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Protest ABQ Uses Public Forum to Expose Horrors of Abortion

[Protest ABQ has been in the news in the past few days after Gov. Susana Martinez’s re-election campaign manager, Jay McCluskey, used profanity pro-life families with young children who were protesting in the public forum. Gov. Martinez and McCluskey have been urged to apologize for this outrageous behavior, but have yet to do so. Read about that here.

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series about Protest ABQ and their strategy to use the public forum to expose the horrors of abortion in the nation’s Late-term Abortion Capital. Operation Rescue wholeheartedly endorses their work. -OR Staff]

By Tara Shaver

Pro·test [ˈprōˌtest/] -verb. To declare by speaking out with words or action, expressing earnestly our disapproval.


We are in the 6th month of Protest ABQ and while we have been busy organizing and protesting in many different ways, we want pro-life supporters to understand the big picture and key components of this monumental effort.

The term “protest” sometimes bears negative connotations, but as can be seen from the simple dictionary definition, “protest” serves a noble purpose: “to declare by speaking out with words or action, expressing earnestly our disapproval.”

Our nation’s constitution ensures the right of every American citizen to peacefully and publicly assemble (protest) to voice our opinions and our concerns, whether or not the message is popular. In fact, this fundamental right to protest makes it possible for our community and our leaders to get a message it would hear NO OTHER WAY!

“Since 1973, the pro-life movement has primarily focused on abortion clinic outreach. However, this sole focus has limited our public presence, for the most part, to the sidewalks in front of these places of child killing,” said Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Protest ABQ Director. “It seems as if pro-lifers have been restricted to a 3 foot strip of sidewalk. We can’t step into the street and we can’t step onto the clinic property. Protest ABQ feels it is time for all pro-lifers everywhere to do what we and other groups are and have been doing: move onto Main Street and other public venues such as neighborhoods and in front of businesses and such, to show people the truth about pre-born child killing and to ‘protest’ this pre-born child killing through strategic and sustained protests everywhere in our country!”

Protest ABQ is dedicated to ending pre-born child killing in New Mexico by exposing and protesting those who support, condone, and profit from the shedding of this innocent blood.

Join us

ProtestABQstk-FeaturedProtest ABQ is inviting national pro-life organizations and individuals to join us in Albuquerque and do what their groups do best! We will feed and house those who come for as long as they want to stay and labor with us! Together we can STOP THE KILLING in Albuquerque as a step toward ending abortion across the country as these efforts are replicated in other communities.

National Protest; National Strike

Protest ABQ is also calling on national religious and pro-life leaders to call for and encourage all like-minded people to participate in a national strike for the end of the pre-born child killing in our country. Yes, this is what we are asking! We are encouraging all like-minded people throughout the country to protest in their localities as a lead-up to a national strike on Thursday, January 22, 2015, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, in order to capture the attention of the nation and to tell our elected state and federal leadership that we will not tolerate pre-born child killing any longer. It is time that the successful strategies of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Polish Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa and Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko be implemented to end legalized child killing in the US!

Fr. Imbarrato urges immediate action. “Let this summer of 2014 be the summer of protests and let January 22, 2015, be the start of the national strike which shuts the country down so our governments and people understand the urgency of ending legalized pre-born child-killing in our country!”

Currently Protest ABQ has been working on several public awareness campaigns focusing on:

  • The University of New Mexico (UNM), the heart of the abortion industry in New Mexico.
  • Specific abortion collaborators such as businesses and individuals that support or condone pre-born child killing.
  • The abortionists themselves.
  • Gov.Susana Martinez and Albuquerque Mayor RJ Berry, both of whom have the power to restrict or end abortion in NM. However, through their refusal to act, they have shown that they condone this pre-born child killing.
  • We will go into each one of these strategic focuses and the proven strategies Protest ABQ is utilizing to raise awareness in our community through a sustained effort to STOP THE KILLING in our four part series:

    Protest ABQ Part 2:
    “Effectively Utilizing Social Tension, to End the Pre-Born Child Killing in New Mexico”
    Protest ABQ Part 3: “Exposing UNM, the Heart of Pre-Born Child Killing in New Mexico”
    Protest ABQ Part 4: “We ALL Can Do More, Gov. Martinez has Done NOTHING to Stop Pre-Born Child Killing”

    For more information visit and like our Facebook page.

