VIDEO: “Requiem for the Disappeared”

Detroit, MI – In March and April of 2008, Citizens for a Pro-life Society discovered the bodies of 23 aborted babies in the dumpsters outside Detroit area abortion clinics belonging to Alberto Hodari and Reginald Sharpe.

At the time of their discovery, Operation Rescue covered the story and called for criminal charges against Hodari for the illegal dumping of human body parts. While Hodari was given a slap on the wrist for the illegal disposal of women’s private medical records, he was never charged or disciplined for throwing the broken bodies of 23 tiny babies into the trash.

The funeral services were held for the 20 of the babies in May and June, 2008, while three more of the babies were buried in July of that same year.

Today, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society released a powerful video on called “Requiem for the Disappeared,” which features the original song, “Tell me who I am” with lyrics by Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, director of CPLS. The video melds haunting music with the images from the funerals and of the broken bodies of the nameless babies themselves.

“This video stirs the emotions and reminds us all why we are pro-life,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman.

Caution: Graphic images