Axe to Grind? Massachusetts Governor with Ties to Planned Parenthood Defiant of Supreme Court Free Speech Ruling

By Cheryl Sullenger

Boston, MA – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is urging the passage of a new state law that will restrict abortion protesters, calling the legislation “a pressing need” in the wake of the unanimous Supreme Court decision that struck down that state’s “buffer zone” law, which prevented pro-life speech within 35 feet of abortion facilities.

However, Patrick’s apparent panic over pro-lifers having their First Amendment rights restored likely stems from his radical pro-abortion agenda and his time as a Board Member of Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts.

“Lawmakers need to be aware that Patrick’s personal history with Planned Parenthood makes him prejudiced against pro-life speech. His twisted view of pro-life activists has tainted his perspective. He clearly has an axe to grind,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The Supreme Court spoke clearly on the unconstitutionality of infringing on the First Amendment right of protesters. Now Patrick is at it again, trying to further limit pro-life speech at abortion facilities where women often want and appreciate the help offered by pro-life supporters. The women who need and want help to avoid abortions are the ones Patrick is hurting the most.”

Operation Rescue obtained documents that show Patrick sat on the Planned Parenthood Board in the early 1990’s. His name is prominently featured in Planned Parenthood’s Board Meeting minutes and on Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts letterhead.

One letter featuring Patrick as a Board Member, dated May 4, 1993, concerns a woman whose daughter may have suffered injuries at Planned Parenthood and received a refund for services rendered. [View Documents, esp. p. 3.]

Patrick, an African-American, is apparently unbothered by the racist roots of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, who proposed abortion and birth control as a way to “exterminate the Negro population.” (Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.)

“There can be no doubt that when women change their minds outside of abortion facilities and make decisions to continue their pregnancies, Planned Parenthood loses money. It seems that Patrick is more concerned about Planned Parenthood’s bottom line than he is about truly helping women, especially women of color who are disproportionally targeted for abortion,” said Newman. “Denying pro-life supporters their constitutionally protected rights to further his abortion agenda is stepping far over the line and is an abuse of his position as governor.”

The bill, which has been fast-tracked by Gov. Patrick and passed the State Senate last week at his personal urging, would allow police to disperse pro-life protesters if they receive complaints and ban them from within 25 feet of abortion facilities for eight hours.

“The proposed law is subjective and prone to abuse. Of course abortion clinic workers will complain all day long. At some point, abortion facilities and their acolytes, such as Gov. Patrick, need to understand that abortion facilities simply do not get to abuse the rights of others and are not above the law,” said Newman.

While pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors are mischaracterized as “violent” or “aggressive,” Eleanor McCullen, the lead petitioner in the Supreme Court case told news reporters that kind of behavior is not beneficial.

“Our mission is there for the woman first. Then, of course, we’re the voice for the unborn child. And I’m not about to aggravate and say, let’s get a little closer to the door. That’s counterproductive,” she said.

“It is clear that Gov. Patrick is trying to do an end-around the Supreme Court decision and the Constitution by wrongly vilifying pro-life sidewalk counselors in order to protect the flow of money into the abortion cartel in his state,” said Newman. “In the interest of full disclosure, his ties to Planned Parenthood abortion businesses should be known before the State House of Representatives acts in response to Patrick’s personal – and blatantly unconstitutional — biases.”

Supreme Court Strikes Down Massachusetts Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone

SBASC-CaptionedWashington, DC – In a huge victory for pro-life activists, the U.S. Supreme Court this morning unanimously struck down a Massachusetts law that established a buffer zone around abortion clinics, ruling it “inconsistent with the First Amendment.”

The Supreme Court ruled that that the buffer zone violated the First Amendment because it “restricts access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s],’ places that have traditionally been open for speech activities.”

“These buffer zones have not only denied pro-life activists their right to speak, but have also denied women the right to hear information about abortion that could be wanted and helpful to them in making a decision that will affect the rest of their lives,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We are very pleased with today’s ruling that upholds our precious First Amendment rights to speak out in the public forum without interference from the abortion cartel. We know that lives will be saved as a result of this decision.”

Abortion businesses have an economic incentive for denying free speech rights outside their facilities since every woman who changes her mind about having an abortion represents money that is lost to the business.

“Today, our freedoms have been restored and we predict that buffer zone laws across America will be invalidated and free speech can once again reign on public sidewalks everywhere,” said Newman.

