Kansas Suspends Abortionist’s License for 90 Days for Violations During Abortion on 13-Year Old

Abortionist Allen S. Palmer

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Board of Healing Arts has suspended the osteopathic medicine license of Allen S. Palmer, 78, for 90 days. The suspension is due to be completed on December 7, 2017.

Palmer was working part time for Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas, on December 22, 2014, when a 13-year old girl presented for a surgical abortion. Palmer failed to check her medical records for age prior to the surgery, then failed to preserve fetal tissue from the abortion, which, by law, is supposed to be submitted to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in the event a criminal investigation is warranted.

Planned Parenthood reported Palmer’s violation. In return, Palmer blamed a “system failure” at Planned Parenthood for the violation since staff did not advise him of the patient’s age.

The Board of Healing Arts found that Palmer had an independent duty to abide by the law and ensure his own compliance, and found it was wrong for him to conduct a surgical abortion without having looked at the young patient’s medical record or history.

The Board of Healing Arts found that Palmer had committed the following violations:

• Unprofessional conduct;
• Conduct likely to harm the public and hinder a criminal investigation;
• Failure to properly supervise, direct or delegate actions required of a licensee.

“Palmer works at a number of abortion facilities in Kansas, so his suspension is likely to have a large effect on abortion businesses in this state, and will likely save lives,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Palmer conducts abortions at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, South Wind Women’s Center in Wichita, and at Whole Women’s Health in Peoria, Illinois. He has also been known to work for Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri, since his own St. Louis area abortion facility closed in February, 2011.

Only the Kansas locations will be affected by the suspension order.

This is not Palmer’s first disciplinary encounter.

In 1979, Palmer was incarcerated and fined after he pleaded guilty to filing a false corporate tax statement in a U.S. District Court in Missouri.

In 1981, Palmer’s home state of Missouri placed him on probation and ordered him to perform charity service at a St. Louis area hospital in lieu of surrendering his license.

Palmer was subsequently fined and his licenses placed on probation by Florida and Illinois.

“It is unusual to see Planned Parenthood throw one of their abortionists under the bus, but in this case, it was probably to save themselves from being charged,” said Newman. “We are just glad that for now there is one less abortionist in Kansas. That is great news for women and their babies.”

Read the final suspension order.
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San Diego Abortionist to Surrender License after Demonic Rant, Botched Abortion, and Negligence

By Cheryl Sullenger

San Diego, CA – A San Diego abortionist who was caught on video last year threatening a pro-life activist with scissors in the midst of a demonic rant, has agreed to surrender his medical license on December 31, 2017.

Robert John Santella, 74, was featured in a YouTube video as he hissed and threatened a pro-life activist with scissors while admitting he had a “darkened heart.”

The California Medical Board (CMB) sought disciplinary action against Santella for his unprofessional conduct in an amended accusation filed on July 17, 2017. The accusation expressed shock that Santella growled at the pro-life activist and admitted he loved killing babies in a guttural voice even while other patients — and at least one child — entered the abortion facility behind him.

After video of the incident went viral, Santella was fired by a hospital group where he was affiliated, and later, by the FPA Women’s Health abortion facility. Undeterred, Santella resumed his abortion business at his long-time College-area private practice office.

Santella was also charged by the CMB for wrongly prescribing controlled substances to six patients, while failing to perform a physical examination or document reasons for the prescriptions in medical records. He also ignored test results and symptoms of other serious conditions.

When asked why he prescribed opioids to one patient with a history of substance abuse, he callously replied, “[I]n desperation I would refill her medications somehow just to get rid of her.”

Santella was also charged with repeated negligent acts in his treatment of a woman who suffered a botched second trimester abortion at FPA Women’s Health in San Diego on September 5, 2015, which was first reported by Operation Rescue.

During the abortion, patient T.B. lost over a half gallon of blood (2000 mL). Later efforts to halt the hemorrhaging failed. Despite her deteriorating condition, Santella refused to transport her for emergency care. Fearing her daughter might die, T.B.’s mother called for an ambulance.

That call saved her daughter’s life.

