YouTube Yanks Video Exposing Obama’s Abortion Extremism

Operation Rescue posts the video that YouTube does not want the public to see

Wichita, KS – A video exposing Sen. Barack Obama’s extremist support for abortion that was produced by a Kansas pro-life group as been blocked by yesterday.

The Kansas Coalition for Life, which partners with Operation Rescue on a number of pro-life projects, produced a video titled “Obama: WRONG Change for Children,” which included information about Obama’s voting record on abortion-related bills.

YouTube sent the group a generic message indicating that the video was being blocked because it did not meet a “Community Guideline.”

“The video is in no way distasteful, pornographic or outside of the ordinary,” said KCFL Director Mark Gietzen. “It does however make a strong point, and we feel that it was pulled ONLY because it makes a simple, clear statement about what Obama’s change is all about.”

The video begins with a warning stating, “This video contains graphic images showing what Obama supports.” It contains a brief photo of an aborted baby.

It is doubtful that the brief graphic image was responsible for YouTube removing the video. Numerous other videos posted on show images of aborted babies without any problems, including videos of protesters with large aborted baby signs, and Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks. A hard-hitting video graphically exposing the practices of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller that was produced for Operation Rescue was restricted by YouTube to viewers over 18, but remains accessible.

“Political censorship is the only remaining explanation for YouTube blocking the KCFL Obama video,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “Apparently, it is allowable to criticize political candidates on YouTube, as long as you do not criticize Obama on his abortion track record. It is unconscionable for YouTube to engage in this kind of political censorship in the middle of a battle for the future of America. We have posted this video to our web site to ensure that it will be easily accessible.”

Operation Rescue encourages concerned individuals to contact and ask that they reinstate the KCFL video “Obama: WRONG Choice for Children.”

Click here to contact YouTube.
[YouTube has made it very complex for you to email them, but it is possible. Click the link above then click the Abuse link. Click the “Video Taken Down” link, then click Contact Us. Under that click “Report Abuse.” You will have 4 options. Click “General policy inquiry.” Now click “Account Suspensions,” then click “Account Suspensions” again. Then click “Contact us.” That will take you to a form that you can fill out.]

  • DJ

    I had an abortion 23 years ago. I totally support this video and am angry that youtube will not publish it. The truth needs to be told. I am so tired of hearing about Chrisitians supporting Obama. What side of the fence are they standing on? LIFE is a foundational issue and Christians must vote as such. If abortion was not legal many women would not choose abortion. I also agree that the graphic images need to be included in the video.

  • gerald mcdonnell

    The future will look at us much like we look at the Germans in world war II OR WORSE
    may The ALMIGHTY TRINITY Help Us, To make a stand, against against those in our society that still throw the children into the fire! They believed back then that it made their lives easier by appeasing baal i wonder how different we really are today if it makes their better or easier throw the children away and say that they do not have souls
    the germans rationalized this as well and called them Jews or anything they did not approve of this is the trap of liberalism today

    its core is an elitists society

    Best Regards

  • gerald mcdonnell

    Sorry wrote that on the run. I see that proof reading would have been helpful in the presentation of my thoughts in a more articulated manner
    Please see the sadness and not the grammar

  • Like it or not, YouTube is a privately-owned and operated organization that has the right to post or delete whichever videos it deems appropriate. I believe this is more or less the same argument Christians use to support the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to deny membership to both gay men and atheists.

    In a free society, private organizations have the right to espouse any religious/political belief they choose.

    Besides that, the video in question ends with a freeze frame on an actual aborted fetus. YouTube has strict guidelines about what material is appropriate and perhaps a bloodied fetus is just as damaging to children as graphic depictions of sex and violence.

    Don’t like it? Start your own video-sharing site. Free expression of controversial ideas, of either political persuasion, is one of the cornerstones of our struggling democracy.

  • Jeff

    Maybe, just maybe, if most of the abortions conducted in the U.S. were minorities, Obama’s thinking might be reversed.

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