Truth Brings Out Worst at Denver’s “Race for the Cure”

Pro-Lifers spit upon, attacked by vicious pro-aborts while warning that abortion causes breast cancer

Denver, CO — Every year, the city of Denver hosts a Race for the Cure .The Race is sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and proceeds are designated to fund breast cancer research. Many of the race participants do not realize that the Susan G. Komen Foundation gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood, America’s number one abortion provider. In 2003, 21 SGK Foundation affiliate grants totaling over $475,000 were given to Planned Parenthood (Kristen Kelly, Susan G. Komen Public Relations). Not only is the SGK Foundation a financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, they have continually hidden the link between abortion and breast cancer. The SGK Foundation denies such a link, ignoring scientific evidence to the contrary. For this reason, while thousands raced for the cure in Denver, a dozen or so stood on the sidelines to show the truth of abortion.

On October 2, 2005, the Race for the Cure in Denver began with a loud horn and dozens of pink balloons released into the Denver skyline. As the first wave of 60,000 runners hit the first mile of their run, their eyes were drawn to the Truth Truck, parked just across a grassy divide from the Speer Street route. As the runners continued, the truck’s presence was explained by bright pink signs with black letters proclaiming “Abortion Causes Breast Cancer” and “”. By the time the second wave of racers were approaching the truck, the protesters were nearly deafened by boos and threats. A seemingly non-stop contingent of rabid pro-choice women threw full water bottles and verbally assaulted the protesters behind the police tape. Several times, bold individuals crossed the tape and attacked the pro-life crowd, incensed at the images on the truth truck and word “abortion.” One protester was punched in the face by an irate woman. Two men exposed themselves to the women and children in the protest area. The pro-life picketers filed several complaints with the Denver Police Department, but the police did not attempt to arrest any of the violent and perverted perpetrators.

As the barrage continued, it became overwhelmingly evident that the racers were angered by the word “ABORTION” and the images on the truck. Phrases such as “My body, my choice!” were continually screamed at the picketers, accompanied by thousands of middle fingers. Few participants cared to address the link between abortion and breast cancer. The vulgar and obscene men and women did not seem to care that their crude language was heard and repeated by their children. Instead, they were determined to ignore the truth and deny any scientific research presented to them. Picketer Jo Scott commented, “This must be the wide road to hell.” Only half a dozen women gave the protesters a discreet “thumbs up.”

The Race for the Cure in Denver made it clear that the pro-choice movement is completely irrational. Not one piece of evidence was given to refute the link between abortion and breast cancer. Not all breast cancers can be avoided, but abortion is avoidable. The racers, as a whole, did not care that they were being lied to. The violence and vulgarity attested to a movement based on emotions and selfishness instead of scientific fact. The Truth Truck’s presence at this event put the multitudes face to face with the evil that they promote, and made it abundantly clear that the images need to be present at every Race for the Cure to show the truth.

  • Ann Norton

    Hi Just wanted to share the same news with you of what happened here in Richland Michigan on July15th and 16th. I also participated in a American Cancer event with my church. With my church’s permission, I was passing out breast cancer info, and wearing a T shirt that stated “Abortion increases the risks of Breast Cancer.” I was approached by our local police and charged with solicitating and disturbing the peace, and arrested. I will have to go to court for this charge on Jan 24th 06. So much for free speech. God BLess Ann NOrton

  • Eileen Redell

    You folks would do well to see where you make people see red. I mean COME ON!!! Where do you get off saying that “abortion CAUSES cancer?” No wonder everyone hates you!!!! You mislead intentionally!!! Don’t you know that everybody knows you’re lying???? Oh yeah, I bet this message never sees the light of day. Try “abortion LINKED to cancer” and they would’ve been more receptive to you just because you were being honest !! GET REAL or get lost!

  • K

    Eileen’s comments remind me of the response of the tobacco company’s to the link of lung cancer and smoking. It’s funny I still here people saying sometimes that smoking a cigarette has nothing to do with lung cancer. S.G.K. Foundation and Planned Parenthood says there is know link between abortion and breast cancer, but should we trust what someone says about abortion when they profit from it?

  • Mike

    Our society is too partisan. George Washington was correct in his farewell address. If we were a truly educated citizenry, we would be able to discuss merits together until we found the root problem. Trust is a problem, and in some cases, the desire to hang on to immoral conduct in order to validate the lifestyle already lived and so avoid guilt. This isn’t the healthiest response. Spitting may be behavior we expect from some creature on the other side of the fence at the zoo, but not from a fellow citizen in a peaceful venue. It is said that it is not what goes into a person that corrupts them, but what comes out of them.

