Witch Hunt Falls Flat As Kline Easily Refutes Tiller’s Outrageous Claims

Tiller’s motion to suppress evidence against him is a desperate last-ditch effort to avoid trial.

Wichita, KS – Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline took the stand today to answer questions about his investigation of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller while Kline served as the Kansas Attorney General.

Kline was subpoenaed by attorneys representing Tiller in a motion to suppress the evidence against their client. Tiller faces 19 counts of illegal post-viability abortions, which were done without the signature of an unaffiliated second physician.

Kline answered all questions from Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monnat, with grace and humor, which was often lost on the dour Monnat. The questioning attempted to force Kline to admit than an opinion he issued as Attorney General concerning the mandatory child abuse reporting law was used as a tool to launch a selective political investigation of Tiller.

However, Kline told the court that the opinion was just that, an opinion and not an investigatory tool. He explained that he had reason to believe that Tiller was violating the laws of Kansas and that he based that belief on information that did not merely include a quote in the Kansas City Star, as Tiller’s attorneys tried to infer.

Kline’s testimony was interrupted due to a scheduling conflict. Kline has been asked to resume his testimony on Friday at 1:30 PM.

In the afternoon, Tom Williams, an investigator for Kline for the past five years, took the stand to answer questions about his investigation of child sex abuse in Kansas, which ultimately led to an investigation of Tiller.

Monnat tried to persuade Williams to confess that he lied to obtain information from state agencies. However, Williams explained that to divulge everything he knew to people he was questioning would have endangered the investigation. Williams categorically denied lying to obtain information.

Monnat and Prosecutor Barry Disney lit the courtroom with occasional fireworks in heated exchanges concerning Monnat’s plodding and often improper questioning.

Monnat seemed unwilling or unable to control himself to act within the rules, continually asking leading questions which he had been warned not to do thorough out the day.

“Monnat was trying swat a fly with a sledgehammer – and missed badly,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is no doubt that Tiller’s attorneys have a warped view of reality, taking widely accepted investigatory techniques and finding in them some vast, sinister conspiracy. This hearing has devolved into little more than a witch hunt.”

During the entire day pro-life missionary Ronald Brock testified outside of the courthouse with his motor home calling for Tiller to be brought to trial. If Tiller’s motion fails, he is scheduled to e tried for his crimes on March 16, 2009.

The hearing will resume Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM when Tom Williams will resume his testimony.

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UPDATE! View photos from inside the courtroom courtesy of the Wichita Eagle

  • Bill Gamelson

    Wow, George Tiller actually shows up at a hearing he is not required to show up at. We must actually have his attention now! I would venture to say he is beginning to lose sleep now! Pooooor Georgy Porgy. I wonder if that’s what his prison name will be. Georgy Porgy Puddin’, Pie! LOL!!

  • Valerie

    Please, please remember that Mr. Tiller is loved by God just like he loves the rest of us! It is God that is allowing his work to continue. I hold a deep affection for those praying and spiritually interceding for these deluded women leading their children to slaughter. Those who do nothing are just as culpable as Tiller- Jesus, Save this man! We MUST pray that he will wake up to the truth, pray that he be saved by the Lord of the Universe, Praise God’s Holy Name!

  • lime5

    Georgy porgy, puddin & pie,
    killed the girls and made them die.
    When justice, though, came into play,
    old G.P got put away…?

    Let’s hope so; ’twill be none too soon.

    Special thanks & mega-kudos to Phill Kline for his dogged determination to pursue this, through all the mud-slinging and persecution he has endured; likewise Ron Brock.

    Troy, keep up the good work; this report is very enjoyably and sharply written.

  • We need to support and encourage those who are fighting this battle on the front line. Thank you Phill and all. We appreciate you.