When T.B. finally arrived at the hospital, she was in hemorrhagic shock and suffering from an incomplete abortion, perforated uterus, and other internal injuries. She underwent an emergency hysterectomy to save her life, according to the CMB’s amended accusations.

“We have long identified Santella as a danger to the public and are relieved after all these years that Santella will soon surrender his medical license,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Adding pressure on Santella to voluntarily relinquish his license was the fact that, as a repeat offender, he qualified for more severe discipline.

In the 1983, the California Medical Board suspended Santella’s medical license for 60 days and placed him on probation for five years after it found him guilty of gross negligence and incompetence in the treatment of three patients.

In 2000, Santella’s medical license was revoked for failing to maintain adequate medical records. That revocation was stayed and Santella served four years on probation.

Santella is expected to close his private abortion business at the end of the year.

Read Santella’s August 22, 2017 Surrender Order

Drug-Dealing Ohio Abortionist Suspended, but is Likely to Reoffend

By Cheryl Sullenger

Columbus, OH – Newly released documents from the Ohio Medical Board describe the shocking details that led to the suspension of Ohio abortionist David Burkons, 70, and conditions he must now meet in order to keep his medical license. Burkons is being disciplined for a variety of drug-related violations.

The July 12, 2017, order suspended Burkon’s license for 180 days (six months), to be followed by a conditional probation of at least three years. During that time, Burkons must obey all laws, submit to periodic appearances before the Board, submit to the oversight of a Board-approved monitoring physician, and observe various other conditions.

Burkons was found to have been prescribing dangerous narcotics to fourteen patients, including several friends, without noting the prescriptions in their medical charts. This under-the-table prescribing kept any mention of narcotic use out of the patients’ records. Drugs that were being secretly prescribed included Xanax, Adderall, Valium, Ativan, and Percocet.

He also left blank, signed prescriptions for his employees to fill out for patients. He claimed that he did not understand that this practice was illegal.

Also, during Burkons’ testimony before the Ohio Medical Board, he blamed his clinic administrator for failing to renew the clinic’s Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs license with the Pharmacy Board. This left authorities blind to the distribution of narcotics by Burkons’s Northeast Ohio Women’s Center abortion facility in Cuyahoga Falls.

“Burkons was essentially an illegal drug supplier. His blame-shifting and claiming of ignorance rings hollow, especially in light of his actions that helped his evade discovery,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It is clear that he has not taken full responsibility for his dangerous behavior. There is every reason to believe when Burkons’ license is restored, he will be back up to his old ways once the coast is clear. That makes him a danger to the public.”

Within 30 days of the suspension order, Burkons was required to provide a copy of his suspension order to all his employers, all entities with which he is under contract, and all hospitals where he has privileges.

That list includes a list of troubled Ohio abortion facilities.

Burkons owns and operates the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center, a facility he took over in 2014, when the previous abortion business there closed due to the revocation of its Ambulatory Surgical Facility (ASF) license. After failed inspections and other difficulties, Burkons was able to relicense that facility in 2015. He says he has hired another abortionist to keep this abortion facility open during his suspension.

Burkons also works at the Capital Care Network abortion facility in Toledo, Ohio, which is currently fighting in court to maintain its own facility license after the Ohio Department of Health rejected its hospital transfer arrangement with a hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the clinic owner said she would helicopter patients that suffered abortion complications requiring emergency hospitalization.

However, on April 1, 2017, pro-life activists witnessed an African-American patient being taken out the back entrance of the building. She was loaded into an employee’s private vehicle and taken to a Toledo hospital where the facility had no transfer agreement. A local activist has filed a complaint over the incident, and the licensing case has been appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Burkons is also listed as medical director for Preterm abortion facility in Cleveland, where Lakisha Wilson suffered a fatal abortion in March 2014. That facility has experienced more than its share of medical emergencies, including incidents where medical care was delayed due to a frequently malfunctioning elevator that prevented gurney access to the abortion procedure rooms. Preterm’s most recent abortion-related medical emergency took place on July 26, 2017, just days after Burkon’s license suspension.