Read McCullen v. Coakley Decision

Protest ABQ Uses Public Forum to Expose Horrors of Abortion

[Protest ABQ has been in the news in the past few days after Gov. Susana Martinez's re-election campaign manager, Jay McCluskey, used profanity pro-life families with young children who were protesting in the public forum. Gov. Martinez and McCluskey have been urged to apologize for this outrageous behavior, but have yet to do so. Read about that here.

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series about Protest ABQ and their strategy to use the public forum to expose the horrors of abortion in the nation's Late-term Abortion Capital. Operation Rescue wholeheartedly endorses their work. -OR Staff]

By Tara Shaver

Pro·test [ˈprōˌtest/] -verb. To declare by speaking out with words or action, expressing earnestly our disapproval.


We are in the 6th month of Protest ABQ and while we have been busy organizing and protesting in many different ways, we want pro-life supporters to understand the big picture and key components of this monumental effort.

The term “protest” sometimes bears negative connotations, but as can be seen from the simple dictionary definition, “protest” serves a noble purpose: “to declare by speaking out with words or action, expressing earnestly our disapproval.”

Our nation’s constitution ensures the right of every American citizen to peacefully and publicly assemble (protest) to voice our opinions and our concerns, whether or not the message is popular. In fact, this fundamental right to protest makes it possible for our community and our leaders to get a message it would hear NO OTHER WAY!

“Since 1973, the pro-life movement has primarily focused on abortion clinic outreach. However, this sole focus has limited our public presence, for the most part, to the sidewalks in front of these places of child killing,” said Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Protest ABQ Director. “It seems as if pro-lifers have been restricted to a 3 foot strip of sidewalk. We can’t step into the street and we can’t step onto the clinic property. Protest ABQ feels it is time for all pro-lifers everywhere to do what we and other groups are and have been doing: move onto Main Street and other public venues such as neighborhoods and in front of businesses and such, to show people the truth about pre-born child killing and to ‘protest’ this pre-born child killing through strategic and sustained protests everywhere in our country!”

Protest ABQ is dedicated to ending pre-born child killing in New Mexico by exposing and protesting those who support, condone, and profit from the shedding of this innocent blood.

Join us

ProtestABQstk-FeaturedProtest ABQ is inviting national pro-life organizations and individuals to join us in Albuquerque and do what their groups do best! We will feed and house those who come for as long as they want to stay and labor with us! Together we can STOP THE KILLING in Albuquerque as a step toward ending abortion across the country as these efforts are replicated in other communities.

National Protest; National Strike

Protest ABQ is also calling on national religious and pro-life leaders to call for and encourage all like-minded people to participate in a national strike for the end of the pre-born child killing in our country. Yes, this is what we are asking! We are encouraging all like-minded people throughout the country to protest in their localities as a lead-up to a national strike on Thursday, January 22, 2015, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, in order to capture the attention of the nation and to tell our elected state and federal leadership that we will not tolerate pre-born child killing any longer. It is time that the successful strategies of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Polish Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa and Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko be implemented to end legalized child killing in the US!

Fr. Imbarrato urges immediate action. “Let this summer of 2014 be the summer of protests and let January 22, 2015, be the start of the national strike which shuts the country down so our governments and people understand the urgency of ending legalized pre-born child-killing in our country!”

Currently Protest ABQ has been working on several public awareness campaigns focusing on:

  • The University of New Mexico (UNM), the heart of the abortion industry in New Mexico.
  • Specific abortion collaborators such as businesses and individuals that support or condone pre-born child killing.
  • The abortionists themselves.
  • Gov.Susana Martinez and Albuquerque Mayor RJ Berry, both of whom have the power to restrict or end abortion in NM. However, through their refusal to act, they have shown that they condone this pre-born child killing.
  • We will go into each one of these strategic focuses and the proven strategies Protest ABQ is utilizing to raise awareness in our community through a sustained effort to STOP THE KILLING in our four part series:

    Protest ABQ Part 2:
    “Effectively Utilizing Social Tension, to End the Pre-Born Child Killing in New Mexico”
    Protest ABQ Part 3: “Exposing UNM, the Heart of Pre-Born Child Killing in New Mexico”
    Protest ABQ Part 4: “We ALL Can Do More, Gov. Martinez has Done NOTHING to Stop Pre-Born Child Killing”

    For more information visit and like our Facebook page.