karpen’s who alleged that they saw babies over the legal limit in Texas aborted, born alive, then murdered by having their heads violently twisted or necks cut. The women provided cell phone photos of two of the aborted babies that appeared to substantiate their claims. The babies were large and both had large gashes at the neck. Those photos were released along with a full report by Operation Rescue the day after the interviews were released.

“It is clear that the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood are targeting the black and Hispanic community,” said Pastor Stephen Broden, who was speaking on behalf of the Black Pro-Life Coalition. “They have convinced women in our communities that (the answer) is to kill babies. This must stop.”

The press conference gave Karpen’s attorney an opportunity to defend his client. Chip Lewis claimed that his client was innocent of any wrongdoing. He told the Houston Chronicle that Karpen had opened all his records to the Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and is cooperating with the investigation.

“Kermit Gosnell’s attorney claimed his client was innocent as well,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue who not only attended the trial but worked with the former clinic workers to document abuses at Karpen’s abortion clinics. “We will just have to wait and see how things unfold, but those photos and the testimony of the three ladies are going to be difficult to explain away.”

The District Attorney’s office is currently “cooperating” with an investigation that is underway at the Houston Police Department. In addition, the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed yesterday that its investigation into Karpen’s abortion business is still open and ongoing.

Read OR’s full Karpen report and view the interviews and photos