    Abortion Capital, Pt. 3: “A baby came out and it was moving.”

    This is part three of a five part series “Abortion Capital” delving into the business of lucrative late-term abortions in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Read Abortion Capital, Pt. 1: The Wild, Wild West
  • Read Abortion Capital, Pt. 2: “Am I Killing? Yes, I am. I know that”
  • Albuquerque, NM – In March, it was announced that Curtis Boyd, an elderly Texas abortionist, was providing dangerous abortions throughout the latest stages of pregnancy at his Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That seemed the perfect place for Boyd to establish himself as the late-term abortion “go-to” man in the wake of the death of George Tiller, who had dominated the lucrative late-term abortion market. The state was liberal and had few laws that would hinder his newly expanded business. Late-term abortions are long, complex procedures fraught with risks. If Boyd was going to do large numbers of them, he would need help.

    In September, 2009, Boyd hired two abortionists with experience in late-term abortions, Shelley Sella and Susan Robinson. Both had been employed by Tiller in Wichita, Kansas, prior to the closure of his clinic. There, at what had been the world’s largest late-term abortion clinic, they were responsible for well over half of all abortions done in the U.S. after 24 weeks.

    Troubled Career

    Shelley Sella, 52, was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She received her education at the liberal University of Wisconsin in Madison, and at the Sackler School of Medicine in Ramat Aviv, Israel. She received her original medical license in 1988.

    Sella’s first real employment began at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, during which time she also moonlighted at a large community clinic catering to the Hispanic population.

    Sella had a troubled career with Kaiser. In December, 1996, Sella was listed as the attending physician during second trimester botched abortion. Her patient, a 28-year old woman who was 16 weeks pregnant, suffered a perforated uterus and other complications as a result of the abortion. A civil suit was filed and later settled out of court for $25,000.

    In October, 2000, Sella again found herself in civil court. She was accused of negligent management of a labor and delivery when a patient’s uterus spontaneously ruptured, resulting in a dead baby. Kaiser settled out of court for $500,000.

    One month after that lawsuit was filed, Sella left Kaiser under a cloud and hired on as an abortionist at Planned Parenthood of Shasta Diablo, in Concord, California, where she continues to work. Since then, Sella has become a “circuit riding” abortionist that currently splits her time between Planned Parenthood, Pregnancy Consultation Center in Sacramento, and Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Radical Leftist Ideology

    Sella has been a financial contributor to a radical California pro-abortion group called ACCESS, Women’s Health Rights Coalition. This group’s stated goals are to prevent women from patronizing pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and insure greater access to abortion services beyond 20 weeks, or the fifth month of pregnancy and beyond.

    Sella is a lesbian who was married to her female lover, Julie Litwin, in a civil marriage service in San Francisco, CA, on Valentine’s Day, 2004, in the presence of Litwin’s son, who was seven years old at the time. The Sella-Litwin “marriage” was one of dozens of highly-publicized gay civil ceremonies performed in San Francisco in early 2004. Courts later ruled that those “marriages” would not be recognized by the State.

    Ironically, Litwin is a certified midwife, a profession that is ironically antithetical to Sella’s abortion career.

    Sella gained experience in late-term abortions during her eight years of employment at Women’s Health Care Services, (WHCS), in Wichita. There, Sella continued to be troubled with botched abortions and other allegations.

    Michelle Armesto-Berge

    In September, 2007, a former Sella abortion patient came forward and testified before a joint interim legislative committee about her abortion experience. The woman, Michelle Armesto-Berge, told the committee about her hair-raising experience during a coerced second-trimester abortion done by Sella in May, 2003. Armesto-Berge was 18-years old and in her 25th week of pregnancy when her mother coerced her into an abortion that she did not want. Medical records revealed that an injection that was meant to stop her baby’s heart had been botched by Sella and had to be re-administered, causing Armesto-Berge additional mental anguish.

    A complaint was filed by Operation Rescue President Troy Newman against Sella and her employer, George Tiller in October, 2007, on behalf of Armesto-Berge. The complaint alleged that Sella began the abortion process on Armesto-Berge before consent was obtained. Because Armesto-Berge was late and missed the appointment with the second physician that was required to confirm the medical necessity of all abortions on viable babies after 22 weeks gestation, the complaint alleges that Sella misrepresented the 25-week old baby as being “non-viable.”

