Shocking Michigan Abortion Clinic Photos Show Conditions that “Pose a Danger to Human Life”

Operation Rescue calls on the medical board to immediately suspend abortionist Alexander’s medical license

By Cheryl Sullenger

Muskegon, MI – A Michigan news station has published photos of the inside the Women’s Medical Services in Muskegon that was closed by Fire Marshalls on December 26, 2012. The photos, along with the inspection report, reveal conditions that “pose a danger to human life and welfare.” (Read Fire Marshall’s Letter)

“The photos and report confirm the existence of conditions at Alexander’s abortion clinic that were listed in our complaint filed four months earlier. The disturbing thing is that we have information that Alexander’s medical practice is as shoddy as the building he worked in. We call on the Medical Board in Michigan to act quickly on our complaint and suspend Alexander’s medical license in the interest of public safety.”

The photos showed a trash-strewn filthy building with garbage piled up next to a procedure table along with unsterilized surgical equipment. The roof was moldy and leaky with buckets were set out to catch the water., which obtained the photos and documents through an open records request, also interviewed abortionist Robert Alexander, who ran the abortion clinic. Alexander told the reporter that he left the building in pristine condition prior to the incident that alerted authorities, a statement that the reporter exposed as completely false.

“We urge the public to call the Michigan Bureau of Health Professionals and demand that they immediately suspend Robert Alexander’s medical license for the sake of human life and welfare, said Newman.

Contact Information:

Phone: (517) 335-0918
Fax: (517) 241-9416

  • Sarah

    So look, even if you’re pro-“choice” those “anti-abortion” protesters were doing a good deed…stopping women from having surgery in that disgusting dump! Not only did they save babies but probably a few mothers as well. I wouldn’t get my ears pierced in such a place let alone surgery. What are these women thinking when they submitted to surgery in that dump???

  • Joanne

    These pictures are every bit as graphic as those of aborted babies, and ones I would not mind holding on the street in front of an abortion mill.

  • Isabel

    Let us be RELENTLESS in praying for the immediate closing of all abortion clinics everywhere and the immediate defunding and extinction of Planned Parenthood.

  • saa5of5

    Once again, thanks for the efforts of Operation Rescue. I’ve followed this one from the beginning since it’s from my beloved Michigan. It’s scandalous, the way this man was presented as a hero in the local community, a victimized hero, the target of, “aggressive pro-lifers.” It’s so difficult to get people back to the truth when these lies are spilled, along with the blood of the innocent.