“Every abortion business affiliated with Burkons is a documented public safety disaster,” said Newman. “Medical Boards and Health Departments in every state must come to grips with the fact that abortionist are not like legitimate health care providers and cannot be treated as such. They tend to be a devious lot that try to get away with everything they can, knowing that a slap on the wrist is all they will ever suffer. Traditional discipline rarely works with them. While we are glad Burkons cannot legally do abortion for six months, he really should never be allowed to practice medicine ever again.”

Read Burkons July 2017 Suspension Order and Supporting Documents.

Abortionist with Violent Criminal Conviction Reprimanded in Michigan on Drug Violations


By Cheryl Sullenger

Lansing, MI — Abortionist Martin Ruddock has been fined by the Michigan Board of Medicine and Board of Pharmacy and fined a total of $1,500 for administering sedation to abortion patients without a valid Drug Enforcement Agency license. The Board of Pharmacy also issued a formal Reprimand.

In addition, Ruddock admitted that he pre-signed non-controlled prescription pads, a practice that is prohibited, but told the Board of Medicine that he discontinued the practice once he came under investigation for improper drug practices in Michigan.

The offenses stemmed from conduct during his employment at the Scotsdale Women’s Center in Detriot, Michigan during September 24 through October 16, 2013. There, he conducted abortions using sedation on women even though he had no authority to administer the drugs.

Pro-life activists who discovered his failure to obtain the proper DEA licenses filed the original complaint that has now resulted in discipline and fines.

“Whenever an abortionist is disciplined, it puts his bad conduct on the record and further documents the cavalier relationship that abortionists have with the law. Anytime they can play fast and loose, they will. Ruddock is a prime example of that,” said Troy Newman President of Operation Rescue.

While this discipline amounts to hardly more than a slap on the wrist, it is just the latest in Ruddock’s long history of sloppy abortion practices and even criminal conduct.

Ruddock was a well-established abortionist in Cleveland, Ohio, before being forced to shut down his abortion business in 2013 when he could not meet state clinic licensing standards. Since then, he has been operating in the neighboring state of Michigan.

Ruddock’s Ohio abortion business was continually in hot water with regulators.

His clinic was temporarily closed in 2006, after Ohio Department of Health inspectors discovered that the clinic was not meeting even the most rudimentary of medical standards, such as taking a patient’s temperature and blood pressure before risky late-term abortion surgeries.

In September 2012, Ruddock appeared outside his abortion clinic during a medical emergency wearing what appeared to be a butcher’s apron. He was overseeing the transfer from his abortion clinic to an awaiting ambulance of a 26-year old second-trimester abortion patient suffering from a high fever and disorientation. A recording of the 911 call placed by Ruddock revealed his rude treatment of the dispatcher who was trying to assist him.

Five weeks later, an ambulance transported a 30-year old woman suffering lacerations and heavy bleeding after Ruddock botched her abortion at 22 weeks. A 911 call recording obtained by Operation Rescue indicated she was “bleeding bad” and passing large blood clots larger than a 50 cent piece.

In 2011, Ruddock was sued by a former patient after he refused to stop a painfully inserting laminaria in preparation for a second trimester abortion. Her suit claims Ruddock violated Ohio’s informed consent and 24-hour waiting period then lied to her when he told her he could not stop the abortion because her amniotic fluid sack had been broken. She immediately sought care with a legitimate physician who removed the laminaria and informed her that there was no break in her amniotic fluid sack. In due time, she delivered a healthy baby.

Ruddock also has a criminal record. In a March 20, 2000, letter to the Ohio Medical Board, Ruddock admitted to his 1998 arrest on assault charges after he was involved in a road rage incident.

According to Ruddock’s side of the story, he became upset when the windshield of his private vehicle was broken by an unknown individual. Angry, Ruddock began to drive his vehicle to a car dealership for repairs when he became involved in an altercation with random motorist driving a van. According to Ruddock, who attempted to argue that he was acting out of fear, jumped out of his car, confronted a passenger then proceeded to smash one of the van’s windows.

He pled guilty to 5th degree misdemeanor assault, was placed on one-year of probation and ordered to pay restitution.

“No staff member or patient is aware of this event,” Ruddock stated as he attempted to portray himself in the most positive light possible. He continued to make excuses for his violent behavior while throwing himself on the mercy of the Board in an attempt to keep his medical license.