    While Sella’s Kansas medical license shows “no derogatory information on file,” Sella told the New Mexico Medical Board in her license application that the Kansas Disciplinary Panel “found that a handwritten note for surgical procedures was not legible and insufficient.” The Panel asked that Sella complete a record keeping course and start dictating operative procedures. She complied with the recommendations and the case was quietly closed.

    35 Week Baby Murder?

    But the most shocking allegation against Sella came from a former Tiller employee who came forward in April, 2008, and told Operation Rescue that a baby at 35 weeks gestation was born alive and intentionally stabbed to death by Sella.

    Tina David was a licensed practical nurse who often assisted with the late-term abortions. David contacted Troy Newman and told him that she wanted to speak with him about her time at WHCS. David was interviewed by Newman and Cheryl Sullenger. (Listen to the audio clip.) The following is a partial transcript of that conversation:

    DAVID: Well, my job, like I said, was hold the leg …
    SULLENGER: Uh-huh.
    DAVID: And count the parts, if it was in pieces.
    SULLENGER: Right.
    NEWMAN: Right.
    DAVID: And this was…hmmm, maybe 35 weeks?
    NEWMAN: Um-hum.
    SULLENGER: That’s pretty big.
    DAVID: Yeah. Yeah. It was – It was a big baby.
    SULLENGER: Uh-huh.
    DAVID: And…baby came out, and it was moving. I don’t know if it was alive or if it was
    nerves…I don’t – I have no clue.
    SULLENGER: Um-hum.
    DAVID: Then Dr. Sella looked up right away at me and took a utensil and stabbed it – right
    here – [indicating the left rib section] and twisted, and then it didn’t move anymore.
    NEWMAN: Oh, my goodness!
    DAVID: Yeah, and I don’t remember—because usually we did the injection.

    David could not explain why the baby was born alive since abortions that late in the pregnancy usually begin with a fatal injection into the baby’s heart. However, the Armesto-Berge case showed that sometimes the first injection is not always successful.

    David told Newman that after her interview with Operation Rescue she spoke with some of her former associates at WHCS. Soon after, she stopped returning Newman’s calls.

    “Ms. David gave us a very specific eye-witness account about the incident,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “At 35 weeks, there is no doubt about viability. This is murder in anybody’s book.”

    Newman reported the incident to the police, who opened a murder investigation against Sella. A complaint was filed with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts asking for the suspension of Sella’s medical license and the immediate closure of WHCS.

    Unfortunately, under questioning by police, Tina David recanted her story. She would only say that she “didn’t want to get involved.”

    “We still believe that the original story that Tina David told us was true based on the fact that we were able to confirm the veracity of nearly everything else she told us. Unfortunately, without Tina, we could never prove it. WHCS had an incinerator onsite where the remains of the baby were cremated. The only physical evidence that may have convicted Sella of murder literally went up in smoke,” said Newman.

    If David had stuck to her story, it may have saved another abortion patient from the worst experience of her life.

    Patient S.

    Twenty-three year old Patient S. had been under routine obstetrical care when she decided to abort her baby due to involvement in an abusive relationship. According to her last menstrual period and ultrasounds that she had received, she was 23 weeks pregnant at the time of her abortion, which she began on Tuesday, September 23, 2008. (Read her full story.)

    However, she believed that WHCS misdiagnosed her as being only 19 weeks – a difference of an entire month of gestation. According to Kansas law, at 22 weeks, a second physician must concur that the abortion is medically necessary. Patient S. never saw a second physician.

    Sella began the abortion on Patient. S. by giving her an injection digoxin into her abdomen, which is meant to stop the baby’s heart. Apparently something went wrong with the injection, because Patient S. began feeling sick. She was sent home for the day.

    On Thursday, while shaky, sick, and running a fever of 103.7°, she returned to WHCS. According to Patient S., George Tiller, not Sella, completed the abortion, during which Patient S. suffered an asthma attack, respiratory distress, and cardiac arrest. She was revived and hospitalized. She was later treated for a painful yeast infection on her face that another doctor said came from the use of a dirty oxygen mask during her abortion. Patient S.’s mother was present during the abortion and told pro-lifers that she believed that the baby was still alive at the time of the abortion delivery process. If true, that would have made the abortion illegal under the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003.

