VIDEO: O’Reilly Confronts “Tiller the Baby Killer” In Wichita

Wichita, KS — Producers for Fox News host Bill O’Reilly were in Wichita last Friday where they confronted late-term abortionist George R. Tiller as he visited a Quick Trip gas station. Operation Rescue assisted the O’Reilly crew in locating Tiller for the impromptu interview.

The segment appeared on The O’Reilly Factor news program on Tuesday, June 12, 2007, and discussed the recently released video-taped statement by nationally noted psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh, who was contracted by former Attorney General Phill Kline to examine redacted medical records obtained through subpoena from Tiller’s abortion mill and render an expert opinion about the validity of the psychiatric diagnoses used by Tiller to justify post-viability abortions.

Kansas law prohibits abortions after 21 weeks gestation unless the mother’s life is in danger or the pregnancy will result in a “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.” This has been interpreted to include mental health excuses.

Dr. McHugh stirred controversy when he stated in an interview arranged by Women Influencing the Nation that he did not find anything in the abortion records that he reviewed to medically justify late-term abortions for psychiatric or mental health reasons.

After release of a shortened version of the 44-minute interview, Attorney General Paul Morrison, an abortion supporter, issued a 3-page letter to Dr. McHugh threatening him with arrest and/or lawsuit if he did not immediately stop talking about his professional findings with Operation Rescue, the media, and others.

CLICK HERE to view Dr. McHugh’s original interview.

O’Reilly’s staff used the Tiller Report II, produced by Operation Rescue, to learn more about the infamous late term abortionist. Read the Tiller Report II online.

  • Richard

    If I understood correctly, during the Friday interview Tiller called 911 to report he was being “accosted” by the FOX team.
    When police responded to the call did they charge the good doctor with filing a false report?

  • Operation Rescue

    To Richard:

    No, they didn’t. Instead, they swooped down on the abortion clinic after the encounter with O’Reilly’s people and ticketed a man for blocking the driveway when he had simply pulled up to let a passenger out of the car. Squad cars, a police helicopter and the division captain all responded to the call. Tiller came in a few minutes later looking decidedly grumpy.

  • A police helicopter because a news crew had stuck a microphone in his face and he was still annoyed when he got back to his business?

    Did anybody get that on tape?

    What next? Is the governor gonna call out the National Guard if Tiller’s basement floods?

  • Sarah

    Tille is such a wimp! He should be so PROUD that he helps women! I would think he would love the opportunity to let the media know what great medicine he is practicing and how compassionate he is when he is throwing babies into his incinerator. he should have hugged that reporter!

  • Heywood Jalisson

    If OR knows how to intercept Tiller on his way to killing, then he should be confronted every time he stops to buy gas, coffee, whatever.

    Alerting people to the presence of a baby-killer at QT would be more effective than holding a sign at the killing center.

  • teddi

    OR, what about a citizen’s protest at the police station, impressing upon the consciences of the actual officers? Who’s up at the top who supports the PD’s support of Tiller? Sad.

  • teddi

    I laughed out loud at reading the 3 page letter from AG Morrison. That letter provided way more detailed information that Dr Hughes did regarding the status of the investigation!

  • 4life

    Tiller is a spineless coward. He must be stopped!!