911: EMS Respond to Back Alley for Hemorrhaging Abortion Patient

By Cheryl Sullenger

Eastpointe, MI – Operation Rescue has obtained 911 records that show evidence of a severely botched abortion at Eastland Women’s Clinic in Eastpointe, Michigan, earlier this year.

Records show that after two hang-up calls to 911, an employee of Eastland Women’s Clinic finally connected with a worried dispatcher, who already had police en route to the facility.

Eastland requested that EMS respond to the back alley door to assist a 35-year old patient who was experiencing vaginal hemorrhaging. The bleeding was so severe that the abortionist on duty, presumed to be the owner of the facility, Angel Ojeda, could not get it under control.

The incident took place on March 4, 2016, at 1:52 p.m. The CAD printout confirms that a bleeding patient was transported. Her current condition remains unknown.


Ojeda’s facility faces closure for his involvement with former employee Michael Roth, who had stolen drugs and abortion equipment from Ojeda’s abortion business for the purpose of conducting a secret home abortion scheme out of the trunk of his car. Ojeda was apparently aware of the missing drugs, but did nothing to remedy the situation.

Roth was caught when he was involved in a traffic accident last October. Police discovered the stolen drugs along with remains of aborted babies that Roth said were being transported back to Eastland Women’s Clinic for disposal. Roth has been arrested and criminally charged.

The Michigan Board of Pharmacy filed an administrative complaint against Ojeda on April 25, 2016, for not reporting the theft of the drugs – including 82 vials of the controlled substance Fentanyl, some of which was found in Roth’s trunk. Ojeda also faces a host of other charges, including failure to secure drugs in a locked cabinet, keeping outdated drugs, and failure to maintain drug records.

Inspectors also found that an illegal abortion pill distribution practice existed at Ojeda’s abortion facility, according to the complaint. It notes that an investigator witnessed a registered nurse, who was employed by Ojeda, obtaining the abortion-inducing drug Misoprostol out of an unlocked cabinet and dispensing it to a patient without Ojeda’s authorization.

“Ojeda’s abortion business, like others, is obviously too dangerous to operate, and we call on the Michigan Medical Board to strip Ojeda of his medical license and shut down his back-alley-style abortion facility before he puts more women in the hospital,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Ojeda can’t or won’t comply with the law, and he must be held accountable by through the legal system.”

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911 Called to Help Seriously Bleeding Abortion Patient at Pennsylvania Abortion Facility

Injury comes amid calls for repeal of abortion safety regs

Harrisburg, PA – An ambulance was dispatched to the Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center abortion facility to care for an abortion patient that was suffering from a serious vaginal hemorrhage, according to emergency documents obtained by Operation Rescue.

The Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) log from the June 17, 2016, incident described the patient as a 30-year-old female who was conscious and breathing, but was experiencing a dangerous hemorrhage, possibly the result of lacerations. The abortion facility appeared ill-equipped to handle the injury.

Medical units were dispatched with a determinant code that indicated a hot response was required, including lights and sirens.

This incident was caught on video by local pro-life activists. It shows a woman on a gurney who was taken out the back door of the facility to an awaiting ambulance. The back of the facility appeared to be in a shoddy state of repair and littered with construction debris.

The priority code was later downgraded by emergency responders. She was transported to the Harrisburg Medical Center for further treatment.

The abortionist on duty that day is said to have been Delhi Thweatt, who was involved in the death of abortion patient Kelly Morse in 1996. Remarkably, Thweatt’s Pennsylvania and Maryland medical licenses are clear any mention of disciplinary action or malpractice claims.

Harrisburg 06172016

The serious abortion injury comes as pro-abortion state Senator Daylin Leach vowed to introduce legislation to repeal Pennsylvania abortion safety regulations passed in 2011 in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell murder case. Gosnell was a West Philadelphia abortionist who was convicted of three counts of First Degree Murder and hundreds of other crimes for severing the spinal cords of very late-term babies that were born alive at his squalid “House of Horrors” abortion facility and killing at least two patients.

The grand jury that indicted Gosnell and eight accomplices issued a scathing rebuke to regulators who failed to inspect abortion facilities and turned a blind eye to complaints, allowing conditions and practices at Gosnell’s facility to deteriorate.

“If oversight agencies expect to prevent future Dr. Gosnells, they must find the fortitude to enact and enforce the necessary regulations. Rules must be more than words on paper,” the grand jury report stated.

The Pennsylvania abortion safety law that is now threatened with repeal, was responsible for shutting down seven substandard abortion facilities. Only one has managed to reopen after conditions and practices were supposedly improved.

“It seems that since the Supreme Court decision in Hellerstedt, women have a right to abortion access, but not abortion safety,” said Newman. “That places women in the insane position of being treated as second-class citizens who deserve no better than the likes of Kermit Gosnell. Those that truly care about women should join us in peacefully working to shut down the abortion clinics and offer pregnant women better alternatives than destroying the lives of their precious pre-born children.”

View the CAD log

Woman Identified Who Was Found Dead after Abortion

Cree Erwin

By Cheryl Sullenger

Battle Creek, MI – Operation Rescue has released the name of the woman who was found dead just days after an abortion on July 4, 2016. The woman’s identity was discovered by long-time Michigan pro-life activist Lynn Mills.

Cree Erwin, 24, was the mother of a one-year old boy. Sadly, Ms. Erwin passed away in the early morning hours of her son’s first birthday. She was found dead in her mother’s bed in Battle Creek, Michigan, where she grew up.

Operation Rescue extends its deepest condolences to the Ms. Erwin’s family, who was said to be “devastated” at news of their loved one’s passing.

Ms. Erwin also appeared to have attended a local protestant church.

Operation Rescue was able to confirm the address where Ms. Erwin passed away, which was within blocks of Bronson Battle Creek Hospital where she had gone on July 2 for help while suffering with severe “stomach pain” four days after an abortion.

Social media comments posted to the initial WWMT.com story on Facebook.com about Ms. Erwin’s death also reflected patient care issues at the hospital where Ms. Erwin was treated and released two days prior to her death.

An autopsy has been conducted but the Medical Examiner’s office has not yet released an official cause of death, but given the complications Ms. Erwin suffered from her abortion, it is very likely that contributed to her death.

“I am saddened and sickened by the death of this beautiful young woman, who had so much life ahead of her. How many more women have to die before we all realize that we cannot tolerate the human tragedy that abortion inflicts on women, families, and communities,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “My prayers are with Cree Ervin’s family during this difficult time.”

While it remains unknown where Ms. Erwin received her abortion, the closest abortion facility to Battle Creek is the Kalamazoo Health Center Planned Parenthood, which has a history of medical emergencies, the most recent of which took place on September 10, 2015.

Michigan Right to Life has informed Operation Rescue that it was able to confirm with relative certainty that the abortionist on duty at the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood on Tuesday, June 28, when Ms. Erwin is said to have had her abortion, was Mandy Gittler.

Gittler was involved in another patient death while working at a Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion facility in 2012. Gittler conducted a second-trimester abortion on Reaves, during which she punctured Reaves uterus. Gittler delayed calling for medical assistance for 5 ½ hours while Reaves suffered internal bleeding.

“If it turns out Gittler was involved in Ms. Erwin’s death, Planned Parenthood has a lot to answer for,” said Newman.