    A complaint was filed with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which found that Sella did not violate the “standard of care” for her part in Patient S.’s ordeal. With Tiller’s death, plans to file a civil suit have been dropped.

    “We have three reported incidents where Sella allegedly botched a critical part of the late-term abortion process, leading to major complications each time, yet she has managed to escape responsibility for this,” said Newman.

    “It is important for the public to know the history here so women can be warned and protected, and so that watchdog groups and authorities can be vigilant. It’s only a matter of time before Sella is involved in abortion complications in New Mexico similar to what we have already seen – or worse. It’s not a case of ‘if, but ‘when.'”

    Coming soon:

  • Abortion Capital, Part 4: The Dancing Dog
  • Abortion Capital: Boyd & Co.Turn Albuquerque Into The Late-Term Abortion Capital of the World

    This is the first installment of a five part series, “Abortion Capital” delving into the business of lucrative late-term abortions in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Abortion Capital, Part 1: The Wild, Wild West

    Albuquerque, NM – Texas abortionist Curtis Boyd, who admits he committed illegal abortions prior to Roe v. Wade, has positioned himself to replace slain abortionist George Tiller as the “go to” man for the most controversial – and most profitable – of abortions, those done in the late-terms of pregnancy on viable babies who are able to survive outside the womb.

    “Boyd has the personality hallmarks of most late-term abortionists with whom we are familiar. He is arrogant and believes he is above the law, as evidenced by his own confessions to illegal abortions prior to 1973. He’s an ideologue who will do abortions no matter what the law says or who gets hurt in the process. He admits he knows he’s killing, but doesn’t care. Abortion is his identity. In these ways, he is very much like Tiller,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

    Boyd as Tiller’s Back-up Plan?

    For years, Boyd has operated two abortion clinics, one in Dallas, Texas, and the other in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Around January, 2009, Boyd moved into a new, larger facility in Albuquerque, one that could handle the particular needs of a late-term abortion facility. During this time, Tiller was in court defending against criminal charges involving 19 counts of illegal late-term abortions. A well-publicized hearing that month failed to dismiss the charges and Tiller was ordered to stand trial in March of that year.

    Between the January hearing and the trial in March, 2009, actions were taken to disband Tiller’s political action committee, ProKanDo, once considered the largest and most influential in the state. Its founding director, Julie Burkhart, who also served as Tiller’s media spokesperson, left for a new position in another state the following month. Tiller depended on his PAC to buffer him from abortion laws that would have limited or halted his profitable late-term abortion business, where he was charging between $5,000 and $20,000 for each procedure. The disbanding of ProKanDo was a strong indication that Tiller was considering bringing his abortion business to an end.

    “We believed that Tiller was making provisions to close his abortion practice in the event he was convicted of the crimes,” said Newman. “Even though Tiller was acquitted on the criminal counts, he still faced license revocation based on 11 counts filed against him by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts based on our complaint. If Tiller had lived, it is very likely that he would have had his license revoked or he could have retired from practice to avoid discipline. In any case, that would have been the end of Tiller’s late-term abortion business.”

    It is possible that Boyd, who was friends with Tiller, was considering making a move into the extremely lucrative late-term abortion business months before Tiller’s death, possibly as a prearranged back-up plan in the event Tiller’s legal woes prevailed. In any case, Boyd had positioned himself as Tiller’s replacement.

    But someone forgot to tell LeRoy Carhart.

    Carhart’s Plans Crumble

    After Tiller’s murder on May 31, 2009, Carhart, one of Tiller’s former employees, LeRoy Carhart, made an unsuccessful play to keep Tiller’s abortion clinic open. The Tiller family instead closed the clinic for good. Carhart then promised to open his own late-term abortion mill in Kansas as a replacement for Tiller’s clinic. Operation Rescue mounted successful opposition that blocked Carhart’s move.

    OR worked with Nebraska pro-life groups to launch efforts to expose and stop Carhart’s back-up plan to begin late-term abortions in Bellevue. This resulted in two important events. Former Carhart’s employees submitted sworn affidavits to the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Health describing illegal activity they witnessed while in Carhart’s employment. Both offices opened investigations that are ongoing.

