Tiller Abortion Patient Transported to Hospital, “No Lights, No Sirens”

Wichita, KS – Just four days before jury selection begins in late-term abortionist George R. Tiller’s criminal trial, a woman was transported to the emergency room by ambulance from Tiller’s abortion clinic, Women’s Health Care Services.

Sedgwick County ambulance number 23 left Tiller’s clinic at approximately 2:15 PM Central Daylight Time and transported a woman to Wesley Medical Center with no lights or sirens running. The patient was rushed into the emergency room with her head covered, leaving witnesses to wonder if she was alive or dead.

Tiller followed the ambulance to Wesley Medical Center and was dropped off by unlicensed “nurse” Cathy Reavis at an entrance on the east side of the building, out of sight from Operation Rescue staffers who were photographing the incident near the Emergency Room entrance.

“Tiller’s abortion clinic operates outside the bounds of the law and moral decency,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who was on the scene at the hospital when the injured woman came in. “How many women must suffer life-threatening injuries or even death until he is jailed and his dangerous abortion business is shut down?”

Operation Rescue renews its plea that Tiller’s abortion clinic be closed down on an emergency basis in the interest of public safety.

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  • I’d just left before this happened! Sounds like another Christin Gilbert to me and it’s heart breaking!

    God have mercy on Tiller, Cathy and all who work @ WHCS!

  • Sharon

    The victim sure doesn’t look pregnant anymore – especially late term. No head showing, no lights and siren, no IV. Nope, doesn’t look good at all.

  • Pr1nzez

    What the Hell is going on behind those closed doors?

  • eileen

    “Hell” is the right word Pr1nzez….I wonder how this will affect the case against him? I pray this girl is still alive. What a horrible monster he is!!

  • Dick Glover

    No, I hope G-d does not have mercy on Tiller, et al., unless they repent. Until then, they do not deserve His mercy.

  • Paula

    There is an IV hanging-but it should have been a larger bag of N.S. (normal saline). What appears to be hanging is called a “piggyback”. Where is the appropriate bag? Cheryl Reavis is working as a “nurse”with no license? Please check this out, Cheryl. In Ohio- she could be charged with multiple felonies- Practicing medicine without a license, Nurse practice act violations…..acting as a nurse or doc without being either, has HUGE ramifications! I hope the woman is ok, but I have serious doubts by the pic.

  • tobra

    Discharged is the perfered term for dead patients of the baby killing industry.

  • Cynthia

    There’s got to be some ground of “common good” that somebody in Wichita can use to question why so often the women leave this clinic in ambulances — even the pro-aborts have got to see that’s a bad thing. Of course, it’s grossly unfair that every medical clinic has to keep mortality/morbidity statistics — except abortuaries. May God convert their hearts!

  • tobra

    In proabort language this is referred to as a patient dismissal.

  • w.h.

    Abortionists don’t have patients. Real doctors have patients. Abortionists just have ‘clients’!

  • Mel

    God will have mercy on these people because he is an all-knowing God. To Him, a lie is the same as stealing, and hating someone is the same as murder. One day, these people may repent,and as Christians we know that he who has not sinned may cast the first stone…


  • SharonG

    Romans 9:18
    Therefore God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden.

  • Mary W.

    I do not understand. If a woman has a medical need for ending the pregnancy late in the pregnancy, why not have a c-section or an induced delvery and attempt to save both mother and child. I cannot see how either of these two procedures—carried out in a hospital —-could be any more traumatic or harmful than a late-term abortion in a clinic where immediate medical care is not available until transported to a hospital. And if the woman still does not want the baby, why not adoption???

    As for the “nurse,” she could and should be charged with practicing nursing without a license.

  • SharonG

    Mary, adoption? Are you kidding? The baby might get placed in a home less than perfect. Better to have he or she ripped apart in the womb without anesthesia and be done with it!

  • If it is the Law in Kansas a death would require a public notice. I am hoping somebody would read the obituary notices for the death of a young lady. If the lady is dead there would be no need for siren and flashing lights.

  • She looks so small.

  • Dick Glover

    What law requires notice of any death in Kansas? I don’t think there is any such law.

  • C. W.

    I am sad that no media picked up on this… nothing reported to the public. And so the evil media lets Tilller continue his killings. They are now cuplable for all the innocent babies dying unecessarily.

  • Sarah

    Sharon G…I smirk at your sarcasm and totally “agree”. My employee told me she would rather abort than place a child for adoption…I couldn’t get her to see that it makes no sense to say you would miss a baby if you placed the child for adoption but you wouldn’t miss that same baby if you aborted her. HUH?????

    Will this insanity ever end? Now all the liberals are happy that we can experiment on “spare” embryos as if we could ever claim there are “spare people”!!!! Every human life is sacred! EVEN TILLERS! God have mercy on us for our callous evil hearts….

  • Joanna

    Oh my goodness! Why is the head covered? No lights, no sirens?! Is the poor woman already dead? Usually people are not at least in my hometown brought out of their house or anywhere by paramedics feet first, but head first if they are still alive. Yet another evidence of severe mistreatment of women going on there..

  • Imee

    Tiller is the reincarnation of king harod and he desreves to go to jail and hell!!! I just hope that he will repent. Just like those babies that he had killed, death one day will be upon him once judged by GOD!

  • Jenny

    Sigh. Another Name On The Cemetary Of Choice Memorial Wall. “Emma Doe” Died: March 12, 2009. Rest In Peace. May Your Death Be Avenged. Amen. (Seriously. When I say that. I mean” May God Avenge Your Death. Amen”.)

  • Al

    “Cheryl Reavis is working as a ‘nurse’ with no license?” As a nurse assistant I was not legally permitted to wipe a resident’s nose unsupervised until I was certified. Abortionists and their accomplices apparently are above the law!
    Article I, sections 9 & 10 of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, section 2 of the Kansas Constitution prohibit placing anyone above the law.
    At least in relation to the slaughter of preborn children, do our public officials:
    1. Not know their respective constitutions? Or,
    2. Not understand the constitution? Or,
    3. Not give a rip about the constitutions?
    The first 2 can be rectified by their reading the constitutions or by having them explained. The third possible deficiency can be fixed only by removing such officers.

  • Jenny

    What do you think? Of course Cathy and those monsters killed Emma Doe. Those monsters should pay for what they have done. Ten thousand fold. Her name is Cathy not Cheryl.

  • Jenny

    I disagree with SharonG. Abortion is murder. Abortion also sometimes murders women and girls as well. Besides I do not support murderers.

  • I know it can be time-consuming to update your blog but thank you for keeping me informed and entertained!