  • Tim Murphy

    Dear Eileen Redell, There have been a number of scientific studies done throughout the World that do show a link between abortion and breast cancer. Unfortunately, they will never see the light of day in this country, except on a pro life website. There is no intentional misleading on our part, we just want people to be aware of the true facts so that they themselves can make an informed choice, whether it be participating in a marathon, or ending the life of their own children. I realize that may sound harsh to you, Eileen, but it is reality of what goes on 4000 times today, and every day, since 1973. As for people hating us, well they have been killing the messenger since ancient times, so we in the pro life movement have grown rather used to being hated. Eileen, it is very important to try not to hate. The people who suffer the most are those that do hate. It is the single most self destructive thing that anyone can do. It tears the hater up inside and leads the hated ones to the guillotene of Paris in the Terror, the Hanging Trees of the lynch mobs, and the gas chambers and crematoriums of the Auschwitzes, and Buchenwalds and of this world. I should also mention the Gulags. Haven’t there been enough victims? Please choose your words wisely. Words have consequences. May you know Peace and Joy. Tim Murphy

  • Crystal

    I understand both sides of this issue and the passions that run deep. I would like to say that I personally do not believe in or support abortion. As a matter of fact I do consider it as murder however it is not my God given right to force my beliefs upon any person whom also has the God given free will to make a choice for the right or wrong. I do caution that I believe people who encourage or take any part in abortion are killing but so to are anyone who causes death by bombing clinics or turning someone away from salvation by condemnation. Be careful how you care for people in need of loving support and not to judge or condemn.

  • Nora A. Dougherty

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37. I am 55 now and have had several bouts with this disease since then. I am strongly pro-life and would refuse any cure involving the destruction of and unborn child. The way the women acted towards the pro-life presence at the Race for the Cure in Denver shows that many of them have probably had abortions and are not willing to make the very real connection between abortion and breast cancer and studies show that there is indeed a very real connection. I feel for these people and will pray for them in the hope that they can find real spiritual healing in Christ. Cancer is a terrible disease but abortion is much worse for it instantly kills a precious child.

  • Frank

    This reply is to Crystal. When you say, “it is not my God given right to force my beliefs upon any person whom also has the God given free will to make a choice for the right or wrong,” that’s awfully simplistic, no? First, nobody, bar none, has the right to make a choice to kill another. Second, people DO in fact have the right — and duty — to sometimes make others behave in certain ways. As a society, we condemn — and pass laws to punish — the act of driving drunk, putting heroin in one’s veins, and committing other crimes. Nobody argues about that, now do they? Making a “free choice for right or wrong” is fine, just so long as you don’t hurt or kill others by the choice you exercise.

  • Jo Scott

    Hey Eileen,
    I like your suggestion for a sign and I’m going to use it next year. Wish that I had thought of it this year. Hope this means that I don’t have to get lost. :)

    Jo Scott

  • Eileen

    Dear Tim and Joe. thanks for your comments. Most of my comments are not hateful but they don’t get past this web’s censors. When I throw some venom and hate into them, however, I have better luck. Obviously, somebody wants a target and I guess I’m it. I’ll be shocked if this gets onto this board.—- Nah, you don’t have to get lost.

  • tim andries

    Note to Nora, read your responce above how are you doing in your fight with cancer ?

    Take all the yelling, spitting, name calling and typical irrational behavior from the angry feminist and pro-aborts and remind youselves my fellow pro-lifers. That we are the ones who “hate women, are anti-choice, are religious zealots and extremists”…..yeah, whatever !!

  • lime5

    To Tim Murphy, a thousand thanks for your very thoughtful, sound post.

    For Eileen and anyone else concerned:

    Following is a partial list of various medical studies linking induced abortion with breast cancer as of 1996. Several other studies since then have drawn similar conclusions…

    1. There was a higher rate of both spontaneous and induced abortions among breast cancer patients; increased risk ranged from 100 percent to 400 percent among the different subgroups. — M. Segi, I. Fukushima; M. Kurihara; “An Epidemiological Study of Cancer in Japan,” GANN, Vol. 48 (1957)

    2. “There was a significant excess of [cancer] cases reporting one or more abortions.” — S. Yuasa and B. McMahon, “Lactation and Reproductive Histories of Breast-Cancer Patients in Tokyo, Japan,” Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Vol. 42 (1970)

    3. Women with one or more abortions had a cancer risk 50 percent higher than that of women who have not had an abortion; with two or more abortions, the risk rose to 100 percent. — T.M. Lin; K.P. Chen; B. McMahon, “Epidemiologica Characteristics of Cancer in the Breast in Taiwan,” Cancer, Vol. 27 (1970)