    Secondly, it prompted the Nebraska Legislature to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which bans abortions after 20 weeks gestation in that state. Scheduled to go into effect in October, this law would end Carhart’s hopes of crowning himself as the new king of post-viability abortions.

    While Carhart was futilely attempting to assert himself as Tiller’s heir apparent in the late summer of 2009, Boyd was working quietly behind the scenes to secure Tiller’s profitable late-term abortion network.

    In September, 2009, two of Tiller’s former abortionists, Shelley Sella and Susan Robinson, applied for medical licenses in New Mexico for the purpose of working at Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options.

    “It just seems like everything Carhart touches turns to dust. It is interesting that he was left out of Boyd’s new late-term abortion enterprise. To hire on with Boyd and the other two former Tiller abortionists seemed like the likely scenario for him, but we got the impression from our experiences in Wichita that nobody liked Carhart. Clinic workers had told us he was lazy and unpleasant. Couple that with his mounting legal problems, and it is easy to conclude that Carhart was not a desirable business partner or associate. Maybe that is why he got left behind,” said Newman.

    Why New Mexico?

    During this time, Boyd was also reopening an abortion clinic in Dallas, Southwestern Women’s Surgical Center, which would offer abortions to 24 weeks, the legal limit in Texas. However, with the death of Tiller, Boyd wanted to move into doing even more controversial abortions on viable babies – some just weeks or days before birth. Those could not be done in the more conservative state of Texas.

    “New Mexico is still very much the wild west as far as abortion laws are concerned. Right now, anything goes,” said Newman.

    Abortion laws are virtually nonexistent in New Mexico, Boyd’s second home. Albuquerque is considered a liberal bastion in a very blue state run by a pro-abortion governor and legislature. He would have political protection there without the encumbrances of regulations or limits on late-term abortions. Pro-life protesters were focused on other abortion clinics in town and rarely visited his clinic. It was the perfect location to expand his abortion business.

    Read the Rest of the Series:

  • Part 2 – Abortion Capital: “Am I killing? Yes, I know that.”
  • Part 3 – Abortion Capital: “A baby came out and it was moving”
  • Part 4 – Abortion Capital: The Dancing Dog
  • Part 5 – Abortion Capital: “We think the process is safe. Nothing is perfect”
  • The Shadow Practice: Investigative Report Shows Abortionists Preying On Immigrants

    Santa Ana, CA — Blogger William Heisel, former reporter for the LA Times and Orange County Register, has written an excellent 6-part series of investigative reports called “The Shadow Practice” that focuses on abortionist Andrew Rutland and several of his seedy associates.

    You may remember Rutland from earlier reports from Operation Rescue. He is the Southern California abortionist who was recently accused in the abortion death of Ying Chen, and of operating in solo practice in violation of restrictions on his medical license. While the Medical Board sought emergency suspension of Rutland’s license, a judge allowed him to continue operating as long as he refrains from performing surgeries.

    Heisel’s report exposes the links between Rutland and a group of shoddy abortionists and other troubled doctors who are able to continue practicing by slipping out of the mainstream and into the shadows by working at cash only clinics in primarily immigrant neighborhoods. That is so they can operate under the radar with little chance that a patient who does not understand English and may be in the country illegally will report their abuses to the authorities.

    Below are links to each of Heisel’s investigative reports, which substantiate allegations that Operation Rescue has long made against Rutland and other abortionists of his ilk. Heisel reveals abortionists who prey on immigrant and minority women with dangerous abortions and a painkiller distribution scheme where hundreds of thousands of pills are prescribed without a physician ever examining the patient, and where insurance companies are over-billed to increase the profit margin.

    Sound familiar? This is a similar practice to one Operation Rescue recently reported on at chain of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Iowa.

    For those who wish to understand the true nature of the crisis that exists at America’s abortion mills, this series is a must read!

    The Shadow Practice Part 1: Disciplined doctor found an exile community in immigrant health care
    The Shadow Practice Part 2: New owners can’t exorcise ghosts of clinic’s past
    The Shadow Practice Part 3: Immigrant clinic had deep roots in deception
    The Shadow Practice Part 4: Doc begs patients for loans
    The Shadow Practice Part 5: Drug pushers running this clinic were far from saints
    The Shadow Practice, Part 6: Doctors sell their souls, and their licenses, on the cheap