ODH Inspectors At Preterm While Pro-Life Leaders Held Press Conference Concerning Abortion Death

Press conference participants outside Preterm in Cleveland, Ohio, April 2, 2014.

Cleveland, Ohio – Gathered around a spray of pink and white flowers that held a photo of Lakisha Wilson, state and national pro-life leaders conducted a press conference yesterday outside Preterm, the Cleveland abortion clinic where Wilson died. The leaders made a unified call on the Ohio Department of Health to suspend Preterm’s abortion facility license pending a full investigation.

But what participants did not know at the time was that while they addressed the media before a large gathering of pro-life supporters, officials from the Ohio Department of Health were inside the facility conducting a preliminary investigation. One news station reported that the officials were at the abortion clinic for most of the day.

In further developments, Molly Smith of Cleveland Right to Life informed the crowd that Governor John Kasich has been asked to instruct the Attorney General’s office to investigate Wilson’s death due to concerns that her abortion may have been done illegally.

It is now also being reported that Wilson was five months pregnant at the time of her abortion on March 21.

A source informed Operation Rescue that Wilson was turned away from two other clinics due to the advanced stage of her pregnancy. The legal limit for abortions in Ohio is 20 weeks gestation.

The pro-life press conference featured Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, who told reporters, “It is clear that if pro-life groups had not discovered Lakisha’s death, it would have been covered up and swept under the rug. How many other women have died from shoddy abortion practices at Ohio abortion clinics? The truth is that no one knows. This kind of cover up only adds to the illusion that abortion is safe so that the next unsuspecting woman who walks in those doors has no idea she could end up in an early grave.”

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman confirmed today with the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office that there continues to be no determination of the cause of Wilson’s death. The body was released to the family for burial.

Earlier, Operation Rescue filed complaints with the ODH and with the Ohio Medical Board asking for full investigations and disciplinary action. Ohio Right to Life today encouraged its supporters to all file complaints with the Medical Board against each of Preterm’s known abortionists, Mohammad Rezaee, Lisa Perriera, and Rebecca Lowenthal.

“We would like to thank each and every pro-life person who attended the press conference, either as a speaker or as a supporter. Together, we made a powerful statement to the media of our care for Lakisha and her grieving family and our determination not to rest until justice through legal channels has been accomplished,” said Sullenger.

In addition to Sullenger, Smith, and Leipold, speakers at the press conference included Dr. Day Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union, Rev. Arnold M. Culbreath, Urban Outreach Director of Life Issues Institute, Inc., Pastor Walter Moss, Pastor Dale Henkel, Janet Porter of Faith2Action, Denver Sallee, and Mark Harrington of Created Equal.

View background with video and 911 call and the CAD transcript.

News video below.

Houston Planned Parenthood Befuddles 911 Dispatcher with Attempt to Obfuscate Abortion Hemorrhage

By Cheryl Sullenger

houstonambulance08142013-featuredHouston, Texas – By now abortionists around the nation are well aware that Operation Rescue and other pro-life organizations are accessing public 911 records to verify and document abortion-related medical emergencies that are often witnessed by street activists outside American abortion clinics.

In some instances, abortion clinics have resorted to using private ambulance services that are not subject to open records laws. Others have pressured county records officials to over-redact public information in order to hide the seriousness of all-too-common abortion-related emergencies from the public.

In extreme situations, abortionists even have been known to violate patient care standards by transporting women suffering life-threatening abortion complications to emergency rooms using private vehicles so as not to draw attention to their latest medical mishaps.

However, in Texas, the monolithic Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Houston recently resorted to new tactics to obfuscate the severity of an abortion-related medical emergency and confuse anyone who might access the 911 record.

During a call to 911 placed on December, 14, 2013, from the towering Houston Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Gulf Freeway, the caller is heard using medical abbreviations and “shorthand” terminology to conceal the fact that an abortion patient was suffering uncontrolled bleeding and heavy blood loss.

But the tactic backfired and served only to confuse the dispatcher and delay emergency care to the hemorrhaging abortion patient, who was eventually transported to Ben Taub Hospital in Houston.

Listen to the full 911 recording.

This transcribed excerpt is revealing of the lengths to which Planned Parenthood will go to conceal the fact that its abortionists are hurting women:

Planned Parenthood Caller: We have a 33-year old G-6, P-2 –

Dispatcher: Okay, what does that mean?

Planned Parenthood Caller: Um, she’s – um, been pregnant six times and has two living children.

Dispatcher: Okay. How old –

Planned Parenthood Caller: — Transport with IV running from ASC to Ben Taub. Um, she is status post complete A-B.

Dispatcher: What does that mean?

Planned Parenthood Caller: Abortion.

Dispatcher: Okay –

Planned Parenthood Caller: — With an EBL of 500.

Dispatcher: EBL?

Planned Parenthood Caller: Estimated blood loss.

Dispatcher: Oh, okay.

Planned Parenthood Caller: And she has no drug allergies.

Dispatcher: But she needs to go to Ben Taub — why?

Planned Parenthood Caller: Because she’s having some, um, bleeding that we can’t control.

Dispatcher: Oh, okay, okay, okay. That’s what I needed to know.

It took a long two minutes and six seconds into the 911 call before the dispatcher finally understood why the Planned Parenthood worker had called.