    4. Thirty-seven percent of patients who developed breast cancer after menopause have had at least one abortion, while only 27 percent of women with other cancers reported having had an abortion. — K. Stavarky and S. Emmons,
    “Breast Cancer in Pre-Menopausal and Post-Menopausal Women,” Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 53 (1974)

    5. The rate of breast cancer among women in Finland increased with the number of abortions. — I. Soini, “Risk Factors of Breast Cancer in Finland,” International Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 6 (1977)

    6. Women whose pregnancies lasted four months or less showed a statistically significant increase in breast cancer.
    — N.W. Choi; G.R. Howe; A.B. Miller; V. Matthews; R.W. Morgan; L. Munan; J.D. Burch; J. Feather; M. Jain; A. Kelly, “An Epidemiologic Study of Breast Cancer,” American Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 107 (1978)

    7. A case-controlled study in the North Caucasus, Soviet Union, found an increased risk of 240 percent in women with three or more induced abortions. With one or two induced abortions, the increase in risk was 100 percent. —V.V. Dvoirin and A.B. Medvedev, “The Role of Reproductive History in Breast Cancer Causation,” Methods and Results of Studies of Breast Cancer Epidemiology, Tallinn, Estonia (in Russian) (1978)

    8. “Pregnancies of less than four to five months duration may be associated with an increased risk.” — J.L.Kelsey, “A Review of the Epidemiology of Human Breast Cancer,” Epidemiology Review, Vol 1 (1979)

    9. First-trimester abortion of first pregnancies led to increased risk of 140 percent among women under 32 years of age. — M.C. Pike; B.E. Henderson; J.T. Casagrande; I Rosario; G.E.Gray; “Oral Contraceptive Use and Early Abortion as Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Young Women,” British Journal of Cancer, Vol. 43 (1981)

    10. Women with one abortion had twice as many recurrences of cancer as those with none; women with two or more abortions had three times as many recurrences of cancer. — H.E. Ownby; S. Martino; L.D. Roi; L. Howard; J. Russo; S. Brooks; M.J. Brennan, “Interrupted Pregnancy as One Indicator of Poor Prognosis in t1, T2, No, Mo Primary Breast Cancer,” Breast Cancer Resources and Treatment, Vol. 3 (1983)

    11. The risk of developing breast cancer was 52 percent higher among women with an induced abortion than for women who had no abortions. — T. Hirohata, T. Shigematsu, A.M.Y. Nomura, “Occurrence of Breast Cancer in Relation to Diet and Reproductive History: A Case-Control Study in Fukuoka, Japan,” National Cancer Institutute, Vol. 69 (1985)

    12. Abortion before a first live birth, after adjusting for other known risk factors, increased the risk of developing breast cancer by 250 percent. — O.C. Hadjimichael, C.A. Boyle, J.W. Meigs, “Abortion Before First Live Birth and Risk of Breast Cancer,” British Journal of Cancer, Vol. 53 (1986)

    13. The termination of a first pregnancy before 28 weeks increased the risk of cancer by 43 percent; two or more abortions before the first full pregnancy increased the risk by 73 percent; one induced abortion with no live births increased the risk by 285 percent. — M. Ewertz; S.W. Duffy, “Risk of Breast Cancer in Relation to Reproductive Factors in Denmark,” British Journal of Cancer, Vol. 58 (1988)

    14. Among women who developed breast cancer while pregnant: those who carried pregnancy to term had a 20 % survival rate; women who miscarried received more aggressive treatment and had a 42 % survival rate; but every woman who chose abortion died. — R.M. Clark and T. Chua, “Breast Cancer and Pregnancy: The Ultimate Challenge,” Clinical Oncology of the Royal College of Radiology, Vol. 1 (1989)

    15. The abortion of a first pregnancy led to an increased risk of 90 %, and repeated abortions heightened the risk by 300 %. — H.L. Howe; R.T. Senie; H. Bzduch; P. Herzfeld, “Early Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk Among Women Under 40,” International Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 18 (1989)

    16. Women who had an abortion before a live birth had an 88 % greater risk of breast cancer than did women who had a live birth before an abortion. — B.M. Lindefors-Harris; G. Eglund; O. Meirik; L.E. Rutqvist; K. Wiklund, “Risk of Cancer of the Breast After Legal Abortion During First Trimester: A Swedish Register Study,” British Medical Journal, Vol. 299 (1989)