“Patients need to be aware of Ruddock’s bad temper, violent behavior, rudeness and sloppy abortion practices, understanding that they could be his next victim,” said Newman. “When you look at Ruddock’s background as a whole, it paints a grim picture of an unpleasant man that is prone to carelessness that places others at risk in his professional and personal lives. In my opinion, he is a dangerous person who should not be allowed to practice medicine at all.”

Read Board of Medicine Consent Order

Read Board of Pharmacy Consent Order
View extensive documentation of these and other misdeeds on Ruddock’s prolife page at AbortionDocs.org.

Wichita Doctor with History of Incompetence Secretly Signs on at Local Abortion Clinic

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS – A Wichita doctor, Leslie E. F. Page, D.O., who was once disciplined by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for “professional incompetency,” has secretly signed on to work as an abortionist at South Wind Women’s Center, which is now located in the building that once housed George Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion business.

As of this writing, the 24-hour Informed Consent Form available on South Wind’s website, which is required by law to list abortionists by name, fails to include to Page.

However, documents obtained by Operation Rescue show that a form handed out in person at South Wind does indeed list Page as an abortion provider at that facility.

“For women signing the on-line forms, the omission of Page creates an informed consent issue,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It seems that clinic owner Julie Burkhart will go to any lengths to keep anyone from knowing that Page is one of her abortionists — including misrepresenting her staff on forms where full disclosure is required.”

It’s little wonder that Burkhart doesn’t want the public to know about Page.

The Board of Healing Arts issued an Enforcement Order in August 1996, restricting the medical practice of Page and forbidding her from practicing obstetrics, including a prohibition on Page delivering live babies.

The Board alleged that Page had committed “a pattern or practice of other behavior which demonstrates a manifest incapacity or incompetence to practice medicine.”

Later, the board ended her restrictions only because Page promised not to practice obstetrics any time in the future.

“It appears that Page is tooincompetent to deliver live babies, but it’s apparently fine for her to deliver dead ones through abortions,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This tragically places women in the risky position of being treated by someone the Board considered too incompetent to practice in a field closely related to abortions. This places women’s lives and health in danger.”

Page is only the most recent of a part-time staff of abortionists at South Wind whose competency levels are suspect. [Read more about the other South Wind abortionists.]

Also a reason to keep Page’s employment a secret is the fact that Page is the only one of Burkhart’s abortionists that currently holds hospital privileges. Page holds privileges at Via Christi Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in Wichita, and at Wesley Medical Center, where Tiller once worked.

All other abortionists at South Wind are from outside Kansas and cannot qualify for hospital privileges.

That fact is significant because a 2011 abortion clinic licensing law that has been languishing in a Shawnee County Court without any action whatsoever since August of 2012, was suddenly jump-started again when the Kansas Attorney General’s office suddenly filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on January 16, 2015. That law, which the State is currently enjoined from enforcing, requires abortionists to maintain hospital privileges within thirty miles of facilities where abortions occur, as well as comply with other licensing requirements. This case is Hodes v. Moser, Case number 2011-CV-001298.

No hearing date has yet been set, but another round of briefs were just filed on February 23, so the case is more active that it has been in almost three years.

“South Wind needed a warm body with hospital privileges in order to keep their doors open should that 2011 clinic licensing law be upheld. As sketchy as Page is as a so-called physician, South Wind could be forced to close without her,” said Newman. “A lot is riding on Page as far as the abortion clinic goes, so it is easy to see why Burkhart is fudging her paperwork to keep Page’s employment as an abortionist secret.”

Page also runs the Whole Woman Center in Wichita, a non-abortion office that handles women’s incontinence issues. A call to that office was answered by a voice mail message indicating that Page was currently “in and out of the office” while she received treatment following a recent automobile accident.

“Obviously, Page has some physical issues that are preventing her from practicing full time right now. While we hope she has a successful convalescence, we also hope that this time she is taking to heal will help her to reconsider her participation in the business of killing babies through abortions,” said Newman.

View Page’s prolife and documents at AbortionDocs.org