To translate, Planned Parenthood had just completed an abortion on a patient who was essentially hemorrhaging and had already lost 500 milliliters of blood in a relatively short time. The abortionist on duty could not control the bleeding, so they requested emergency transport from Planned Parenthood (an ASC or Ambulatory Surgical Center) to the hospital.

Just to give an idea of how much 500 ml of blood is in terms of American measures, she had lost approximately 17 ounces of blood – about half of the allowable blood loss for an average-sized woman undergoing surgery.

“If Planned Parenthood thinks their ‘insider lingo’ will outsmart us, they completely underestimate the Pro-life movement. This kind of nonsense is actually endangering the lives of women and delaying their access to emergency care when every minute might mean the difference between life and death,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It just goes to show that for Planned Parenthood, covering up their mistakes takes priority over the lives and health of women.”

Read about other abortion emergencies at this Planned Parenthood in Houston.

Michigan Abortionist Loses Job after Pro-Life Activist Tips News Station

By Cheryl Sullenger

Detroit, MI – Discredited abortionist Robert Alexander has lost a taxpayer-funded job as director of a state-operated STD clinic in Detroit where he fled last year after his squalid Muskegon abortion mill was shut by the Fire Marshall for posing extreme health hazards.

Alexander apparently resigned under pressure from his STD clinic job after a Woodtv.com reporter contacted his employer and then attempted an impromptu interview with Alexander in the parking lot of the STD clinic, asking him about medical board allegations of incompetence.

The news reporter was tipped off to Alexander’s place of employment by long-time Michigan pro-life activist Lynn Mills.

The news station then broadcast a 5 minute, 23 second exposé on Alexander that included first-hand revelations made by a former employee that served as an informant to Operation Rescue.

It was Operation Rescue, (not the group erroneously mentioned in the news report), that filed a complaint against Alexander on her behalf prior to the discovery of appallingly filthy conditions at Alexander’s Muskegon clinic that forced its closure in December 2012. That complaint prompted Michigan Board of Medicine to investigate Alexander after the wretched conditions at his clinic was discovered, resulting in the filing of an Administrative Complaint against Alexander in November, 2013, in which he faces possible revocation of his medical license.

During her interview, the former employee, who wants to remain anonymous, detailed one grisly abortion abuse after another, including witnessing Alexander rinse dirty syringes in a sink then reuse them on other patients.

“I don’t know how he still has a job,” she told the reporter. “I don’t know how he still has a job. I don’t. I don’t know how anyone would hire him because it’s hard enough for me to get a job and I just worked for him.”

Other allegations made by the informant during the interview included:

• Botched abortions that led to patient hospitalizations and surgeries.
• At least two abortions that were so badly muffed that total hysterectomies were required.
• The unlicensed worker was ordered to dispense drugs and give injections even though Alexander knew she was not qualified to do so.
• Blood smeared all over the clinic on walls, furniture, and equipment.
• Broken ultrasound machine that caused Alexander to “guess” at fetal ages.

Alexander has a long history of troubles. In 1990, Alexander’s medical license was revoked and he spent time in a Federal prison for selling illegal prescriptions. A former head of the State Board of Medicine, Dr. George Shade, helped Alexander get his license back then refused to investigate complaints lodged by another physician concerning horrifically botched abortions done by Alexander.

The case prompted Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker to introduce legislation that would require three board members to review complaints as a safeguard against further corruption.

“The evidence is clear that [Alexander] should not have a license and it’s only a failure of the system that really allows him to still practice today,” said Sen. Schuitmaker.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue agreed. “If the system had worked correctly in the first place, this incompetent quack would have been off the street years ago. Who knows how many women suffered injury and loss of the ability to bear children because of the failure of the Board of Medicine to act. Those at the Board now need to make amends for their past mistakes and immediately suspend Alexander’s medical license until they can work through the process of permanent revocation.”

Newman noted that Alexander’s situation is not unique, pointing Pennsylvania’s Kermit Gosnell and California’s Andrew Rutland.

In Gosnell’s case, Pennsylvania medical board officials also refused to investigate physician complaints against him and neglected to inspect his abortion clinic for 18 years. This refusal to exercise oversight allowed Gosnell’s practices to deteriorate until he was severing the spines of babies born alive during failed late-term abortions. Gosnell was convicted last year of three counts of First Degree Murder and a host of other abortion-related crimes. He is serving multiple life sentences behind bars.

In the case of Andrew Rutland, he had also undergone license revocation in 2002, but was able to persuade California Medical Board officials to reinstate his license just five years later. Like Alexander, Rutland found employment in the abortion industry where he eventually killed 30-yearl-old Ying Chen during a botched abortion in a dirty, ill-equipped acupuncture office under conditions reminiscent of Alexander’s Muskegon mill. Rutland surrendered his license rather than face Board accusations that his negligent treatment qualified as a homicide.

“When cases like these become public, they serve as a public wake-up call that has led to legislation and increased oversight of abortion businesses across the nation to prevent abuses such as those perpetrated by the likes of Alexander, Gosnell, and Rutland. That has closed down abortion clinics and saved lives,” said Newman. “We will continue to hold officials accountable until they ban Alexander from the medical field for good.”