    17. Aborting a first pregnancy led to more aggressive cancer tumors. — H. Olsson; J. Ranstam; B. Baldetorp; S.B. Ewers; M. Ferno; D. Killander; H. Sigurdsson, “Proliferation and DNA Ploidy in Malignant Breast Tumors in Relation to Early Oral Contraceptive Use and Early Abortions,” Cancer, Vol. 67 (1991)

    18. Breast cancers of women who aborted their first pregnancy showed many times the normal rate of INT2—a specific gene associated with breast cancer. — H. Olsson; A. Borg; M. Ferno; J. Ranstam; H. Sigurdsson, “Her-2/neu and INT2 Proto-Oncogene Amplification in Malignant Breast Tumors in Relation to Reproductive Factors and Exposure to Exogenous Hormones,” Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 83 (1991)

    Source: LIME 5 (the book), available from Life Dynamics (see

    More in-depth/ updated info is available at,,, and

    While abortion has yet to be identified as the leading cause of breast cancer, insofar as it is elective, it is the most preventable…

    ORW, do e-mail me the image used on the truck for this event…(hi-res, please!)…God bless you everyone!

  • tobra

    i certainly am not disputing abortion causes breast cancer, however breast implants also cause breast cancer. prolifers can attribute the consequences of abortion to many things. prayerfully God will use some people to rid the land of child sacrifice. the eternity of the prolifer involved in paid prolife work is important to Christians and paid prolifers may not make Glory if they do not join with the Lord’s workers to rid the land of child sacrifice.

  • Catholic4Life

    Hello everyone. Eillen, I can see ur point, however the way you go about voicing it is not the best. The conduct of the racers can not be condoned. Wether or not abortion “causes” cancer or is “linked” to cancer, it does not justify what the racers or the crowd did. You can be angry and exercise restraint. Hope everyone has a good day.

    *signature* You will NOT mock my God! You will NOT silence my message! You will STOP KILLING YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!

  • James

    “Hanging Trees of the lynch mobs”

    We do know that the KKK is based on Christian principles, correct?

    Why do I not see any news on the infant mortality rate which just went up in the United States?

    Why is there no support from the “Religious Right” for social programs that would help our children.

    The Senate just cut funding for food programs for 40,000 impoverished kids. There is nothing on this site about that outrage.

    I’m pro-life but it extends outside the womb. I’m not seeing much of it here….

  • Sherry

    So, Nora, is God punishing you for having an abortion? According to your logic you must have had several abortions since you’ve had several bouts with breast cancer.

  • Rosey


    Try not to be irrational, if you can help it. No one is saying ALL breast cancer is the result of an abortion, but that abortion is the most avoidable risk factor for developing breast cancer. Frankly, you are the one who sounds post-abortive. There is help for that. I suggest you look into it.

  • Britney

    Nice..nice post.

  • Tony

    I too agree the racer’s behaviors were inappropriate — but I would comment on the wisdom of the “truth truck” supporters who brought small children to protest with them and then express concern / outrage that their children were exposed to these bad behaviors of the runners. As the fight is now many many many years on — I would recommend all sides to remember that this is an issue that can be violenton many fronts (physically, verbally, intellectually and Morally!). It is no place for a child. Protect the unborn but also remember to protect the born as well and safeguard their wellbeing!

  • Miranda

    Though I understand that as american’s everyone is entitled to “free” speech…but where do you draw the line and understand there is a time and place for everything. To post up large signs along the race route where you had no choice but to see it is not really speech but forcing your “opinion” on others. I myself have been forced to make the choice of my life or the life I carried and damn if I didn’t hurt for the choice I made, but in no way do I feel it is the right of another to hound or badger others with their opinion. The race for the cure is a wonderful event….celebrating the victory of some against a horrible thing….and the loss of loved ones who couldn’t survive the battle. Why on earth would you think this was the proper venue to post up and preach?? Oh and a connection to breast cancer….come on….breathing can kill you, but you don’t see people shoving their anti-breathong signs in your face at a charity event….TACKY people….very very TACKY

  • Zach

    Everyone is entitled to the right to free speech. Please consider my perspective: my mom is a ten year cancer survivor. She’s never had an abortion. She’s upset by the speakers from this organization and by what the signs say…they are insulting to her and the other survivors, who can’t be distinguished by whether or not they’ve had an abortion in the past. The speakers hold up offensive signs and say offensive things. Miranda makes a very good point here – RFTC is a celebratory event where survivors are honored, loved ones are remembered, and those stricken with cancer are given courage and strength. The negativity and insults and rudeness don’t belong at a place like that. Also, the science behind abortion and the link to breast cancer is proved incorrect directly on the Susan G Komen Foundation website under the “common misconceptions” link.